January 2019 Wrap Up

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January 2019 was a stressful month for me but let’s be honest, January is never a great month for me. It’s too bad it happens to seem like the longest month of the entire year. It’s just that time where everyone is going back to their daily routine and all the fun festivities and chill time are over. You have to start reevaluating your life (as I did) and believe me, I was worried about a lot this month from taxes to money to school to what I’m going to do with my life. The thing about agonizing over big decisions that determine your life is that the process is painful but finally, finally you start to get out of your head and little by little you start to plan out the stepping stones until you feel it is feasible. I’m finally at that point and hopefully February will be better. At least it’ll be shorter. To end on a happy note, let’s end with the obligatory food pics 😉


Noodology – Tomato Soup with Beef and Rice Noodle


iSno Cafe Shaved Ice


More noodles! Noodle Street – Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

But in the meantime, let’s talk about all the stuff I loved or didn’t in January. Starting with books:

Image result for the lost sistersThe Lost Sisters by Holly Black (4/5) – You know I never read short stories when it’s part of a series because I never saw the point but this short story proved me wrong. It gave more insight into Taryn’s motivations from the first book which we can all agree was confusing and sketchy at best. But, I sympathized a lot with Taryn after this story and although I do not agree with what she did (the betrayal!!), I can at least understand it.

The Wicked King by Holly Black (3.5/5) – You know, now thatImage result for the wicked king the shock of all the plot twists has died down, I can look at this book with a more clear head. I definitely do not think it was as good as The Cruel Prince. It definitely felt like a filler book; the development of the characters were sacrificed for the sake of plot development, the worldbuilding was shot to the wayside, and suddenly there are a lot more one note side characters used for advancing the plot. Of course that did not prevent me from squealing at all the Cardan and Jude scenes (yo, dm me when you get to the end of Chapter 15), and of course at that killer, killer ending. I will be waiting with bated breath for the last book. Also, shoutout to Alicia from A Kernel of Nonsense for Image result for the king of attoliabuddyreading this with me. The reading experience was so much more fun with you! 🙂

The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner (4/5)– I’m not sure what was going through my head when I decided to quit this series at the beginning of the second book a few years ago because this series is simply amazing!! I’ve read a lot of YA books with political intrigue and none of them have really come close to the subtle machinations and plotting that this series has. Rest assure I will be doing a full review of this series once I finish the fifth book.

A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner (4/5) – The fourth book in the Thief Image result for a conspiracy of kingsseries. Another amazing installment.  This one follows a different character but I grew to love him just as much as the main characters. Again, review to come. Also, the new covers are WAY better than the old ones. Sometimes cover changes can be really good.

Image result for daughter of the forestDaughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier (DNF) – The ultimate reason why I DNF’ed this was because it was boring. It’s a very interesting book if you look at it through a feminist lens (talk to me about this, I wanna know what you think), but I grew wary once the Lady Oonagh was introduced. Of course, the female villain of the story has to wear low cut clothes and be “ladylike” and be promiscuous and sly. I hate the virgin/whore dichotomy.



Image result for bandersnatch netflix

Bandersnatch (C)– Yes, the concept is novel and cool but only for about 10 minutes. The reason why I like watching TV and movies is because I can watch the characters come to their own conclusions. It’s part of the fun of watching characters different from you, but these “choose your own adventure” modes are you just being a stand in for the character. I could also argue that the story wasn’t right for this gimmick. If it were an adventure story such as surviving in the jungle where the choices have a lot more drastically different stakes, then sure maybe. Also, the ending was a bit too tongue in cheek and meta for me. An interesting watch, but not something I’d ever watch again.

Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse (B) – After all these years, Spiderman/Spiderwoman’s Image result for spiderman into the spider verseremains my favorite superhero and that’s because I love his/her origin story. He starts off as a teenager going about his high school life with the usual high school problems but is bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes a superhero but he’s still a teen! His story is very much a coming of age story. In much the same vein, Spider Verse is about Miles finding where he belongs but trying to live up to his people’s expectations of him. Although the story does become oversaturated what with all the different emotional beats and all the different spiderpeople coming together, it was very entertaining. Oh and yes, I did like the animation. I definitely haven’t seen something like that done in a big studio movie.

Image result for ali wong baby cobraAli Wong: Baby Cobra (A)- I’m really liking stand up comedy right now and this one was no exception. She talks a lot about modern feminism (although she’s not as feminist leaning as a lot of female comics today), her husband, racism, and a myriad of other topics. She’s pretty raunchy and crass and she tells some Asian jokes that you will only really get if you’re an Asian so that was fun.



Image result for ugly delicious

Ugly Delicious S1 Ep 7 (A) – I only watched one episode which was episode 7 “Fried Rice” but I really liked it. It had such an interesting blend of talking about culture, race, and even history surrounding the cuisine. Clearly, most TV shows need to be talking about these woke topics BUT it does so in such an insightful way. I really liked the conversation they had about how we perceive authentic Chinese food vs commercial Chinese food and the concept of high end Chinese food. I Image result for patriot act hasan minhajdefinitely need to watch the rest of the season.


Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj Ep 1-3 (B+)– I think it’s pretty great that more young people are getting more involved in politics, although that obviously comes with consequences like the rise of polarized news. Yes, Patriot Act is a left leaning entertainment news show but I must say though that for what it is, it is informative, sincere and enthusiastic about participating in the political sphere. Minhaj is a really charismatic host and the episodes are 20 minutes long so who doesn’t have time for that? I also really like the infographics he intersperses throughout; they are very concise.

Related image

The Good Place (A) – The Good Place is a show that I did not give a fair chance to the first time I watched it. I mean I quit it after the 5th episode but I gave it a second chance and I loved it! It is so sweet, charming and asks a lot of questions most sitcoms would not dare go near. I’m planning on a review of this as well since I’m all caught up! A must watch if you’ve already seen shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Rec and Superstore, Image result for i am not a robot posteralthough this is probably my favorite out of all of them.


I am Not a robot (DNF) – You do not know how badly I want to fall in love with a korean drama right now but can’t find anything that I like (let me know any recommendations). This show moved kind of slowly and the whole robot thing could have led into some icky non consensual territory. Maybe I’m just making up excuses at this point.

You (C) – You may be a Netflix show but it feels a lot more like a CW show. Heck, it even Image result for youhas Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl and Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars. The drama is of the back stabby, cat fighting, petty type. My problem with these types of shows is that the characters get into high stakes drama and then forget about it in the next episode. Dude, your best friend literally backstabbed you and sold you out, you got mad at her, and now the next day, with no explanation, you’re besties again?? The show was very entertaining and does delve into some interesting questions about social media and obsession. It’s a good show to binge watch.




November 2018 Wrap Up

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As we head into the holiday season, I find myself drawn more and more to reflecting on the year and reflecting on the people, feelings, and things I’m grateful for this year. Obviously November emphasizes this of course with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving this year was a fun fare. I went over to my boyfriend’s aunt’s place for Thanksgiving and ate so much food. I’ve never had the traditional western Thanksgiving food so much till now. There was turkey, vegetables, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and of course, pumpkin pie. For dinner, I went over to my boyfriend’s maternal side and ate more.. ham, turkey, creamed corn and 4 different kinds of cake plus flan. This side had a mixture of Asian food as well like sticky rice. I had so much food and it was all so good. I then had a Friendsgiving the next day with even more good food. I had the turkey obviously but also some lasagna, spinach and artichoke dip, vegetables, and 4 different types of pie!! and one apple tart (that I was in charge of and turned out much better than I thought it would be considering my dough would not even cover the pot)! We then played some Mario Party which is actually a very good party game and the games are very easy to learn.



It’s easy for me as an anxious person to dwell on the negatives as I’ve been want to do these past few weeks what with waiting for schools to (still) reply to me and some rejections and just my all around anxious and dissociating self. So here is me writing about some things that I am grateful for. I am thankful for my health, as frustrating as my mental health is, I still have a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful for the exponential self growth I have achieved this year. I’m thankful for the soft sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard at work as a patient spews out her problems. I’m thankful for nice fitting jeans with the perfect top crowned with the perfect dark makeup. I’m thankful for therapy that I just started a few weeks ago. I’m thankful for the sweet rush of sweetness when you drink your first sip of boba. I’m thankful for warm, cozy nights in bed reading a book. I’m thankful for the cute clip clopping of my horse’s hooves while playing Stardew Valley and cuddling with Nathan under the covers. I’m thankful for my friends who I can reach out to anytime and feel as though I just talked to them yesterday. Whenever I talk to them I feel full, I feel whole. I have a ton more to be grateful for and I hope it encourages me to be more positive in the future.


Image result for cravings chrissy teigenCravings by Chrissy Tiegen 4/5 -What I appreciate about this cookbook is the unique flair that makes it feel so personal to Chrissy. She injects a lot of her trademark humor and family history. The recipes are actually very easy and not time consuming and there’s variety of different kinds of dishes from breakfast to party dishes to Thai dishes (she’s part Thai). She wanted to emphasize the redoability (that’s not a word) of the dishes and I think a lot of the dishes you would want to do again. The pictures of the food are lovely. I haven’t tried any of the recipes but I sure want to.


I am, I am, I am by Maggie O’Farrell 3/5 – O’Farrell Image result for i am i am i amrecounts 17 instances of near death that she has experienced in this book. I appreciated her analysis of her immediate reactions to the these near death experiences that gives an instant reaction to what she was going through. I have two favorite stories in this collection. The first one is about the delivery of her first child. Prior to this, she was advised by doctors she must have a mandatory C-section or experience major birth complications due to her medical condition. She switched to a doctor who looked down upon those who had C-sections and refused to give her one despite her desperate insistence and she recounts the loneliness she felt even when she was with lots of hospital staff. She remembers feeling the violence simmering underneath when she narrowly escapes a stranger who turns out to be a murderer having killed a person a day after he met her. My biggest issue with the book was that it grew very repetitive and dull especially near the end. The stories started to just feel more like exposition than an analysis of death and life.

Image result for becoming michelle obamaBecoming by Michelle Obama 4/5- Review to come. But I loved it!

TV Shows

Emma Approved Season 2 (C)- I’m kind of sad this show has been cancelled due to the lack of patreon donors. But I definitely wasn’t the person I am now when I first started watching this show but I felt this time around, it lacked cohesiveness and plot. I definitely didn’t really like the mockumentary style because although we do get to see more natural settings for people to be in such as outside the office where we see more of Mr. Collins without him posing for the camera but I actually did like that people had to watch what they said in front of the camera when they were in the room. It added a certain tension. Maybe it was too late for this reboot to occur and there were too many changes ruining the nostalgia factor.

Image result for emma approved season 2

The Haunting of Hill House (A) – Full review here.


I’m so proud of myself for watching so many movies this month. I probably watched more this month than the other months combined sadly.

Image result for searchingSearching (A) – This movie was a completely great surprise for me. Probably my favorite of the month. I really liked how social media and internet culture was used in this movie. I also really liked how it kept leading you to believe one thing but it was actually another. The ending kind of blew my mind a little. I also appreciated that the thriller took the time to explore a father-daughter dynamic. The main character feels as though he knew his daughter but as he continues his search for her, he realizes he doesn’t actually know that much about her.

Image result for idiocracy

Idiocracy (C)- This movie is starting to look like real life more and more these days. Thankfully it is only a movie for now though a biting satire on consumerism, instant gratification and blind following. Besides the humor and satire, I found the plot to be painfully linear, the side characters especially the female to be written irrelevantly (sadly) and the development to be mediocre at best. It was interesting to see Terry Crews as president though.

Image result for wreck it ralph posterWreck It Ralph (A-)- I completely adore this movie. It is still as fun, original, and heartwarming as it was when I first watched it about 6 years ago. The sugar rush theme is so addicting. I love the theme of the movie, about finding who you really are despite being literally programmed otherwise. The characters are so endearing. I still want to watch the sequel although I am hesitant as I was burned earlier this year with The Incredibles 2.

Mrs. Doubtfire (A)- This movie is really funny! I had my suspicions Image result for mrs. doubtfire that it was going to be full of sexist bullshit but ironically it wasn’t that bad aside from the usual making-fun-of-female-parts-when-a-man-dresses-as-a-woman. In fact throughout the movie, he has to learn how to be more caring and more attentive to his children and ex-wife something he didn’t do before. I also liked that the ending didn’t wrap up too neatly thankfully. Robin Williams does amazing impressions and his British accent is hilarious.

Image result for kill billKill Bill (B)

Kill Bill is very unique stylistically and I absolutely adore the cinematography with its many shots seen from above the subject. Tarantino definitely gets some of the inspiration in this movie from Asian martial movies and a little bit of anime as well. I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to extreme violence in movies so I have to admit I covered my eyes for a little bit of this movie so it’s not like I’ll watch it again but I’m glad I did at least once. Although, of course, the understanding now about the sexual assault scandal of Uma Thurman and Harvey Weinstein who worked on the  Bulmovie stains the experience.


Ariana Grande – thank u, next

What can I say? Another day, another Ariana Grande repeat. I also really liked the James Corden remake of it.


Youtube – Amandarachlee

So I’ve recently went down the bullet journal rabbit hole. And I freaking love it; I’ve bought my journal, crayola supertips, the tombow dual brush pens, the whole gambit. It’s soothing and calming and literally all my favorite things: doodling, handlettering, and just scribbling down things such as to do lists or keeping track of the books and movies I’ve read or watched. Amanda’s youtube channel really inspires me and her methods are so simple that anyone can follow them. Plus it’s just so aesthetically pleasing.

Makeup Revolution – Naked Chocolate Palette

Image result for makeup revolution white chocolate palette

The makeup Revolution white chocolate bar is fabulous for all the neutral colors you need. I did wish there wasn’t as much fallout with the powder and I definitely wish the glitters were more pigmented but I think it’s fabulous for the money you pay for and a great beginner’s palette. I love the dark purple and browns.





October 2018 Wrap Up

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This month, I finished my goodreads goal of 40 books!!


I honestly did not think I was going to reach my goodreads goal this year because so much has been going on but I’m pretty proud of myself for getting here. 40 is only about half of what I read in 2017 but I realized last year (and this year) that I have a lot more interests now from gaming to blogging to cooking to scrapbooking to even just going out that I put reading on the backburner. I read for a lot of things. For escape, for entertainment, for the writing, for a new perspective. A huge chunk of it was for escape but I realized I don’t need an escape as often anymore. Same goes for Youtube and certain vloggers I follow, gone are the days I crave for those cozy stay-at-home vlogs from fleurdeforce or extensive reading vlogs. My interests have changed significantly this year but don’t get me wrong, you bet your ass I will be here for Fleur’s vlogmas and digging myself into the next coming-of-age YA or patiently waiting for The Wicked King (because I fucking need that book in my life right now). That, for one, will never change.

In other life things, this month I got to tour a school I went to a concert this month featuring Sophia Black, Pluko, Phantoms, and the best one, Manila Killa. They produce electronic/dance music but more on the low key side. The venue was very laid back as well but still atmospheric which was pretty awesome..


What would my wrap ups be without my boba adventures? This month, I have a new boba shop favorite, which has not happened since discovering Tastea. It’s called Omomo Tea Shoppe. I really like my boba drinks with a decent amount of tea. I don’t like it overly milky or powdery. And when it comes to the actual tapioca pearls, I really like soft but decently chewy pearls without the sliminess. Omomo has all of that. I may or may not have gotten this about 4 times this month and waited an hour once for it.


Taro Fresh Milk Tea with Red Bean

I also tried boba cake this month. I had to comfirm this was a gimmick and it was. Boba just does not work with cake. Cake needs a crunchy topping to go with the softness.


And of course, what would October be without a basic pumpkin patch picture. I pumpkin carved for the first time this month.




Image result for adult children of emotionally immature parentsAdult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents (4/5) – I don’t think I need to explain what this book is about based on the title. I will say that this book brought to life many things that I had not realized and does so in a concise and understandable way. It does not point fingers and assuages your fears and desires. It even provides a plan of action for you which to me was the helpful complete with extra quizzes and exercises to help you feel less emotionally stranded in your day to day life. Even if you think you know everything, this book puts into words what you felt but couldn’t explain about your parents.

Image result for court of thorns and roses


Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas (2.5/5) – This series is not that good but I have to thank it for getting me out of a reading slump and getting really excited about reading again. This first installment is full of infodumps and “special snowflake” vibes from both Feyre and Rhysand, no wonder these two belong together. I gave this a freaking 4 stars when I first read it (wtf was I thinking?) and upon reread, the part after she goes to Amarantha is definitely much better but still now the novelty of the plot is over, I am only left with some unmemorable characters. But the worldbuilding is light years better than Maas’s Throne of Glass series so there’s that. I do love me some good descriptions of buildings and fashion.

Image result for court of mist and furyCourt of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas (2.5/5) – Contrary to maybe popular belief, I did like what Maas did with Tamlin. It may just be me seeing what he did in the first book in a new light? but it kinda makes sense that Tamlin showed his true colors in this book considering his anger management problems, secrecy, and overprotective nature in the first book. You don’t see a lot of this in NA or even YA where the main female protagonist is with another guy in the second book; it’s usually a very slow build where the characters are endgame in the third book, in NA, the two endgame characters are together by the end of the first book and the first boyfriend is nothing more than a passing glance. I liked that this was about recognizing that Feyre is a different person with different needs. I also did like the message that Maas sent about doing things for you and recognizing

Image result for court of wings and ruin

g the power within yourself although I have to admit, that power message is marred by the fact that Feyre is constantly saying “Rhys let me do this and Tamlin didn’t” Keyword: let.

But there are just numerous things I didn’t like about this book. For one, the very sad back stories for everyone started to blur together. Not everyone needs a tragic backstory and top of that, it is not an excuse for a bland personality. All h

er male characters are either tragic and brooding or tragic and funny (and funny only because 80% of their jokes are sexual innuendos and 20% sniping at other characters) because obviously making sexual innuendos is what all guys do and that’s the only type of joke there is. *rolls eyes* Also, making sexual jokes really does not make you that endearing. Also, honestly, the number of times I have to read the phrase “Bile rose in my throat” or the words “male” and “female”, I will personally throw up. Tell me this is not Heir of Fire 2.0.

Court of Wings and Ruin (DNF) – I quit this book about 1/4 of the way through because I just could not stand the cons anymore. Now that the overlying theme of Feyre coming into her own is over, the plot just lacks any sort of tension and excitement. It’s just so linear, do this, say some things that sound badass but aren’t really, break some bones threaten battle. It’s just so trite and there’s no sense of character development. Also it seriously is a carbon copy of her other series.

Image result for how to be yourself quiet your inner critic and rise above social anxietyHow to be Yourself: Quiet Your Inner Critic and Rise above Social Anxiety (4/5) – This book is really reassuring in that it really encourages the notion that a lot of social anxiety does not have to be a part of you forever. You can do things to change it. Most importantly, it actually gives you useful cognitive processes that you can apply in your daily life to help with your anxiety. It’s been helping me quite a bit.




TV shows

Image result for emma approved season 2

Emma approved Season 2 – Yes, it’s finally here! It seems that Pemberley Digital is going for all the Jane Austen crossovers with the introduction of Persuasion in this one. It inspired me to actually read Persuasion. It’s so nice to see the new camera format too that makes the documentary more plausible.

Sorry for Your Loss (A-) – We have to talk about Sorry for Your Loss, sure to be among my top shows of 2018. It is literally 10 episodes of played by Elisabeth Olsen slowing going through her grieving her husband who died. In between, there are flashbacks of moments with her husband. As the show progresses, the conflicts between her and her husband start to emerge more and you start to realize she does not know as much about her

Image result for sorry for your loss show

husband as she would have liked. What happens when you have all these unanswered questions, thinking you had all this time to ask them? When is the right time to “get over” your grief? What are the things we pretend about the other person to make lessen the brutality of grief?

The show also follow her mother, adopted sister, Jules, and brother-in-law as they try to do what’s best for her while grappling with their own unique grief. The show is very somber in tone and focused on the little things that face you in the aftermath of a death. Grief is obviously not easy and we see this manifest in her random outbursts that others could only see has hysteria, the inability to stay during weddings, irritability, depression, going to therapy groups that don’t seem to help. She sees

Image result for what's wrong with secretary kimWhat’s Wrong with Secretary Kim – I’ve been in the mood to watch a kdrama recently and I went through a slew of ones in the hopes of finding one that will stick to my impossibly high standards for dramas. I just wanted something fun and light and slightly ridiculous. This drama fit all that but the pacing was so weird and there was a bad case of instalove. Initially I was so excited by the main heroine but thepacing just threw me off too much.

Oh My Ghostess (DNF at ep 3) – Eh, realistic characters and funny heroine but pacing is slow again. Characters also cliche. Also, how many times can the heroine say “what?” before I start to think she has a hearing problem.

Go Back Couple (DNF at ep 1) – Eh, cliche, characters I don’t care to see develop to be honest.

If there’s any recommendations for kdramas you can suggest, please do! I’m going to watch On the Way to the Airport but if that doesn’t work, I’m not gonna try again until maybe awards come out.



Sunflower by Post Malone & Swae Lee– Yes, more Post Malone songs. It actually seems fitting he did a collab with Swae Lee since they have similar music vibes in their songs. I like his songs more and more each time.

1999 by Charlie XCX & Troye Sivan – I was 5 years old in 1999 and nostalgia is real when I watch the music video. There’s references to Titanic, Sketchers, the Matrix, Justin Timberlake , cheesy Windows wallpaper. I am honestly so ready nostalgic movies and shows to come out about the 90s especially after the plethora of 80’s inspired media. It would seem the trend is already starting with mid90s which is going to be Jonah Hill’s directorial debut.


Peruseproject: Reading vlogs

Her vlogs are literally the best reading vlogs and I watch all of them. I always feel so cozy and warm and safe watching them after a hard day even though she is just reading, playing with her dog, eating out with her boyfriend or doing a clothes haul. The vlogs also inspires to read a lot more. Also bonus points because her apartment is so dang cute.


Soulcalibur VI

Image result for soul calibur 6

This game always reminds me of old-school fighting games I use to play in the 2000s like Dragon Ball Z. I freaking love this game. There’s story mode and the regular battle mode. The great thing about this update is that you can customize your character from eye color all the way to calf size. Outfit customization is pretty impressive too. But really why is there no female option for some of the races???



August 2018 Wrap Up

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August 2018 is the year I realize my own mortality. How quickly time moves. I know this because I feel this sense of urgency, that I must accomplish things now before I lose the time and opportunity to do so. Feeling this urgency also helped me realize that I can take small steps but maybe bigger steps towards my goals will be better. As is happening more often than not now, I am feeling anxious about not reaching my dreams. I always thought things would work out one way or the other but now I realize I must really work towards them and make my dreams into goals. Speaking of goals, August is now that time of year that everyone goes back to school. This gives me anxiety that I’m not in school yet. Although I know my time will come, my anxiety comes in waves and questions start to wash over me. Are they reading my application? I tried my best, but maybe I should have tried harder? How can I possible compare to the thousands of applicants that apply? The good thing about this anxiety is that it gives me the motivation to be productive and to be motivated towards my goals, personal and professional. Because of this, I am trying to give 100% to everything I care about whether it is more to my hobbies and learning more for the sake of learning or whether it is cooking or scrapbooking or learning how to store photos. I hope I can keep this streak going.

One of the biggest highlights of my August was going to Disneyland!! I have missed this IMG-0827place so freaking much! I hadn’t been back in 3 years and let me tell you a lot has happened within those 3 years, so I was excited to see how I viewed Disneyland again. I went on the “new” Incredicoaster and the “new” Guardians of the Galaxy ride. I went on the not so great Monsters Inc ride (why couldn’t they have made a Tangled one??). Also, how could I forget the famous and classic Mickey beignets, or my old favorite Pizza Planet, which has some new pasta combinations, or my new favorite, the Mint Julep–a mint lemonadey drink–at New Orleans Cafe.

IMG-0919 (2)

Ratatouille Postcard from Downtown Disney

Disneyland will always hold special memories for me. I’ve gone to Disneyland with the most important people that have been or are in my life. It’s always so fascinating to see what a different experience Disneyland is with each and every one of them. Sometimes I get swept up in every ride possible. Other times, I watch parades and animation academy and the other times like this, I really get to savor the food. It’s why I’m always excited to go back and I already can’t wait to go back again.


August also marks the month of my best friend’s birthday. Talking to her while we were eating ice cream, I am struck by how much can change in a year when you’re in mid 20’s. It’s a bittersweet time of rapid change and even greater revelations. My Instagram feed is full of people of who are getting engaged, getting into grad school, and even getting married. I once thought my life would never change and now it’s changing more than ever.


Rolling Ice Cream @ Rollin Creamery


Image result for my lady's choosing an interactive romance novelMy Lady’s Choosing: An Interactive Romance Novel by Kitty Curan (3/5)

I remember loving the Choose Your Own Adventure novels when I was a kid and when I heard there was a romance version, I was so pumped. Yet, the storyline is a little too simplistic for comfort. You literally know how some endings and caricatures are going to go. There’s the nice guy, the Darcy character etc. Also, the one storyline I did with the Darcy-like character suffers from an intense case of hate to instalove with no explanation. But it’s fun to see the different endings. I did end up dying once as a penniless orphan with syphilis so there’s that.

All Systems Red by Martha Wells (3/5)Image result for all systems red

All Systems Red is a Hugo award winning novella about a murder robot who hacks into her scripted programming and can make her own decisions and works for these human clients in exploring a new land but gets caught up in a bigger conspiracy when the other bots start to kill her human. The worldbuilding is amazing, but honestly I felt the characters were kept at arm’s distance and the plot, though suppose to be exciting felt like it was written by an eyewitness’s grandma’s cousin’s second stepsister. Too far removed from the action. The best part was hearing murderbot’s thoughts as she decides how to approach being more of a human than a bot.

1383168The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller (4/5)

The Anatomy of Story is an introduction to writing, well, a story.  It shows you the basics of plot, character, character arc, scene building, and dialogue. I love the way this guide does not make this process seem too simplistic. Normally when I read guides on writing, it’ll say things like make your character relatable, give one or two flaws and then that’s it. But this guide really shows you how to make your story organic. I love reading writing guides even if I’m not too much of a writer yet and that’s because I think these make me a better reader and helps me better analyze story structure critically and actually use specific terms. I’ve even found myself analyzing books, TV, and movies with some of his techniques in the back of my head.

Fence Vol. 1 by CS Pascat (3/5)36064768

16 year old Nicolas Cox wants to the best fencer. Headstrong and determined, he plays a match against the world famous Seiji Katayama and loses. Now he is determined to beat him and gets his chance at King’s Row, an elite fencing academy. Fence is very inspired by sports anime and manga and considering that’s not my thing, this is just ok. I just think the caricatures for these main characters are all the same. There’s that one mysterious guy that the main character wants to beat in game but there’s sexual tension between them and you get the idea. I also wanted to read this because I knew there was going to be a found family aspect but I feel nothing. I just really want more depth to these caricatures besides out of proportion drama and angst and a main character whose external motivation is very cliche and generic.



Polytopia is a strategy game where you capture cities and fight other tribes. I love polytopia, the aesthetics are freaking adorable!  It’s so fun and there are endless possibilities for creative gameplay. I love thinking about the maneuvering and seeing how using your resources affects how you play. It’s a completely free mobile game with some in game purchases but it is never at the expense of your gameplay or enjoyment of the game.

Image result for polytopia

Plants vs Zombies

This mobile game is kind of old but no less entertaining than it was when I first played it years ago. It’s great for the casual gamer and it only took me a week or so to beat the game. The graphics are so cute. It’s not that challenging but challenging enough to keep you persisting through the game.

Image result for plants vs zombies


Sweetener – Ariana Grande

Image result for sweetener album art

I’ve been listening to this album nonstop since it came out. It seems as though Ariana Grande is moving away from her pop roots and dipping her toes in more sultry rnb music. My favorites are sweetener, goodnight and go, and pete davidson.


Image result for nice guysThe Nice Guys (B)

What Nice Guys ironically lacks in action sequences, it makes up for in its clever satire and even cleverer tongue-in-cheek dialogue. Ryan Gosling’s character’s daughter steals the show with her razor sharp bluntness. It definitely plays with the action and buddy cop genre. It was a very good time but don’t watch this if you’re in the mood for a mindless action film. It was definitely a lot more than that.

Blue Valentine (B-) Image result for blue valentine

I first was interested in Blue Valentine because I had always mean to, fascinated as I am with the analysis of marriage and watching Nice Guys with Ryan Gosling reminded me of that. Blue Valentine follows a young couple in the bitter throes of their marriage. Though their marriage is tumultuous and full of miscommunication and past hurt, it was not always like this and the movie explores the beginning of their relationship and where it all went wrong. It’s quite a sad tale. We really get to see how love manifests differently in the eyes of each character. Though they see it as love, their definition of love is imperfect and different than the other. The movie makes effective use of its blocking, the characters as mysterious to us as they are to each other.

Image result for crazy rich asians movie poster         Image result for to all the boys i loved before movie poster

The next two movies I will have reviews for in the upcoming weeks. I wanted to mesh them together because oh boy have I got a lot to say. I must say though I am so excited to see more Asian main characters on the silver and big screen.


Image result for disenchantmentDisenchantment (DNF – Netflix)

This show took me by surprise; I wasn’t expecting this level of emotional depth but it is just not my type of humor. Simpsons was never really my type of show so objectively pretty good, but not one I’ll be continuing on with.

30 rock 

The 30 rock binge marathon continues! this Image result for 30 rock season 4show just gets progressively better as it goes on and Seasons 3 and 4 are a testament to that. Although the character of Tracy Jordan really gets on my nerves.

Image result for insecure season 3 posterInsecure Season 3 (Ongoing – HBO)

This comedy is so consistently good!! In this season Issa continues to navigate the throes of work, relationships, and friendships. Season 2 left off on a major change and I’m glad to see that although Issa’s flaws are the same, it is nice to see her navigate new changes and really self reflect. This is one of the few comedies that pays attention not only to the comedy but to its craft. The cinematography really highlights Issa’s isolation and thought processes which is awesome because she is a character who doesn’t really express her emotions easily through dialogue. But it is still fast paced and raunchy and keeps you bingewatching. Also, the music is always phenomenal.


How I Plan and Organize My Life – Jenn Im

Jenn’s videos always inspire me to be productive and this one was no exception. I love that her advice is not as basic as these productive videos tend to be (just write everything down in your planner! ugh) and it has really inspired me to strive for what I love whether personal or professional  and however simple it may be and paying attention to a long term goal through small steps is so worth it.



July 2018 Wrap Up

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I haven’t written a blog post in 5 months but I missed blogging too much, so now that I have more time to dedicate to it. It would seem that even if I did have more time, that does not mean more blog posts as I’ve spent these past few weeks trying to finish my Anne with an E blog post but to no success. So I thought maybe a wrap up would ease me into it again. A lot has happened since I last wrote, most of which I will probably touch upon in my yearly wrap up for 2018. But so many things have happened and these wrap ups were a way for me to document my months. So July. First, at the beginning, I attended Anime Expo. I am not an anime fan at all but it was fun to walk around and see the different artists’ work and I ended up buying a couple of prints. I also walked around the exhibit hall with all the vendors selling posters, souvenirs, . There was a very interesting section for 18+ crowds where you could try out a sex simulation with a maid on a VR set. But the cosplays were so fascinating to see and it was worth just for that.

As always, I had a fuck ton of food adventures, featured below:


Love Letter – Garlic Chicken & Sweet Potato Pizza


Sip -Matcha Ice Cream (It was pretty good but melted really quickly)


Boba Guys- Jasmine Green Milk Tea (I’ve finally tried the infamous Boba Guys, it almost lived up to the hype but no quite)


Avocado Cafe – Salmon Avocado Toast with Pesto (Overpriced but this is avocado toast after all)


Hot pot 🙂 


Dim Sum! I do not like chicken feet though.


Cha For Tea – Matcha  Latte (Sooooo good)

What else happened, oh I got a haircut and some new glasses. I felt like I shed an old life when I got new glasses because I had had my old ones for so many years, since before college.

And of course, I cannot forget that I turned 24 this month! And I have to say, it was pretty much the best birthday of my entire life. Part of my happiness had to do with the fact that I felt 24. In previous years, every birthday felt like a year of non accomplishments. But this year, I felt like I had accomplished so many milestones and I was actively working towards my goals and dreams. But a huge part of my birthday happiness was due to the pleasure of spending it with some of the people I loved most in this world. It’s always an anxious affair when different groups of my friends meet up. I always wonder, will they get along? What will they even talk about? But as most of these things go, it turned out to be fine and I had a great time. I had an amazing time eating hotpot and drinking a little too much and then of course the drunk talks late into the night. Thank you for the memories and it makes me excited for the years to come.

37414765_10215773327427989_2199076092239675392_n (1)


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid – 3.5/5

Image result for the seven husbands of evelyn hugoI truly wish Taylor Jenkins Reid wrote literary fiction instead of genre fiction. She has all these ingredients of a good LF author; she focuses on complex character development. It follows Hugo, a famous actress in the ’50s and her rise to fame. She has been shrouded by mystery but is now coming out and willing to share the truth behind her seven husbands and her famous career. The caveat is that she only wants to tell her story to an inexperienced reporter, Monique Grant. The problem I see with Reid’s is that there is some huge twist that takes the spotlight away from the emotional core.

Another weakness was the reporter’s separate story when she is not interviewing Hugo. Her story was not nearly as interesting as Hugo’s and I found myself impatiently waiting for when we could return back to Hugo. I love how it analyzes the way Hugo uses her sexuality and embraces her image when everyone would judge her for being a woman of ruthless ambition who uses her looks to get ahead in her career. But I would have loved this book if it had about 25% less plot twists and 25% more character development/emotion.

The Lady Astronaut of Mars by Mary Robinette Kowal – 4/5

I really want to read Kowal’s The Calculating Stars now, which is essentially a prequel toImage result for the lady astronaut of mars this Hugo award winning novella. It follows a lady astronaut who was famous for going to Mars but is now old and cannot go on any more space missions. She has to make a hard decision about going on one last space mission. Like all scifi novellas I have liked, it teases the details of the world and lets you make the rest of the worldbuilding yourself. The characters are so well drawn for a short novella. A Hugo award well deserved.

Blankets by Craig Thompson – 3/5

Another one of my specialties, the quintessential coming of age graphic memoir. It is drawn in a very monochromatic palette, with basically only blacks and whites and a few grays in between. It has a sketchy but geometric drawing style with tidbits of the surrealist where the author is drawing his feelings instead of the reality.

Image result for blankets craig thompsonI wish he had followed more of the relationship between his father, mother, and brother who he hinted he had more complicated relationships with, but instead he took a different trajectory and followed his love of the neighborhood girl. There’s a very fine line that would not allow this story to delve into the cliche but unfortunately it did. Their relationship became redundant and typical. I also wished he had explored more of his relationship with drawing and the more gradual exploration of how he lost his faith with Christianity. He spent too much time on one aspect and not enough on other aspects. As many coming of age stories around boys it features bullies, an unrequited love, and the feeling of not fitting in with the other boys when he did not fit the ideals of masculinity.

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls – 3.75/5

You can find a lot of comparisons between TGC and Educated by Tara Westover; they are both memoirs about a more-than-eccentric family living off the grid with narcissistic parents that was highly skeptical of modern medicine and the government. At their cores, the books are about the authors’ struggle to find their identity while being in toxic Image result for the glass castleabusive parental and sibling relationships. I enjoyed Educated more because of Westover’s inclusion of footnotes throughout stating her memories may not be completely accurate but that she consulted other witnesses to the events to ensure it was as accurate as possible. I also preferred Westover’s more sentimental and introspective writing. She would focus more on her internal thoughts which I appreciated because I wanted to know how she dealt with such mental pressure and dissonance. I also really enjoyed Westover’s comparison of her childhood versus the life she led after she started college and her perspective changed. Walls did not fully into her mental life after she moved to New York and separated from her parents. Her memoir read more like a progressive exposition of events that happened (I did this, then that) and although I appreciated the blunt unsentimental nature that prevented the memoir from spiraling into sappiness, it did take a lot of the emotion out of it. My favorite part, however, was the portrayal of the relationship between her father and Walls. Though they had a fraught relationship (he almost pimped her out once) she still loved him and although I personally would want nothing to do with him anymore, Walls helped me understand at least slightly why she would continue to have him in her life.


Channel Cut

I love seeing how people interact so it’s no surprise I like this channel. I especially like the truth or drink featuring couples. Some of them are so awkward but I love all their answers anyways.


Seventeen – Oh My

Seventeen is now the only kpop boy group I will follow by every song they release. They really make use of their large ensemble and I just love their music.

Childish Gambino – Summertime Magic

Honestly, Gambino never really disappoints me.

Kygo, Imagine Dragons – Born to Be Yours

A Kygo x Imagine Dragons collaboration was not going to disappoint me either. It is a great summer song.


World of Warcraft

Image result for world of warcraft

I am currently playing as a retribution paladin and am level 20 so now and it gives me such high school nostalgia where I would spend hours on Wizard101 being lost in a fantasy world.


Image result for the incredibles 2The Incredibles – 2/5

This movie was just ok. I remembered the first movie pretty vividly as it is one of my favorite Pixar movies. It was wonderfully dark, a near perfect blend of delicious satire and commentary around family and delivering blockbuster worthy action scenes. This one tried to do that. The last one was about how Mr. Incredible having a midlife crisis and wanting to do superhero work work instead of being with his family and working his 9-5 job. I loved that the second movie was going to focus on Helen and her identity outside of the family. But it didn’t really go far enough I felt. There was no resolution other than Helen getting the temporary spotlight. They also spent way too much time on Jack Jack and the discovery of his powers even though they were not even used that much in the movie. There was also a lack of tension and emotional stake, a compelling villain, and less than stellar family dynamic exploration. It definitely more like a studio cashout on a blockbuster than an authentic exploration of family which was pretty sad.


I will have separate reviews for these as I’m pretty sure they will end up in my favorite TV shows of 2018.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – 4/5

To be honest with you, I was having a tough time getting Image result for the marvelous mrs maiselinto TV this year. I tried going through a lot of TV shows in the hopes that one would stick and this show broke my slump. It is one of my favorite TV shows of 2018, no question, if not my favorite. It is so charming with easily likeable characters and the Gilmore Girls signature whip fast dialogue.

Image result for anne with an e season 2 posterAnne with an E Season 2 – 3.75/5

Definitely not as good as the first season but it still has its merits and I loved the deeper exploration of secondary characters especially Diane

30 Rock Season 1 -YES. My new Parks and Rec. Y’all know I cannot live without a good comedy in my life.



To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before Trailer

Can it please be August 17 already??? I am hesitantly optimistic about this movie even though the last teen comtemporary I saw was Everything, Everything and that was sooo bad. Although maybe I’m looking at this trailer through rose colored lenses because this series is after all, my favorite YA contemporary series. But the casting is pretty spot on if you can ignore the non Korean casting of the Korean characters and the song! so lovely. And so far, they are really sticking to the core of who Lara Jean is. Also, I really support the decision to air it on Netflix instead of in theaters. There is less pressure to perform as well so they stylistic choices can be up the cast and crew instead of following the whims of a studio.


February 2018 Wrap Up

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Yes, I know it’s already almost the end of March as I’m writing this, but it’s hard to compile a month into one post. February was such a pleasant gift compared to January. First of all, it was Asian New Year’s on the 16th and I remember writing about new year’s last year and feeling very hopeless but this year I felt slightly more optimistic and it felt nice to be optimistic. According to the signs, it will either be a very good year or a very bad year for any year of the dogs, which just sounds very foreboding. It is fruitless to watch out of signs telling me it is either, but it sometimes feels I should be looking for them.

February was particularly special to me because I celebrated my first Valentine’s Day ever in my 23 years of life. It was a definite change from the days of treating Valentine’s Day just like any other day and simultaneously yearning for someone while still appreciating my singledom but also wondering when the hecking heck someone would like me but also not caring because I had other priorities to fulfill but also wanting to do cute things with someone I loved but also realistically knowing dating with my less than ideal home situation and not being able to express myself creatively made it oh so hard but also wanting to laugh about inside jokes that only we would get but also wondering if I was even interesting enough to get a date with anyone. I was definitely not conflicted about this as you can see. But I’m here now and I had a really nice dinner at a Brazilian BBQ place with my boyfriend. This day is only as good as the person you spend it with and if that is truly the case, then I had an amazing time.


One day, I’ll take better pictures..


Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke, Alex Campbell, Hilary Sycamore

27414475Mighty Jack is a middle grade graphic novel following Jack who finds a bean and grows it and watches as the garden in front of his house turns into a mysterious garden with plants that have superpowers. Although the art for the plants was vibrant and explosive, it was the only interesting thing about this story. The characters were cardboard cutouts. Jack is the underdog that needs to get his act together to save everyone he loves, the girl next door is the token strong girl, and Jack’s sister really reads like a plot device so Jack can step it up. I really wish the characters were drawn better, then I would have enjoyed this world a heck of a lot more. 2/5

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson


I finally read Nimona!!!! And it’s overhyped!!! At the time, I thought it was charming and now I’ve practically forgotten everything about it. I did really like the concept though, of an evil endearing girl becoming a sidekick to a villain. But then I stepped back thinking the story sounded familiar and it was: it is basically a Tumblr fanfic about a villain who is actually in love with the superhero. It sounds almost exactly like a Thor and Loki fanfic vibe. 3/5


The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed

28096541I’ve been expanding the number of YA books that I’ve read that talks about rape and rape culture. Although I admire that there is more of these books being put out, there are definitely some that do it better than others. This is definitely not one of them. I’m getting a little tired of YA books that always cover rape culture in a small town as if only small town people are capable of small minded thinking. I’m also getting really tired of the method of feminism that says the solution to confront the patriarchy is to take down some sexist boys (usually, for some reason, football players). It makes for some feel good victory and the book even addresses that! It says “even if we win this battle, [we have other ones to fight]”. Feminism is a line of thinking, not a battle form. I also did not like the idea of the “benevolent” victim whose voice got to be heard but not the supposed “slut”. Where was her story, her voice? I did like that there were conversations about female masturbation and pleasure. The conversations felt pretty natural. Overall, an important topic understated with cliches. 3/5

Adulthood is a Myth & Big, Mushy, Happy Lump by Sarah Anderson 

25855506    30754980

I really liked the sequel because it was so relatable to a particular type of introvert. However, the second was more of a rehash of the first except in the sequel, there were author’s notes alongside the cartoons which were a little unnecessary to me. The sequel just felt a little too relatable which I don’t even know is a concept but it feels like a concept appropriate for these books. It’s got a cutesy, special snowflake vibe that grated on me after a while but nevertheless some of that were hilarious and because I am THAT introvert, I found it very relatable which I suppose is the point anyways. 3/5

All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation by Rebecca Traister


I have a full review here.

March Vol. 3 by John Lewis, Nate Powell, and Andrew Aydin

My second favorite read of the month. There is something so incredible special about this series, in fact the third installment cementing it as one of my fa29436571vorite graphic novel series of all time. I like the different perspective on the civil rights movement. Most civil rights movement books that I read about center on the benevolence of these people, how a few protests helped cure centuries worth of racism and bigotry. I love the look that we get into how the movement’s morale changed during these years. It ebbed and almost lost momentum during the worst times. I learned that progress is sometimes even about finding the right political support even as they are only moderate about your statements or finding the right opportunities to strike when the violent sheriff is out of town. I think it’s so powerful how he juxtaposes these violent acts of so much hatred with the supposed fairness of American law, the law that every person in America has the right to vote.


Seventeen – “Thanks”

Every so often as you know, I go into one of my kpop kicks. I am completely obsessed with this song and its choreography. I seriously watched the live version more than 10x in a row. The vocals are so strong. Everything about this is so catchy and explosive, but expertly restrained. I also completely adore the music video. It’s a lot darker and moody than the usual kpop video. It’s so interesting; normally American men would not be caught dead in a music video doing their own makeup., but it’s normal here. Yet this embrace of femininity still does nothing for society’s patriarchal nature.

Ikon – “Love scenario”

Apparently, they got inspiration for this song after watching La La Land and I thought it fit perfectly for the movie. It’s such a cozy, feel good song.

Red Velvet – “Bad Boy”

I think you can see the trend with these songs. They are upbeat and cheerful, but they have a go get em attitude that I really love. Again, I love the music video. The outfits are so sexy 90’s and I need all those black outfits in my wardrobe, all those black boots! Fishnet stockings! Crop tops!

A$AP Rocky – “LPFJ2”

Wanna know how I find out about rap songs. I listen to other people listen to them and then I memorize the lyrics and search it up on google.

NCT – “Baby Don’t Stop”

I have to like at least one NCT song in their comebacks.


Black Mirror Season 4

Image result for black mirror season 4Oh black mirror, what has happened to you? Out of 6 episodes, I only really liked 2 of them, but only one was truly standout though it was nowhere near the level of the best episodes from Seasons 1 and 2. I’m disappointed in it. Although Black Mirror is about exploring how technology negatively affects us, even lethally, it never failed to explore the emotional depths that technology was suppose to alleviate, resolve, or amplify. These technological advances are only spurred from human desires. The show is opting for shock value and exploring technology that is more extraneous than plausible which is frustrating. I’ll continue to watch anything Black Mirror puts out, but I have to admit I am now wary of the quality.

Big Little Lies

Image result for big little lies

I completely adored Big Little Lies. I will have a full review coming up for this coming up (hopefully) soon.



Growstone – mobile game

Image result for growstone game

Growstone is a mobile RPG game where you basically collect stones and become as strong as possible. I was skeptical at first because the coding and artwork is just not my cup of tea. It’s very old school 90’s. But as I kept playing, I really started liking it and the artwork just became endearing. It’s a nice game to play as you wait for something or just pure escapism. You can also automatically play it and leave it to play itself while you do something else.

Tabletop with Wil Wheaton – Youtube series

Tabletop with Wil Wheaton is a series where WIll Wheaton and other guest stars play tabletop or board games. Aside from introducing me to sooo many board games that I would like to play in the future (including that I bought: Avalon Resistancew, a bluffing game.), they also provide such hilarious entertainment at the same time. All the stars have such great chemistry together and they are just unabashed nerds who are not afraid to roleplay. I’ve watched gameplay for Munchkins, Forbidden Island, Go sushi, and many, many more. Guest stars include Felicia Day, John Scalzi, Ashley Clements and many more!



April Favorites 2017

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I think April is turning out to my lucky month because for the past 3 years, judging from my monthly favorites post, nothing especially bad seems to happen. I wish I could stay cocooned in April for a few more months but shit is already starting to catch up to me so gotta deal with that somehow.

Coincidentally, last April, I posted hiking pictures and this year I’m doing the same thing with 2 of my friends. This hike didn’t count as a hike so much as it was a stroll through some well-worn sandy paths with 1 “steep” hill but considering my level of physical activity on a daily basis, it was just right.


17887373_10211840045578401_784103971_o (1)

Spot the human in the picture.


It’s kind of a tradition for us to get ramen whenever we hang out so that’s always a plus even though the ramen was salty af. But on to more food, I tried Dunkin Donuts for the first time..and was disappointed although the cronuts would have been sooooo much better had there not been peanut butter on it just saying.

My friend recently got accepted into medical school and I’m so happy for her. We went out to celebrate with other friends. We went to this nice place with a really nice view of the beach.



Please summer, give me opportunities to wear this pretty romper.


I have one podcast favorite for April and it’s so good. I first discovImage result for the bright sessionsered this through Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages where she talks about her favorite fictional dramas that’s told through podcasts and this one sounded really interesting to me and it’s so good. You need to listen to it.  It’s called The Bright Sessions and essentially it follows a therapist as she records her sessions with her clients who all have supernatural abilities. Each episode follows a session with a different person with a different ability and then it repeats with the same people. As we move along through the episodes, we start to question the therapist’s motives and we find out there is a bigger and darker story arc than we initially thought. I really liked the different abilities. There’s a person who can time travel, another who can sense the emotions of other people etc. etc. Highly recommended.

Of course, I have some music favorites this month.

  • Fine – Taeyeon

Cheers to yet another Taeyeon hit. I continue to love her voice more and more with every new song. Also her music videos are always A+’s imo.

  • I’m the One – DJKhaled & Justin Beiber ft. Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne

Image result for i'm the one

The music video is stupid and the lyrics are dumb but I could never resist a catchy song. I’m basic ok?

  • Chocolate – The 1975
  • Sing Street soundtrack – John Carney

The Sing Street soundtrack is so damn catchy and inspirational. Even though it’s feel-good, the lyrics are so well thought out and not cliche at all. If you like ’80’s music, it’s a must listen.

  • Making Me Feel Alright – Bjorkman Pupavac feat. Robin Lundbeck

The perfect summer beach/pool song.

  • The Spring – Jeong Eun Ji

Enuji’s songs are something you’d find in a hipster coffee shop on a Sunday afternoon. It’s so tranquil and soothing it’s impossible not to like. I’m so happy her solo albums have been so distinctly her and I can’t wait to hear more from her.

  • Dream in a Dream – Ten (NCT)

There’s no mistaking the ancient Asian music influences on this song but the combination of that and the more modern pop influences make this song unique. Also Ten’s dancing is so good and his vocals are not too shabby either 😉

  • Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld is my queen. I completely loved her performance in The Edge of Seventeen as well as Pitch Perfect 2 and this song was pretty much the icing on the cake. In the popular pop music world, toxic messages of girls and women are so rampant and this song is an antidote to all that. She celebrates women and all their differences and it’s beautiful. Why can’t there be more songs on the radio like this? And with an electro-pop catchiness to it?



Jan/Feb Favorites

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2017 is going by so damn quickly, it is insane. Well at least faster than 2016. Also, thankfully, going a little better than 2016. Not by spades but I guess enough to make to make me a little more grateful. Both New Years have passed by, Lunar New Year being normal as usual. I always thought Lunar New Year was something really special but ultimately if you think about it, slightly ridiculous, the traditions of red envelopes and food and relatives telling you you’re going to have a great year.

Image result for chinese red envelopes for sale

My family has a tradition. Before 12am, you walk outside of your house and then at 12 you reenter and poof you’ll have a good year. That’s also, of course, if you don’t take out the trash, cut your hair for a week, etc etc. I did the first one this year and everything still felt exactly the same when I stepped into the house.I get wrapped up in tradition and superstition as much as the next person fully realizing no matter the amount of luck baiting and tradition will change anything or be indicative of a good year. I think maybe if I do all of these things, I’ll have an amazing year but only if I do them all right. Maybe I’m just lucky this year. And the next but then never again. I could get a phone call the next day telling me my friend had just died (please don’t do that to me life) even if I did all those things to ensure I would have a good year. Most of the time, you don’t even notice the changes until you’ve stopped and looked back.

But life goes on..what have I been doing? Well, I’m currently taking a medical terminology class which is actually really helpful in real world situations and also in my new job as a medical scribe, it’s been pretty helpful.

My favorite shoes these past two months are these boots.DSC_0008

I realized too late that they really scrunch my feet but I bear the pain because they’re so cute :3 I’ve also been loving the Maybelline Mauve lipstick which is kind of perfect for both casual and more dressy war. It’s the perfect deep color if you apply a lot of it.

Image result for maybelline mauve lipstick

For some reason I went on some kind of ice cream binge these past months, probably because I’ve been having a lot of anxiety so I just swallow my feelings in sweets.

I love the jamoca ice cream from Baskin Robbins. I have never had coffee ice cream that good unless it was from Haagen Daz lol.

Image result for jamoca ice cream

I also freaking love the Mocha Almond Fudge from Thrifty ice cream basically the best ice cream brand ever. My friend (Hi!) introduced me to Rolled Creamery which was amazing. I got the Matcha Oreo one and it was amazing. It tasted so authentic and not too sweet but sweet enough to satisfy my sweet cravings.



And of course, music! I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff. First of all, I’ve been listening to the awesome, amazing Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo soundtrack. It’s not an exaggeration when I say I pretty much loved this entire album and have been listening to it on repeat. It is so good.

Taeyeon came out with a new album recently and my soul ascends to heaven whenever she hits a high note. It’s almost cathartic. My favorite songs off the new album are Fine and Time Lapse. Also the music video for Fine is a work of art.

Not so great of a music video is Big Sean’s Bounce Back; it kinda makes me want to roll my eyes but what can I say I love this song.

And jumping off of that, I loved the entire Insecure Season 1 soundtrack. I seriously wanted to write down every song that came on until I realized that was dumb and I could just listen to the entire list on Spotify.

And my list would not be complete without some songs on the radio because I’m basic. My two favorite songs of recent being: I Don’t Want to Live Forever by Taylor Swift and Zayn. I don’t know how a shitty movie like 50 Shades got to have such an awesome soundtrack but there you go.

And of course Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You. The music video is also super cute.

I am sorry if this post doesn’t make much sense. I didn’t really feel like editing it so there you have it. I just wanted to reflect a little on how my year was going so far.


December 2016 Favorites

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I know 2017 is already here but I kind of want to rewind back to December again in some ways because December was an unexpectedly good month for me. That’s the thing about the Christmas season, everyone just seems to be in a better mood than usual and you are just extra cruel to do anything bad to someone at Christmas so usually they just wait until the 26th to do something mean. At least in my experience. Maybe you’re the Grinch. I don’t know. Over Christmas, it was almost a constant influx of guests at my house and I got to spend time with family that I hadn’t seen in a really long time (3 years in fact). It’s crazy how someone can change in that time and your perceptions of them are kind of blown out of the water.


Our family photo is so on point. My cousin in the back is posing like a fucking bodyguard. My brother is separated from us by the stairs…

Of course, the more important part is getting to eat all the food..


Do you know how you can tell this is a Viet gathering? All of those aluminum trays..


Mama D’s pasta. It was so delicious and the service was even better than the food.


Omg this is making my mouth water. Cream Pan’s strawberry croissant with cream inside and powdered sugar on top. 

I also got to enjoy the season with my friends. We went ice skating and I suck at ice skating so, so much that it was shameful. I had to have someone holding me throughout most of the allotted time  but it was still fun nonetheless.

I also went to see the Christmas lights near my hometown. It is insane how creative and decorative people get with their Christmas lights.



This was the sweepstakes winner for this neighborhood.

There are some crazy lights during this time of year. I also went to see a single house where the whole house was covered in lights and it changes colors and you can even tune into a certain radio station to listen to it while you watch it.

I did my annual tradition of Secret Santa; I got Exploding Kittens that I’ve been wanting for a while. This is so fun and very nearly the perfect icebreaker. The rules are so simple anyone can play and there’s both luck and strategy involved. Basically your goal is to not draw an exploding kitten. I played a lot of games in general in December like poker, Heads Up, Monopoly, and Forbidden Island but this one’s my favorite.


I actually didn’t listen to a lot of Christmas music in December which is kind of unforgivable but I did listen to Pentatonix’s Christmas album with Hallelujah being my favorite out of the songs. In terms of other music, I fell in love with The Weeknd’s new album Starboy. I honestly like all the songs but my favorites are Six Feet Under and Party Monster. I also liked the hip hop song Black Barbie by Nicki Minaj and Mike Will Made It. It was nice to go back to popular hip hop last month.

Writing this post made me really happy. I mean writing on this blog makes me happy in general but it was nice to go back down memory lane. Wow, I’m making it seem like this was 10 years ago even though it was only last month. But yeah, that was my December. Let me know what your last month of 2016 was like =)




November 2016 Reflections/Favorites

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So how was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was a total fucking disaster (family fights for the win!) but I’m not going to wallow in self-pity this month. I’m going to give thanks because that’s what November is about and to remember most of us have it a lot better than the pilgrims and Native Americans did before that first Thanksgiving (now you feel better right? Jk I don’t so we’re going to move on). But seriously,the lovely people in my life deserve all the love that this world has to give them. But I also want to give thanks to the entertainment in my life from books to movies to food that have given me so much comfort and happiness in my daily life. And I’ll also give a bit of thanks to my favorites this month.

-This year in particular as you might have known I did graduate from university. I know I mention this quite a bit on my blog but I will forever be eternally grateful for this experience.

-I’m immensely thankful for my brother and sister who are infinitely more patient and selfless than I am. I know they’ve always got my back and I’ve always got theirs so it works ya know?

-I also have to give the biggest shoutout to my closest friends. It’s rare that you find people that understand your situation and will always be there for optimistic support but are also there to laugh with you through life. It’s one of those things where they know exactly when you need to get out of the house, what kind of memes and gifs you find the funniest, and can just talk about things even if you haven’t seen each other in a while. I write and maintain a freaking blog as a hobby and words still can’t truly describe how much they mean to me. And some of them will actually read and comment on your blog! LOL What more can I ask for? *winkwink*

-I spend a lot of time reading (you didn’t know?), and watching movies and TV shows and Youtube creators. Thanks for shaping my ideas and beliefs and being outspoken about your own beliefs. To all the creators, you are my inspiration. To all the books, movies, and TV shows I’ve enjoyed this year, thank you, thank you, thank you.

And last but most definitely not least, I want to thank all of my followers who have decided to follow and like my posts in my little corner of the internet. To my frequent commenters, you make my blogging experience special. I hope you all have gotten as much out of my blog as I have out of yours =)

Moving on to favorites, I’ve seriously been in the mood for pumpkin pie which is weird because I’ve never liked pumpkin pie until about 2 years ago and now I’m obsessed.

PS: Between Albertson’s pumpkin pie vs Trader Joe’s, Trader Joe’s definitely wins.


Expect a lot of photoshoots with this Christmas tree in December. Also, pretend that’s the Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie and not the Albertson’s one. 

Starbucks also had their BOGO holiday drink special and I didn’t think I’d like the peppermint mocha because I don’t like minty food unless it’s toothpaste (wait that’s not a food) but I ended up surprising myself and really liking it.


It’s soooo good!

I know this is basic but I’ve literally been wearing leggings nonstop this month and will probably continue to do so in December. A word of advice: I love my pair from Forever 21. They’re so affordable ($4!) but so long-lasting and comforting. It’s not a scam!!

Classic Cotton-Blend Leggings

Credits to the Forever21 website

And last but not least, music!

I watched Mamamoo’s music video Decalcomanie and they instantly became my girl crushes. I think my favorite by them so far is Um Oh Ah Yeh. I completely love their music style. They have regular pop, some jazz and R&B influences, and rap. I also love them because they have more edgy concepts which was really refreshing to me.

I’ve also been listening to Taeyeon’s new song 11:11 which just emphasizes her clear and soothing vocals. I love the slow melancholy acoustics.

I’ve been loving Jai Wolf’s EDM, Indian Summer which actually does sound like an EDM song with Indian influences. I can’t wait to listen to more of him.

And last but not least, I know this came out a while ago but I’ve only recently become obsessed with it and that is Troye Sivan’s song Heaven. I honestly think I’m in love with the main chorus. It just speaks to my angsty, drama-queen self LOL.

Let me know what your November favorites were or any crazy Thanksgiving stories?