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November 2018 Wrap Up

As we head into the holiday season, I find myself drawn more and more to reflecting on the year and reflecting on the people, feelings, and things I’m grateful for this year. Obviously November emphasizes this of course with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving this year was a fun fare. I went over to my boyfriend’s aunt’s place for Thanksgiving and ate so much food. I’ve never had the traditional western Thanksgiving food so much till now. There was turkey, vegetables, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and of course, pumpkin pie. For dinner, I went over to my boyfriend’s maternal side and ate more.. ham, turkey, creamed corn and 4 different kinds of cake plus flan. This side had a mixture of Asian food as well like sticky rice. I had so much food and it was all so good. I then had a Friendsgiving the next day with even more good food. I had the turkey obviously but also some lasagna, spinach and artichoke dip, vegetables, and 4 different types of pie!! and one apple tart (that I was in charge of and turned out much better than I thought it would be considering my dough would not even cover the pot)! We then played some Mario Party which is actually a very good party game and the games are very easy to learn.


It’s easy for me as an anxious person to dwell on the negatives as I’ve been want to do these past few weeks what with waiting for schools to (still) reply to me and some rejections and just my all around anxious and dissociating self. So here is me writing about some things that I am grateful for. I am thankful for my health, as frustrating as my mental health is, I still have a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful for the exponential self growth I have achieved this year. I’m thankful for the soft sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard at work as a patient spews out her problems. I’m thankful for nice fitting jeans with the perfect top crowned with the perfect dark makeup. I’m thankful for therapy that I just started a few weeks ago. I’m thankful for the sweet rush of sweetness when you drink your first sip of boba. I’m thankful for warm, cozy nights in bed reading a book. I’m thankful for the cute clip clopping of my horse’s hooves while playing Stardew Valley and cuddling with Nathan under the covers. I’m thankful for my friends who I can reach out to anytime and feel as though I just talked to them yesterday. Whenever I talk to them I feel full, I feel whole. I have a ton more to be grateful for and I hope it encourages me to be more positive in the future.


Image result for cravings chrissy teigenCravings by Chrissy Tiegen 4/5 -What I appreciate about this cookbook is the unique flair that makes it feel so personal to Chrissy. She injects a lot of her trademark humor and family history. The recipes are actually very easy and not time consuming and there’s variety of different kinds of dishes from breakfast to party dishes to Thai dishes (she’s part Thai). She wanted to emphasize the redoability (that’s not a word) of the dishes and I think a lot of the dishes you would want to do again. The pictures of the food are lovely. I haven’t tried any of the recipes but I sure want to.


I am, I am, I am by Maggie O’Farrell 3/5 – O’Farrell Image result for i am i am i amrecounts 17 instances of near death that she has experienced in this book. I appreciated her analysis of her immediate reactions to the these near death experiences that gives an instant reaction to what she was going through. I have two favorite stories in this collection. The first one is about the delivery of her first child. Prior to this, she was advised by doctors she must have a mandatory C-section or experience major birth complications due to her medical condition. She switched to a doctor who looked down upon those who had C-sections and refused to give her one despite her desperate insistence and she recounts the loneliness she felt even when she was with lots of hospital staff. She remembers feeling the violence simmering underneath when she narrowly escapes a stranger who turns out to be a murderer having killed a person a day after he met her. My biggest issue with the book was that it grew very repetitive and dull especially near the end. The stories started to just feel more like exposition than an analysis of death and life.

Image result for becoming michelle obamaBecoming by Michelle Obama 4/5- Review to come. But I loved it!

TV Shows

Emma Approved Season 2 (C)- I’m kind of sad this show has been cancelled due to the lack of patreon donors. But I definitely wasn’t the person I am now when I first started watching this show but I felt this time around, it lacked cohesiveness and plot. I definitely didn’t really like the mockumentary style because although we do get to see more natural settings for people to be in such as outside the office where we see more of Mr. Collins without him posing for the camera but I actually did like that people had to watch what they said in front of the camera when they were in the room. It added a certain tension. Maybe it was too late for this reboot to occur and there were too many changes ruining the nostalgia factor.

Image result for emma approved season 2

The Haunting of Hill House (A) – Full review here.


I’m so proud of myself for watching so many movies this month. I probably watched more this month than the other months combined sadly.

Image result for searchingSearching (A) – This movie was a completely great surprise for me. Probably my favorite of the month. I really liked how social media and internet culture was used in this movie. I also really liked how it kept leading you to believe one thing but it was actually another. The ending kind of blew my mind a little. I also appreciated that the thriller took the time to explore a father-daughter dynamic. The main character feels as though he knew his daughter but as he continues his search for her, he realizes he doesn’t actually know that much about her.

Image result for idiocracy

Idiocracy (C)- This movie is starting to look like real life more and more these days. Thankfully it is only a movie for now though a biting satire on consumerism, instant gratification and blind following. Besides the humor and satire, I found the plot to be painfully linear, the side characters especially the female to be written irrelevantly (sadly) and the development to be mediocre at best. It was interesting to see Terry Crews as president though.

Image result for wreck it ralph posterWreck It Ralph (A-)- I completely adore this movie. It is still as fun, original, and heartwarming as it was when I first watched it about 6 years ago. The sugar rush theme is so addicting. I love the theme of the movie, about finding who you really are despite being literally programmed otherwise. The characters are so endearing. I still want to watch the sequel although I am hesitant as I was burned earlier this year with The Incredibles 2.

Mrs. Doubtfire (A)- This movie is really funny! I had my suspicions Image result for mrs. doubtfire that it was going to be full of sexist bullshit but ironically it wasn’t that bad aside from the usual making-fun-of-female-parts-when-a-man-dresses-as-a-woman. In fact throughout the movie, he has to learn how to be more caring and more attentive to his children and ex-wife something he didn’t do before. I also liked that the ending didn’t wrap up too neatly thankfully. Robin Williams does amazing impressions and his British accent is hilarious.

Image result for kill billKill Bill (B)

Kill Bill is very unique stylistically and I absolutely adore the cinematography with its many shots seen from above the subject. Tarantino definitely gets some of the inspiration in this movie from Asian martial movies and a little bit of anime as well. I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to extreme violence in movies so I have to admit I covered my eyes for a little bit of this movie so it’s not like I’ll watch it again but I’m glad I did at least once. Although, of course, the understanding now about the sexual assault scandal of Uma Thurman and Harvey Weinstein who worked on the  Bulmovie stains the experience.


Ariana Grande – thank u, next

What can I say? Another day, another Ariana Grande repeat. I also really liked the James Corden remake of it.


Youtube – Amandarachlee

So I’ve recently went down the bullet journal rabbit hole. And I freaking love it; I’ve bought my journal, crayola supertips, the tombow dual brush pens, the whole gambit. It’s soothing and calming and literally all my favorite things: doodling, handlettering, and just scribbling down things such as to do lists or keeping track of the books and movies I’ve read or watched. Amanda’s youtube channel really inspires me and her methods are so simple that anyone can follow them. Plus it’s just so aesthetically pleasing.

Makeup Revolution – Naked Chocolate Palette

Image result for makeup revolution white chocolate palette

The makeup Revolution white chocolate bar is fabulous for all the neutral colors you need. I did wish there wasn’t as much fallout with the powder and I definitely wish the glitters were more pigmented but I think it’s fabulous for the money you pay for and a great beginner’s palette. I love the dark purple and browns.





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July 2016 Favorites: I turned 22!!

Did July even happen? I mean I guess it did cause otherwise how could I have turned 22. 22 already feels a lot older than 21 which I don’t feel ready for but kind of have to. As Taylor Swift so accurately puts it,

We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time
It’s miserable and magical.

I did not ask to grow older!! This is unacceptable!! But existential crisis aside, I hope 22 is better than 21.

To make the most of my birthday (or should I say birthday week), I went to this really awesome seafood place called Sea Salt Grill in Santa Monica. I freaking loved the tilapia. You also get a free churro waffle if you have a yelp account 🙂 How can you beat that? Unless you also get mocha almond fudge at Churned Creamery that same week (even though ice cream does not, as I’ve discovered, taste very good with croissants).

But you know what beats ALL of that? Catching Pokemon at the pier. You can catch at least 100 pokemon in 2 hours if you go to a beach. It’s a Pokémon minefield.


There was so many people there and the app kept crashing half the time but I was so excited when I caught a Dratini hehe. Pokemon aside though, Santa Monica pier at night is so beautiful. I feel like I’m in one of those summer music videos where One Direction is telling us to carpe diem and seize the night and live for the moment.

Ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier

The only bad thing was that it was sooo cold and I was wearing shorts because it is summer! And speaking of summer fashion essentials, I really loved my blue romper and flower kimono this month; they are so comfy! Also, I’m pretty happy I recently bought a handbag that matches it..sort of.. but I’m in love with it because it’s my favorite shade of pink and it has the envelope shape that I love so much and it’s actually really sturdy.


I seriously brought it everywhere because it’s such a versatile bag, including the movies where I saw Star Trek Beyond in IMAX. My very first IMAX movie!

I love this reboot series a lot. It really is everything I like in a movie: situational humor, endearing characters and a lot of scifi adventure in outer space. And I’m not sure why it was at this movie that I developed a crazy mild obsession with Chris Pine. He’s such a gorgeous human being. And being the bookish nerd that I am, imagine how I reacted when I found out he was an English major at UC Berkeley and that he read and cried while reading A Little Life..

I watched a lot of his interviews this month. These three are some of my favorites; I have no idea why they just make me so happy.

Here’s one with him and Ellen. I think the shower part was hilarious..

Star Trek Beyond Interview

I like how Chris and Sofia are just saying Pikachu while Zachary Quinto is trying to explain how Pokemon Go will be the death of humanity LOL

He also looks hella good in this recent Jimmy Kimmel interview; it’s honestly too bad that Kimmel has to ruin everything by asking shitty sexist questions.

My summer jams have been my usual pop and hip hop. I’ve been obsessed with Jessica Jung’s album, With Love. My two favorite songs being Big Mini World and Fly feat. Fabulous. They’re very feel good summery songs that I was just in the right mood for (her album aesthetic is pretty summery in itself).

Broccoli by Lil Yachty & DRAM– I did not know broccoli meant weed..

In My Room by DJ Mustard, Yellow Claw, Tyga, Ty Dolla Sign– I don’t care for the chorus but the rest is catchy

Ok I lied, these last two aren’t hip hop but I love them all the same.

Cold Water by Major Lazer & Justin Bieber– Bieber’s just on a roll..I think he’s quite suited for EDM actually

Two Weeks by TKA Twigs– If it sounds familiar, it’s from an episode of Mr. Robot. It’s weird because the scene that accompanies this song is disturbing but throughout the entire thing, all I could think of was how good this song was LOL. Anyways it’s electronic R&B which is pretty different from what I usually listen to.


Crash course (Anatomy and physiology series)– my lifesaver for my tests this month. I’m actually surprised at how thorough these videos are because I’ve been reading my anatomy textbook and watching these videos for reinforcement and they basically cover the most important points (and then some) from the text.

Democratic National Convention

No matter what party you are, you cannot deny that President Obama’s and Michelle’s Obama’s speeches were good. It gets me even more pumped up to vote this November.

I know I literally say this on every favorites post but I swear I’m going to write that “What I’ve Been Watching” post this month. I don’t know why I keep putting it off because that post is going to be so long. But whatever. I know it’s late but how was your July? Any favorites? Also, if you have any recommendations that you think I would like based on the things I’ve mentioned, feel free to tell me. I love getting new recommendations 🙂