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A Rant about the Election 2016

A few days ago, I watched the new Wonder Woman trailer and I was filled with hope at the future.

And then Tuesday rolled around and, surprise bitches, Donald Trump was elected president and the US regressed at least 50 years. Hooray welcome to the ’50’s where life is great for everyone except women, black people, Latinos, Muslims, LGBT+ people, etc. etc.

This election has made me so incredibly frustrated and angry for many reasons, one of which can be summed up in a TIME article I read,

The 2016 election is a referendum on what women can be–and what men can get away with.

It is sadly still a truth. That the bigoted, racist, misogynistic, and most importantly uninformed words of Trump were more important and apparently more trustworthy than anything Hillary Clinton could say. Trump has slandered and tossed political correctness and human decency into the air and he’s obviously been congratulated on it given that he’s uhm been elected president. While I was watching the election coverage yesterday, a reporter asked a Trump female supporter why she was voting for Trump and she said because “he says it like it is” which is ironic considering that he lies about 50% of the time. The reporter then pressed her on this talking about the misogynistic things he’s said and she replied to something along the lines of “you just have to sort out the weeds” to which I say I shouldn’t have to try and decipher what the next president of the United States is trying to say.

Another thing I was annoyed at is the fact that because Trump is such a radical person and shits on the the very idea of democracy, it somehow makes him THE person to fix the shit the US is in. You know who else was like that, oh that’s right, Hitler. Hitler was charismatic and seemed to know the very solution to solving the depression. Who cares about the fact that he was so obsessed with the Aryan race?  And just because you have fervent convictions about the way things are run does make you any more likely to fix anything. Politics is not about finding a problem and waving a wand and boom the problem is fixed. It’s a lot less glamorous than that. It’s about compromise, stalemate, priorities and finding ways to tell the average American person about politics when the average American person is inherently distrustful or not knowledgeable about politics in the first place.

For example, every politician old and new is going to say he/she is going to say he/she will lower taxes for the people. Does that ever happen? Not really. It sounds appealing and politicians know the people like to hear that but the truth is there is no way of getting around to lowering taxes because we need it for our public services.

But you know what the most annoying thing about this election was? The fact that we all heard what we wanted to hear. Trump supporters saw him as a dark horse who would fix this broken country. They were not going to see anything else. Clinton supporters obviously saw something different. People were voting for third party candidates just to prove that they didn’t like either of the main candidates. But America made excuses for whichever candidate they supported without even keeping an open mind, convinced that we were right about who were picking. And look we’re still suffering.

The things that Trump has said are disheartening to put it lightly, no let’s not put it lightly, the things he’s said are unforgivable but it also inspires me to continue using this platform–however little it is–to speak out for feminism and minority rights and everything in between because I will not let it slide. I thought America was suppose to be different, that even though it had its faults, that we could rise above the -isms of the world. This election proves that we haven’t but honestly I think we’ve regressed so far as of Tuesday that the only path now is forward? Lol..who am I kidding. America is fucked. BUT we should continue to speak out and progress will slowly inch forward.




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