April Favorites 2017

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I think April is turning out to my lucky month because for the past 3 years, judging from my monthly favorites post, nothing especially bad seems to happen. I wish I could stay cocooned in April for a few more months but shit is already starting to catch up to me so gotta deal with that somehow.

Coincidentally, last April, I posted hiking pictures and this year I’m doing the same thing with 2 of my friends. This hike didn’t count as a hike so much as it was a stroll through some well-worn sandy paths with 1 “steep” hill but considering my level of physical activity on a daily basis, it was just right.


17887373_10211840045578401_784103971_o (1)

Spot the human in the picture.


It’s kind of a tradition for us to get ramen whenever we hang out so that’s always a plus even though the ramen was salty af. But on to more food, I tried Dunkin Donuts for the first time..and was disappointed although the cronuts would have been sooooo much better had there not been peanut butter on it just saying.

My friend recently got accepted into medical school and I’m so happy for her. We went out to celebrate with other friends. We went to this nice place with a really nice view of the beach.



Please summer, give me opportunities to wear this pretty romper.


I have one podcast favorite for April and it’s so good. I first discovImage result for the bright sessionsered this through Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages where she talks about her favorite fictional dramas that’s told through podcasts and this one sounded really interesting to me and it’s so good. You need to listen to it.  It’s called The Bright Sessions and essentially it follows a therapist as she records her sessions with her clients who all have supernatural abilities. Each episode follows a session with a different person with a different ability and then it repeats with the same people. As we move along through the episodes, we start to question the therapist’s motives and we find out there is a bigger and darker story arc than we initially thought. I really liked the different abilities. There’s a person who can time travel, another who can sense the emotions of other people etc. etc. Highly recommended.

Of course, I have some music favorites this month.

  • Fine – Taeyeon

Cheers to yet another Taeyeon hit. I continue to love her voice more and more with every new song. Also her music videos are always A+’s imo.

  • I’m the One – DJKhaled & Justin Beiber ft. Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne

Image result for i'm the one

The music video is stupid and the lyrics are dumb but I could never resist a catchy song. I’m basic ok?

  • Chocolate – The 1975
  • Sing Street soundtrack – John Carney

The Sing Street soundtrack is so damn catchy and inspirational. Even though it’s feel-good, the lyrics are so well thought out and not cliche at all. If you like ’80’s music, it’s a must listen.

  • Making Me Feel Alright – Bjorkman Pupavac feat. Robin Lundbeck

The perfect summer beach/pool song.

  • The Spring – Jeong Eun Ji

Enuji’s songs are something you’d find in a hipster coffee shop on a Sunday afternoon. It’s so tranquil and soothing it’s impossible not to like. I’m so happy her solo albums have been so distinctly her and I can’t wait to hear more from her.

  • Dream in a Dream – Ten (NCT)

There’s no mistaking the ancient Asian music influences on this song but the combination of that and the more modern pop influences make this song unique. Also Ten’s dancing is so good and his vocals are not too shabby either 😉

  • Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld is my queen. I completely loved her performance in The Edge of Seventeen as well as Pitch Perfect 2 and this song was pretty much the icing on the cake. In the popular pop music world, toxic messages of girls and women are so rampant and this song is an antidote to all that. She celebrates women and all their differences and it’s beautiful. Why can’t there be more songs on the radio like this? And with an electro-pop catchiness to it?



7 thoughts on “April Favorites 2017

  1. The 1975 are a hit or miss for me with their songs. Chocolate is one of my favourites though and it’s a great one to bop along to haha. It sounds like you had an amazing April. I’ve never tried Dunkin Donuts before but I was tempted when I went to New Zealand and there was a stand there but found them to be overpriced haha. I hope May is being as kind to you as April has been.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m surprised to see “Chocolate” on here since it’s an older song, but that used to be my driving-at-night-feel-good jam. And I adore that romper!

    Also, it’s funny you mentioned Dunkin’ Donuts since I also mentioned them in my latest Favorites but I actually liked what I ordered, lol. The only food item I like by them is the glazed blueberry doughnuts.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just started listening to them so I didn’t even realize it was an old song. Thanks Summer! =) I saw that LOL and I’m not sure I would like the blueberry doughnuts because I hate blueberry eheh


  3. I love Taeyeon’s new songs too, I feel like her and all the other members of Girls Generation (that have been getting solos) are long overdue. Her vocals are amazing! That podcast sounds really interesting, I’ve been looking to get back into listening to podcasts on a regular basis, so I’ll check it out. Also your romper is so cute! I’m so excited for summer weather in Michigan, I’ve been looking forward to wearing my summery dresses, etc. I’m glad you had a god April! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! Taeyeon’s voice is so heavenly and soothing as always. Let me know if you like the podcast! It’s so good. Ikr! I wish I had more. I didn’t use to like flower prints but now I do for some reason.

      Liked by 1 person

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