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Booktubeathon Wrap Up + Currently Reading

I’m sorry this wrap up is so late!! But better late than never?? Best excuse ever..It works for everything. You’re late to my party! Better late than never? You’re late to your own wedding?? Better late than never?

I feel like I kind of cheated a little this booktubeathon because I read a lot of graphic novels/mangas. As for booktubeathon itself, I think I’m kind of indifferent towards readathons because I don’t know, I’m a really big mood reader and I just want to read whatever I want whenever I want. And I find the concept of reading as many books as possible in one week to be kind of pointless? Idk. I’m just rambling now. I completed 4 challenges and read five books.

1// Read a book with blue on the cover
2// Read a book by an author who shares the same first letter of your last name
3// Read someone else’s favourite book
4// Read the last book you acquired
5// Finish a book without letting go of it
6// Read a book you really want to read
7// Read seven books

Monster Vol. 2 & 3 by Naoki Urasawa

7477710Loved these installment! So many twists and turns and I feel like both of these volumes are building up to something epic.

Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed

11487807I have a review here.

Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda

19547856Don’t kill me but I read 100 pages of this and skimmed the rest. It was cute but I think the writing was a little too juvenile for me. I also felt like there was so much buildup for one character in the novel but then he ended up with someone else…

Sex Criminals Vol. 1 by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

19536001I’ve mentioned this one a lot already but I also have a review here.

Trees Vol. 1 by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard.

23518316 A solid story with a lot of diverse characters but this volume definitely serves as more of an introduction to the story but the way it ended left things on a cliffhanger that promises more action and story in later volumes. I wasn’t a huge fan of the artwork but that’s just me.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with what I did read so yeah..

Currently Reading:

I just finished reading A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and I’m kind of in a book hangover. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so attached to characters from a classic before. I’m planning on doing a full review to talk more about it in all it’s glory.

I’m currently reading A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab. I’m more than halfway through so I should be finishing it by this weekend. I’m also reading A Little Life by Hana Yanagihara which was nominated for the Man Booker Prize this year (it’s brilliant so far) and Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal because I love my Jane Austen adaptations.

What are your weekend reads?


book review

Mini Fantasy Reviews: Uprooted, Throne of the Crescent Moon, Sex Criminals

Hi everyone! Since I’ve been reading a lot lately, I decided to do some mini reviews instead of a long review for some books so I could do some mashup reviews with a similar theme. So obviously from the title I’ll be reviewing some fantasy books for you. I hope you find something you enjoy!


Title: Uprooted

Author: Naomi Naovik

Pages: 438

Genre: YA, High Fantasy

Rating: tealstartealstartealstartealstar

Uprooted, hands down, wins my favorite book cover of the year. I guarantee no other book cover will compare. I love the typography, the segmented pictures, it makes me feel like I’m reading an old but timeless story. Uprooted reminds me a lot of the classic fairytale, every sentence is infused with such magic and wonder that you can’t help but be entranced by the story. It straddles the line between YA and Adult. YA in that the main character is in her teenaged years but the writing feels very mature. I thought the characters were so interesting, the magic (especially the Wood) to be utterly original and the twists had me surprised up until the end. I thought this book was going to one thing, then I thought it was going to be another and it turned out to be neither. I did have a problem with the novel’s lack of tension which I will try to describe. For example, if you were reading a book about a society that bans ice cream. But the author doesn’t reveal that information until after someone gets arrested for eating ice cream which is essentially my problem with the book. Some information could have been revealed at better points in the book. But overall, highly recommended especially if you like whimisical but dark fairytales.


Title: Throne of the Crescent Moon

Author: Saladin Ahmed

Pages: 274

Genre: Adult, High Fantasy

Rating: tealstartealstartealstar

I was expecting so much more from this book so I was kind of disappointed but it was definitely entertaining. But really, what a breath of fresh air from the pseudo medieval European settings I’ve been kind of tired of lately. Instead it takes place in a pseudo Middle Eastern setting where there’s things like ghuls, shapeshifters, and magic. I liked the action packed plot but my biggest problem with it is the rushed character development. It just made them not feel like real characters. I recommend this book for those who want to get started into adult fantasy and if you like reading about characters’ thoughts/stream of consciousness.


Title: Sex Criminals

Author: Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky

Pages: 128 (Issues #1-5)

Genre: Adult, Urban Fantasy, Graphic Novel

Rating: tealstartealstartealstartealstar

I only need to give you the premise of this book and I think you’ll be hooked: When Suzie has sex, she stops time and one day, she meets Jon who has the same ability! The premise is crazy but the story is grounded by the endearing characters and awesome, kind of dirty, humor. I love reading about Suzie’s journey in discovering this ability but along the way, she discovers what it means to have this ability and the crazy shenanigans that she gets into because of it. Interestingly enough, I think this book has a lot to say about society’s attitude towards sex and how it’s perceived. And funnily enough, for a book supposedly about sex, it’s actually not that explicit. Highly, highly recommend if you are looking for a fun, different read. Also, some interesting plot developments in this novel have me so excited for the second volume.

Plus the page with the wall of sex moves was hilarious.

Let me know if you’ve read any of these and what you thought of them! Have a great Hump day!


Book Recommendations

Recommendations: Graphic Novels

The world of graphic novels is awesome. You can read them in one sitting or read them when you need a break from your heavier dystopian or long ass classic but you need a sense of accomplishment from finishing a book. Maybe you love art combined with storytelling.

System: You can buy graphic novels the same way you buy single issue comics, that is to say whenever they’re released. Or you can buy what you all the trade paperback which is essentially a bind up of several single issues in one book.

If you would like to enter into the world of graphic novels, click play..i mean keep on reading..if not don’t read this and sit in the corner by yourself because that was uncalled for

Instructions for beginners:

  • Start off with something you know. Read the graphic novel adaptation of a series you’ve already read. Some examples include The Infernal Devices, Vampire Academy, Legend.
  • Flip through it at the beginning and see if you like the art style. If you don’t like it, come back to it but chances are you might not enjoy it as much.

Level 1: The Beginning aka for the beginners

In Which I try to pick graphic novels meant for a younger audience. The simpler story line makes the graphic novel easy to follow and is a great start for graphic novel beginners.

18527488Cleopatra in Space– Reminds me a lot of an animated Disney channel cartoon. The story is just so much fun. The art is crisp and clean so it’s super easy to follow.

Zita the Spacegirl-Has some adorable animal sidekicks and an old-fashioned good vs. evil storyline. 8879121

Bonus Level: Amulet series– Also has some adorable animal sidekicks and a really epic storyline and just brings out the adventurous spirit in you. It also some of the most gorgeous artwork in a graphic novel series I’ve seen. You can’t move onto the other levels without reading this one. Jk you can, but I highly recommend.1238684

Level 2: The Important Issues

American Born Chinese- This graphic novel has a lot to say about being an Asian immigrant in America without being too preachy or even heavy. It has a lot of humor and heart to it.


Level 3: Graphic Memoirs

15196Maus  I & II– Maus is a memoir about Spiegelman’s experience in the concentration camps during WWII. It flashes back and forth between the past and present and the most interesting about it is that it’s drawn in an anamorphic way. The Nazis are cats and the Jews are mice. I’ve read a lot of WWII literature and this still manages to be thought-provoking because it delves into the mental consequences of having lived through such a horrific event but still trying to live a normal life after that.

9516Persepolis– About a young girl coming of age during the Islamic Reolution. I loved reading from the perspective of a young girl and her views on the world at such a period of turmoil.

Stitches by David Smalls- This one is about a mute boy and his relationship with his tumultuous relationship with his parents.    Completely heartbreaking but it’s one of those books that cheesy as it sounds makes you feel    like you can survive anything.

Level 4: The Weird..and the Explicit (Please don’t let this deter you from picking these up because their stories are so, so amazing.)

Chew– It’s about a detective who is a cibopath which means he gets psychic impressions from the things he eats. Anything he eats. Expect lots of cannibalism. Also expect laud out loud moments and super fun plotline.

Rat Queens– Forgive me for using the “X meets Y” formula but this really is like Lord of the Rings meets Bridesmaids. The funny and endearing characters really make this story worth rooting for.

Saga– It is essentially about two planets that are at war with each other. Well, two members of the opposing sides fall in love and have a child and are now on the run.

Sex Criminals– Whenever a couple has sex, they stop time. What do

they do with this ability? Read it and find out! I sound like an infomercial but seriously it’s good.


BOSS LEVEL: The Adventures of TIntin

I’m not putting this last because it’s difficult to read, it’s just one of, if not my favorite graphic novel series of all time. I love the artwork, the characters, just the adventure and mystery are so well-crafted and fun.

What are your favorite graphic novels?