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Jan/Feb Favorites

2017 is going by so damn quickly, it is insane. Well at least faster than 2016. Also, thankfully, going a little better than 2016. Not by spades but I guess enough to make to make me a little more grateful. Both New Years have passed by, Lunar New Year being normal as usual. I always thought Lunar New Year was something really special but ultimately if you think about it, slightly ridiculous, the traditions of red envelopes and food and relatives telling you you’re going to have a great year.

Image result for chinese red envelopes for sale

My family has a tradition. Before 12am, you walk outside of your house and then at 12 you reenter and poof you’ll have a good year. That’s also, of course, if you don’t take out the trash, cut your hair for a week, etc etc. I did the first one this year and everything still felt exactly the same when I stepped into the house.I get wrapped up in tradition and superstition as much as the next person fully realizing no matter the amount of luck baiting and tradition will change anything or be indicative of a good year. I think maybe if I do all of these things, I’ll have an amazing year but only if I do them all right. Maybe I’m just lucky this year. And the next but then never again. I could get a phone call the next day telling me my friend had just died (please don’t do that to me life) even if I did all those things to ensure I would have a good year. Most of the time, you don’t even notice the changes until you’ve stopped and looked back.

But life goes on..what have I been doing? Well, I’m currently taking a medical terminology class which is actually really helpful in real world situations and also in my new job as a medical scribe, it’s been pretty helpful.

My favorite shoes these past two months are these boots.DSC_0008

I realized too late that they really scrunch my feet but I bear the pain because they’re so cute :3 I’ve also been loving the Maybelline Mauve lipstick which is kind of perfect for both casual and more dressy war. It’s the perfect deep color if you apply a lot of it.

Image result for maybelline mauve lipstick

For some reason I went on some kind of ice cream binge these past months, probably because I’ve been having a lot of anxiety so I just swallow my feelings in sweets.

I love the jamoca ice cream from Baskin Robbins. I have never had coffee ice cream that good unless it was from Haagen Daz lol.

Image result for jamoca ice cream

I also freaking love the Mocha Almond Fudge from Thrifty ice cream basically the best ice cream brand ever. My friend (Hi!) introduced me to Rolled Creamery which was amazing. I got the Matcha Oreo one and it was amazing. It tasted so authentic and not too sweet but sweet enough to satisfy my sweet cravings.



And of course, music! I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff. First of all, I’ve been listening to the awesome, amazing Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo soundtrack. It’s not an exaggeration when I say I pretty much loved this entire album and have been listening to it on repeat. It is so good.

Taeyeon came out with a new album recently and my soul ascends to heaven whenever she hits a high note. It’s almost cathartic. My favorite songs off the new album are Fine and Time Lapse. Also the music video for Fine is a work of art.

Not so great of a music video is Big Sean’s Bounce Back; it kinda makes me want to roll my eyes but what can I say I love this song.

And jumping off of that, I loved the entire Insecure Season 1 soundtrack. I seriously wanted to write down every song that came on until I realized that was dumb and I could just listen to the entire list on Spotify.

And my list would not be complete without some songs on the radio because I’m basic. My two favorite songs of recent being: I Don’t Want to Live Forever by Taylor Swift and Zayn. I don’t know how a shitty movie like 50 Shades got to have such an awesome soundtrack but there you go.

And of course Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You. The music video is also super cute.

I am sorry if this post doesn’t make much sense. I didn’t really feel like editing it so there you have it. I just wanted to reflect a little on how my year was going so far.


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December 2016 Favorites

I know 2017 is already here but I kind of want to rewind back to December again in some ways because December was an unexpectedly good month for me. That’s the thing about the Christmas season, everyone just seems to be in a better mood than usual and you are just extra cruel to do anything bad to someone at Christmas so usually they just wait until the 26th to do something mean. At least in my experience. Maybe you’re the Grinch. I don’t know. Over Christmas, it was almost a constant influx of guests at my house and I got to spend time with family that I hadn’t seen in a really long time (3 years in fact). It’s crazy how someone can change in that time and your perceptions of them are kind of blown out of the water.

Our family photo is so on point. My cousin in the back is posing like a fucking bodyguard. My brother is separated from us by the stairs…

Of course, the more important part is getting to eat all the food..

Do you know how you can tell this is a Viet gathering? All of those aluminum trays..
Mama D’s pasta. It was so delicious and the service was even better than the food.
Omg this is making my mouth water. Cream Pan’s strawberry croissant with cream inside and powdered sugar on top. 

I also got to enjoy the season with my friends. We went ice skating and I suck at ice skating so, so much that it was shameful. I had to have someone holding me throughout most of the allotted time  but it was still fun nonetheless.

I also went to see the Christmas lights near my hometown. It is insane how creative and decorative people get with their Christmas lights.


This was the sweepstakes winner for this neighborhood.

There are some crazy lights during this time of year. I also went to see a single house where the whole house was covered in lights and it changes colors and you can even tune into a certain radio station to listen to it while you watch it.

I did my annual tradition of Secret Santa; I got Exploding Kittens that I’ve been wanting for a while. This is so fun and very nearly the perfect icebreaker. The rules are so simple anyone can play and there’s both luck and strategy involved. Basically your goal is to not draw an exploding kitten. I played a lot of games in general in December like poker, Heads Up, Monopoly, and Forbidden Island but this one’s my favorite.


I actually didn’t listen to a lot of Christmas music in December which is kind of unforgivable but I did listen to Pentatonix’s Christmas album with Hallelujah being my favorite out of the songs. In terms of other music, I fell in love with The Weeknd’s new album Starboy. I honestly like all the songs but my favorites are Six Feet Under and Party Monster. I also liked the hip hop song Black Barbie by Nicki Minaj and Mike Will Made It. It was nice to go back to popular hip hop last month.

Writing this post made me really happy. I mean writing on this blog makes me happy in general but it was nice to go back down memory lane. Wow, I’m making it seem like this was 10 years ago even though it was only last month. But yeah, that was my December. Let me know what your last month of 2016 was like =)




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November 2016 Reflections/Favorites

So how was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was a total fucking disaster (family fights for the win!) but I’m not going to wallow in self-pity this month. I’m going to give thanks because that’s what November is about and to remember most of us have it a lot better than the pilgrims and Native Americans did before that first Thanksgiving (now you feel better right? Jk I don’t so we’re going to move on). But seriously,the lovely people in my life deserve all the love that this world has to give them. But I also want to give thanks to the entertainment in my life from books to movies to food that have given me so much comfort and happiness in my daily life. And I’ll also give a bit of thanks to my favorites this month.

-This year in particular as you might have known I did graduate from university. I know I mention this quite a bit on my blog but I will forever be eternally grateful for this experience.

-I’m immensely thankful for my brother and sister who are infinitely more patient and selfless than I am. I know they’ve always got my back and I’ve always got theirs so it works ya know?

-I also have to give the biggest shoutout to my closest friends. It’s rare that you find people that understand your situation and will always be there for optimistic support but are also there to laugh with you through life. It’s one of those things where they know exactly when you need to get out of the house, what kind of memes and gifs you find the funniest, and can just talk about things even if you haven’t seen each other in a while. I write and maintain a freaking blog as a hobby and words still can’t truly describe how much they mean to me. And some of them will actually read and comment on your blog! LOL What more can I ask for? *winkwink*

-I spend a lot of time reading (you didn’t know?), and watching movies and TV shows and Youtube creators. Thanks for shaping my ideas and beliefs and being outspoken about your own beliefs. To all the creators, you are my inspiration. To all the books, movies, and TV shows I’ve enjoyed this year, thank you, thank you, thank you.

And last but most definitely not least, I want to thank all of my followers who have decided to follow and like my posts in my little corner of the internet. To my frequent commenters, you make my blogging experience special. I hope you all have gotten as much out of my blog as I have out of yours =)

Moving on to favorites, I’ve seriously been in the mood for pumpkin pie which is weird because I’ve never liked pumpkin pie until about 2 years ago and now I’m obsessed.

PS: Between Albertson’s pumpkin pie vs Trader Joe’s, Trader Joe’s definitely wins.

Expect a lot of photoshoots with this Christmas tree in December. Also, pretend that’s the Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie and not the Albertson’s one. 

Starbucks also had their BOGO holiday drink special and I didn’t think I’d like the peppermint mocha because I don’t like minty food unless it’s toothpaste (wait that’s not a food) but I ended up surprising myself and really liking it.

It’s soooo good!

I know this is basic but I’ve literally been wearing leggings nonstop this month and will probably continue to do so in December. A word of advice: I love my pair from Forever 21. They’re so affordable ($4!) but so long-lasting and comforting. It’s not a scam!!

Classic Cotton-Blend Leggings
Credits to the Forever21 website

And last but not least, music!

I watched Mamamoo’s music video Decalcomanie and they instantly became my girl crushes. I think my favorite by them so far is Um Oh Ah Yeh. I completely love their music style. They have regular pop, some jazz and R&B influences, and rap. I also love them because they have more edgy concepts which was really refreshing to me.

I’ve also been listening to Taeyeon’s new song 11:11 which just emphasizes her clear and soothing vocals. I love the slow melancholy acoustics.

I’ve been loving Jai Wolf’s EDM, Indian Summer which actually does sound like an EDM song with Indian influences. I can’t wait to listen to more of him.

And last but not least, I know this came out a while ago but I’ve only recently become obsessed with it and that is Troye Sivan’s song Heaven. I honestly think I’m in love with the main chorus. It just speaks to my angsty, drama-queen self LOL.

Let me know what your November favorites were or any crazy Thanksgiving stories?





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October Reflections/Favorites

October has been a restless month for me. I’m at that stage in my life after graduating from college where a lot of my friends are attending or applying to graduate school/medical school/pharmacy school/[insert name] school after undergraduate college. Seeing that was a little hard (ok, really hard) on me. Of course, of course, I’m proud of them for going for their goals. At the same time, there’s a part of me that can’t help but feel jealous at the places they’re going, the adventures they’re having, the dreams they’re one step closer to achieving.

I constantly remind myself that I’ll get there eventually. That I’m not taking this gap year off for no reason. That I’m trying to build up my resume.  But soon doubt starts to slither in like some unwanted weed in your garden that just springs up randomly just to annoy the hell out of you. I should have started earlier, then I could have applied earlier. Am I doing everything I can right now? Am I making the right decision right now? Should I even stick with this career if I’m delayed or if I get rejected? Am I rushing?

The odd thing is I remedied this #FOMO (fear of missing out) of mine by being selfish and focusing on myself. As I wasn’t already selfish enough lol. I will continue to work and as long as I make progress, however little, I’m ok with it. Sometimes it’s hard to forget that life is not a race however much I feel like it might be and rushing myself will only make things worse as I’ve learned the hard way. Obviously, there will be days when this jealousy and FOMO and whatever I have will be almost suffocating and days where it doesn’t even exist for me at all but I suppose that’s just the nature of it. Don’t even get me started on seeing a lot of my friends being all happy with their significant others or getting married or even having kids o.o…

…Moving on, Halloween happened this month. That obviously means going to the pumpkin patch even when there is 80 something degree weather outside.

I hate pictures that would be perfect except for ONE THING that just ruins everything coughmysister’shandshadowcough

I definitely was not wearing the right clothing but I’ve been so obsessed with leggings and boots this month. I recently bought a pair of brown combat boots (finally) and I wear them all the time.

Image result for brown combat boots womens

I swear to god I feel as though there are more trick or treaters every year because my sister and I weren’t even walking for like an hour before every house seemed to put up the sign “sorry no more candy” which made my little cousin scream everytime lol.

Aside from that, I did the usual which was hang out with friends and eat with them haha.

Lightbulb Jars from Snowmonster!! They’re so freaking cute. 
Burntzilla! Their hotdogs were really good.
Half Green tea/Half sesame gelato =)

And of course, I have to include some music. I listened to some Kygo this month (EDM). My favorites were Stay and Firestone. I also discovered the spotify playlist Atmospheric rock which I freaking love. This is one of the songs: The Plains of Dover by Ceilidah. It’s so soothing but transporting at the same time. It’s nice to listen to when you’re studying.

And once again, another kpop discovery..I discovered Super Junior! My favorites of the month were: Sweater and Jeans, Growing Pains, and The Beat Goes On. I think they go from upbeat to melancholic so effortlessly.


As for next month, I’m so pumped to vote Election Day. Don’t forget to vote btw! And always I’m thinking of renaming these monthly favorites to monthly reflections. It’s more of a formality that anything because I’ll still have favorites, I just like to reflect on the month along with the favorites so the name change sounds better I think.





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September 2016 Favorites

I started two new jobs this month. Now I love going to new places and interacting with new people as I’ve had to do in September. But at the same time, I hate doing those things because it gives me an all-consuming nervousness and fear of being incompetent. A week into working, my supervisor gave me a lab coat to borrow so I would look more official and of course, I had forgotten to tuck in the collar (because I’m absentminded af) so while she was explaining to the other workers (who were older than me) what we would be working on, she told me my collar was untucked and proceeded to straighten it for me before continuing to explain the procedure, which as you can imagine made me feel quite embarrassed. I know she meant well; that small gesture just pushed all those incompetent and nervous buttons I had. It was definitely a learning experience.

Other things I knew about myself but became 100x magnified while working this month

  1. I really really suck at first-impression small talk.
  2. I actually prefer long car rides by myself.
  3. I have a love-hate relationship with complacency

Complacency is an odd thing because when I get used to something, I slip into habit. Habit turns into complacency. I like the structure of habit but it makes me feel content when I know I still have things to accomplish. I’ll be happy with the way I’ve always done things even though I know there are probably better ways to do them. I’ll trick myself into thinking I’m satisfied but remember that this is not really what I was looking for in the first place. It’s a weird dynamic but I hope that my sense of complacency will not overshadow my goals in the next coming months.

But complacency doesn’t come until after the stressful parts and I have some other favorites that helped me with that stress.

First off, I’ve finally been using the St. Ives face moisturizer which has really helped my skin and is really cooling at the same time. Ironicaly, the St. Ives cleanser really, really dries out your face. They probably want you to buy both that’s why 😉

Image result for st ives face moisturizer

Closer by Chainsmokers has been overplayed on the radio like no other but I do like their other song All We Know ft. Phoebe Ryan. It sounds like Closer in some parts but I like it better. And I listened to some more EDM/dance music this month like Marshmello’s Keep it Mello and Alone. I also completely love Monopoly by Mokita and Cade.

I was so excited this month because this is the first time since becoming an APink fan that I’ve been there for one of their comebacks. And Revolution was so good. I think the fan favorite is Drummer boy and Boom Pow Love both of which I really like. I also really liked To Us. I like all of them ok.


And I do know why I haven’t used Blogilates to work out to before but her videos are soo good. I’ve been using her quick workout ones because they’re quick but they actually make me feel like I’m exercising if that makes sense.

I also went to the OC zoo this month which is weird for me because I don’t usually like going to zoos. I find that seeing animals in cages kind of depresses me. Idk why because I really like aquariums. The mountain lion cage was only about twice as big as my room which isn’t a lot considering there were two mountain lions in there.

Mountain lion!
Lizards. I literally thought they were fake until they twitched an eye
Golden Eagle death glaring at someone

I know I’m 11 days late but how was your Septemeber? Any sudden realizations about yourself? What are you looking forward to in October?




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August 2016 Favorites

August has never been my favorite month for many reasons; it just feels like the calm before the storm where everything is at a standstill and everything is coming to a close before fall, before school, before things really get down to business.

A lot of my August was devoted to job searching which really taught me the value of patience, a virtue that I’ve never had least of all with myself. There’s nothing quite like offering up a thousand resumes only to receive maybe two interviews. But I did it. I’m officially a Biology tutor. It’s one of those jobs that’s a need by basis so they don’t need me every week so still in the midst of job searching. But now I wish I had just been more patient with myself and told myself that I would eventually find a job and not rush into things. Anyways my whole job looking experience can be summed up with this video with a few tweaks. It’s so accurate especially near the beginning. And I actually did have to solve a problem when I was interviewing for the tutoring job.

Among the depressing search for jobs, I took a day trip to LA and Hollywood with my friends. We went to the infamous Eggslut which is worth most of the hype I suppose even though we waited an hour to get our food..

Right across from Eggslut is the Bradbury building which was elegant but a little anticlimactic because we could only tour the bottom of the building (ugh).


One of the top floors was actually featured in 500 Days of Summer at the very end when Joseph Gordon Levitt meets Autumn. It’s also in a twix commercial that’s on TV right now. It’s featured in a lot of other movies but the most notable one is probably Blade Runner (which I haven’t seen).

Image result for 500 days of summer bradbury building

We waited in line for the Broad but couldn’t make it time so we just took pictures at Grand Central Park.

I’m kind of ashamed to say I live in SoCal but I haven’t been to Hollywood yet until this month. To be honest, now that I’ve been there, it’s slightly overrated because a lot of celebrities don’t even live or work in Hollywood and it’s about the most touristy of touristy places I’ve ever been to. I do wish I could have seen the Kodak theatre though where the Academy awards are held. Instead I just went to the Hall of Fame and the Chinese theater where a bunch of Asian people were trying to convert people to Christianity by waving huge signs and singing songs in the most monotone voices I’ve ever heard.


One of my friends has gone off to pharmacy school in Utah and to celebrate, we spent the day in Pasadena and ate some awesome Korean garlic fried wings.


I watched a ton of Olympics last month, my favorite sport to watch being women’s gymnastics. I’m so in love with Simone Biles and the rest of the final five especially when they’re on their best individual event.

Image result for final five olympics 2016

In terms of stuff on the internet, I’ve been loving Wongfu’s lunch break series. I don’t really care for Wongfu’s stuff in general. I find them a bit sappy but I started watching their lunch breaks because Joanna Sotomura (Emma Approved) was on one of them and it was so interesting so I watched a bunch of them. They’re just fun videos where they talk about a certain topic around lunch.


I discovered a lot of Taeyeon’s songs last month. Her voice is so well-suited for high notes and I love her more melancholic ballads. My favorites in August were I, Starlight, and U R

Chewing Gum by NCT Dream came out this month and it’s verry teen pop-y but so catchy. It also reminds me of Kidz Bop which makes me slightly embarassed to like it. But I’m also embarrassed because most of the members are at least 5 years younger than me, the youngest being 14 I believe. Whatever, no shame.

I think Lotto by Exo came out a while ago but the music video just came out recently and I was saw it on the side bar of recommended videos so I clicked and I loved it! Such a pleasant surprise and the dance moves seem so accessible but also really sexy? Like I would not look sexy doing them but I could at least do them adequately. A perfect dark and badass counterpart to the cutesy stuff I’ve been listening to.

Let Me Love You by Justin Bieber, DJ Snake– All I can say is, Bieber slays again.

Two cities by Flume, Beck-I would love to hear this live.

You’ve probably already put August behind you already as it’s already a week into September but let me know the highlights of your August! =)






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July 2016 Favorites: I turned 22!!

Did July even happen? I mean I guess it did cause otherwise how could I have turned 22. 22 already feels a lot older than 21 which I don’t feel ready for but kind of have to. As Taylor Swift so accurately puts it,

We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time
It’s miserable and magical.

I did not ask to grow older!! This is unacceptable!! But existential crisis aside, I hope 22 is better than 21.

To make the most of my birthday (or should I say birthday week), I went to this really awesome seafood place called Sea Salt Grill in Santa Monica. I freaking loved the tilapia. You also get a free churro waffle if you have a yelp account 🙂 How can you beat that? Unless you also get mocha almond fudge at Churned Creamery that same week (even though ice cream does not, as I’ve discovered, taste very good with croissants).

But you know what beats ALL of that? Catching Pokemon at the pier. You can catch at least 100 pokemon in 2 hours if you go to a beach. It’s a Pokémon minefield.


There was so many people there and the app kept crashing half the time but I was so excited when I caught a Dratini hehe. Pokemon aside though, Santa Monica pier at night is so beautiful. I feel like I’m in one of those summer music videos where One Direction is telling us to carpe diem and seize the night and live for the moment.

Ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier

The only bad thing was that it was sooo cold and I was wearing shorts because it is summer! And speaking of summer fashion essentials, I really loved my blue romper and flower kimono this month; they are so comfy! Also, I’m pretty happy I recently bought a handbag that matches it..sort of.. but I’m in love with it because it’s my favorite shade of pink and it has the envelope shape that I love so much and it’s actually really sturdy.


I seriously brought it everywhere because it’s such a versatile bag, including the movies where I saw Star Trek Beyond in IMAX. My very first IMAX movie!

I love this reboot series a lot. It really is everything I like in a movie: situational humor, endearing characters and a lot of scifi adventure in outer space. And I’m not sure why it was at this movie that I developed a crazy mild obsession with Chris Pine. He’s such a gorgeous human being. And being the bookish nerd that I am, imagine how I reacted when I found out he was an English major at UC Berkeley and that he read and cried while reading A Little Life..

I watched a lot of his interviews this month. These three are some of my favorites; I have no idea why they just make me so happy.

Here’s one with him and Ellen. I think the shower part was hilarious..

Star Trek Beyond Interview

I like how Chris and Sofia are just saying Pikachu while Zachary Quinto is trying to explain how Pokemon Go will be the death of humanity LOL

He also looks hella good in this recent Jimmy Kimmel interview; it’s honestly too bad that Kimmel has to ruin everything by asking shitty sexist questions.

My summer jams have been my usual pop and hip hop. I’ve been obsessed with Jessica Jung’s album, With Love. My two favorite songs being Big Mini World and Fly feat. Fabulous. They’re very feel good summery songs that I was just in the right mood for (her album aesthetic is pretty summery in itself).

Broccoli by Lil Yachty & DRAM– I did not know broccoli meant weed..

In My Room by DJ Mustard, Yellow Claw, Tyga, Ty Dolla Sign– I don’t care for the chorus but the rest is catchy

Ok I lied, these last two aren’t hip hop but I love them all the same.

Cold Water by Major Lazer & Justin Bieber– Bieber’s just on a roll..I think he’s quite suited for EDM actually

Two Weeks by TKA Twigs– If it sounds familiar, it’s from an episode of Mr. Robot. It’s weird because the scene that accompanies this song is disturbing but throughout the entire thing, all I could think of was how good this song was LOL. Anyways it’s electronic R&B which is pretty different from what I usually listen to.


Crash course (Anatomy and physiology series)– my lifesaver for my tests this month. I’m actually surprised at how thorough these videos are because I’ve been reading my anatomy textbook and watching these videos for reinforcement and they basically cover the most important points (and then some) from the text.

Democratic National Convention

No matter what party you are, you cannot deny that President Obama’s and Michelle’s Obama’s speeches were good. It gets me even more pumped up to vote this November.

I know I literally say this on every favorites post but I swear I’m going to write that “What I’ve Been Watching” post this month. I don’t know why I keep putting it off because that post is going to be so long. But whatever. I know it’s late but how was your July? Any favorites? Also, if you have any recommendations that you think I would like based on the things I’ve mentioned, feel free to tell me. I love getting new recommendations 🙂