Book Recommendations

Recommendations: Graphic Novels

The world of graphic novels is awesome. You can read them in one sitting or read them when you need a break from your heavier dystopian or long ass classic but you need a sense of accomplishment from finishing a book. Maybe you love art combined with storytelling.

System: You can buy graphic novels the same way you buy single issue comics, that is to say whenever they’re released. Or you can buy what you all the trade paperback which is essentially a bind up of several single issues in one book.

If you would like to enter into the world of graphic novels, click play..i mean keep on reading..if not don’t read this and sit in the corner by yourself because that was uncalled for

Instructions for beginners:

  • Start off with something you know. Read the graphic novel adaptation of a series you’ve already read. Some examples include The Infernal Devices, Vampire Academy, Legend.
  • Flip through it at the beginning and see if you like the art style. If you don’t like it, come back to it but chances are you might not enjoy it as much.

Level 1: The Beginning aka for the beginners

In Which I try to pick graphic novels meant for a younger audience. The simpler story line makes the graphic novel easy to follow and is a great start for graphic novel beginners.

18527488Cleopatra in Space– Reminds me a lot of an animated Disney channel cartoon. The story is just so much fun. The art is crisp and clean so it’s super easy to follow.

Zita the Spacegirl-Has some adorable animal sidekicks and an old-fashioned good vs. evil storyline. 8879121

Bonus Level: Amulet series– Also has some adorable animal sidekicks and a really epic storyline and just brings out the adventurous spirit in you. It also some of the most gorgeous artwork in a graphic novel series I’ve seen. You can’t move onto the other levels without reading this one. Jk you can, but I highly recommend.1238684

Level 2: The Important Issues

American Born Chinese- This graphic novel has a lot to say about being an Asian immigrant in America without being too preachy or even heavy. It has a lot of humor and heart to it.


Level 3: Graphic Memoirs

15196Maus  I & II– Maus is a memoir about Spiegelman’s experience in the concentration camps during WWII. It flashes back and forth between the past and present and the most interesting about it is that it’s drawn in an anamorphic way. The Nazis are cats and the Jews are mice. I’ve read a lot of WWII literature and this still manages to be thought-provoking because it delves into the mental consequences of having lived through such a horrific event but still trying to live a normal life after that.

9516Persepolis– About a young girl coming of age during the Islamic Reolution. I loved reading from the perspective of a young girl and her views on the world at such a period of turmoil.

Stitches by David Smalls- This one is about a mute boy and his relationship with his tumultuous relationship with his parents.    Completely heartbreaking but it’s one of those books that cheesy as it sounds makes you feel    like you can survive anything.

Level 4: The Weird..and the Explicit (Please don’t let this deter you from picking these up because their stories are so, so amazing.)

Chew– It’s about a detective who is a cibopath which means he gets psychic impressions from the things he eats. Anything he eats. Expect lots of cannibalism. Also expect laud out loud moments and super fun plotline.

Rat Queens– Forgive me for using the “X meets Y” formula but this really is like Lord of the Rings meets Bridesmaids. The funny and endearing characters really make this story worth rooting for.

Saga– It is essentially about two planets that are at war with each other. Well, two members of the opposing sides fall in love and have a child and are now on the run.

Sex Criminals– Whenever a couple has sex, they stop time. What do

they do with this ability? Read it and find out! I sound like an infomercial but seriously it’s good.


BOSS LEVEL: The Adventures of TIntin

I’m not putting this last because it’s difficult to read, it’s just one of, if not my favorite graphic novel series of all time. I love the artwork, the characters, just the adventure and mystery are so well-crafted and fun.

What are your favorite graphic novels?



Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale Experience + Thoughts

On Friday, I went to a Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale and it was awesome. If you don’t know what this is, it is basically a sale hosted by the publishing company Scholastic where they sell books for super cheap. And I’m talking suuuupper cheap. There are several across the country during different periods of the year. I don’t know the timing but I feel as though they are random. I attended the one in Anaheim, California. All the dates and locations can be found here. I apologize in advance for these really, really bad photos lol. I’m not a good photographer and that was combined with the fact that I felt weird taking pictures in there.

When I walked in, this worker asked me if I wanted a box to fill up with books all for $24.97. Basically, you put in as many books as you can fit into this box and you get it all for $24.97. However, you can only put books in your box from a certain section of the warehouse. About 80 percent of the warehouse is not eligible for the box so that sucked. No wonder why it sounded too good to be true. Le sigh. And the 20 percent that were eligible for the box were things like the Jonas Brothers fangirl guide from like 2007. Which you know, I might have wanted in..2007 when the Jonas Brothers were still a hot thing.


Everything from the warehouse on is 50 percent off. Everything. Unless it says this is only 20 percent off but those are only some books. They even have special discounts where the final price is $5, $4, even $1 which means you pay only half of those prices.


Most of the books here are for children and middle grade kids, however, there is a decent selection of YA books but very few adult books. Though I do regret not getting a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for only $0.50. That was because I literally went back to the cash register twice and I felt like I was bothering the cash register lady and just as I was about to leave the warehouse, I saw a copy lying around, hidden behind some other books..#problemsofanawkwardcollegegirl

I got two books but I believe I would have gotten at least 10 if I wasn’t on a very tight budget at the moment. I honestly could have stayed there for longer but it was SOOOO hot in the warehouse. The fans there were as helpful as pinwheels in 90 degree weather. On top of that, I felt hungry so I felt like I was about to faint.

The red sticker said $5 as the final price which means I paid $2.50 for it. Crazy. Normally these graphic novels are 10 dollars a piece.

I saw a lot of parents and their kids there so if you are a parent looking for some great deals, I highly suggest going. It’s mostly meant for teachers and school staff but you can easily get in even if you don’t work at a school. Overall, I was really satisfied and I’m planning to go again when they have another one close to me.

Have any of you been to any of these book warehouse sales? If so, is it only Scholastic that does these?