July 2016 Favorites: I turned 22!!

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Did July even happen? I mean I guess it did cause otherwise how could I have turned 22. 22 already feels a lot older than 21 which I don’t feel ready for but kind of have to. As Taylor Swift so accurately puts it,

We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time
It’s miserable and magical.

I did not ask to grow older!! This is unacceptable!! But existential crisis aside, I hope 22 is better than 21.

To make the most of my birthday (or should I say birthday week), I went to this really awesome seafood place called Sea Salt Grill in Santa Monica. I freaking loved the tilapia. You also get a free churro waffle if you have a yelp account 🙂 How can you beat that? Unless you also get mocha almond fudge at Churned Creamery that same week (even though ice cream does not, as I’ve discovered, taste very good with croissants).

But you know what beats ALL of that? Catching Pokemon at the pier. You can catch at least 100 pokemon in 2 hours if you go to a beach. It’s a Pokémon minefield.


There was so many people there and the app kept crashing half the time but I was so excited when I caught a Dratini hehe. Pokemon aside though, Santa Monica pier at night is so beautiful. I feel like I’m in one of those summer music videos where One Direction is telling us to carpe diem and seize the night and live for the moment.


Ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier

The only bad thing was that it was sooo cold and I was wearing shorts because it is summer! And speaking of summer fashion essentials, I really loved my blue romper and flower kimono this month; they are so comfy! Also, I’m pretty happy I recently bought a handbag that matches it..sort of.. but I’m in love with it because it’s my favorite shade of pink and it has the envelope shape that I love so much and it’s actually really sturdy.


I seriously brought it everywhere because it’s such a versatile bag, including the movies where I saw Star Trek Beyond in IMAX. My very first IMAX movie!

I love this reboot series a lot. It really is everything I like in a movie: situational humor, endearing characters and a lot of scifi adventure in outer space. And I’m not sure why it was at this movie that I developed a crazy mild obsession with Chris Pine. He’s such a gorgeous human being. And being the bookish nerd that I am, imagine how I reacted when I found out he was an English major at UC Berkeley and that he read and cried while reading A Little Life..

I watched a lot of his interviews this month. These three are some of my favorites; I have no idea why they just make me so happy.

Here’s one with him and Ellen. I think the shower part was hilarious..

Star Trek Beyond Interview

I like how Chris and Sofia are just saying Pikachu while Zachary Quinto is trying to explain how Pokemon Go will be the death of humanity LOL

He also looks hella good in this recent Jimmy Kimmel interview; it’s honestly too bad that Kimmel has to ruin everything by asking shitty sexist questions.

My summer jams have been my usual pop and hip hop. I’ve been obsessed with Jessica Jung’s album, With Love. My two favorite songs being Big Mini World and Fly feat. Fabulous. They’re very feel good summery songs that I was just in the right mood for (her album aesthetic is pretty summery in itself).

Broccoli by Lil Yachty & DRAM– I did not know broccoli meant weed..

In My Room by DJ Mustard, Yellow Claw, Tyga, Ty Dolla Sign– I don’t care for the chorus but the rest is catchy

Ok I lied, these last two aren’t hip hop but I love them all the same.

Cold Water by Major Lazer & Justin Bieber– Bieber’s just on a roll..I think he’s quite suited for EDM actually

Two Weeks by TKA Twigs– If it sounds familiar, it’s from an episode of Mr. Robot. It’s weird because the scene that accompanies this song is disturbing but throughout the entire thing, all I could think of was how good this song was LOL. Anyways it’s electronic R&B which is pretty different from what I usually listen to.


Crash course (Anatomy and physiology series)– my lifesaver for my tests this month. I’m actually surprised at how thorough these videos are because I’ve been reading my anatomy textbook and watching these videos for reinforcement and they basically cover the most important points (and then some) from the text.

Democratic National Convention

No matter what party you are, you cannot deny that President Obama’s and Michelle’s Obama’s speeches were good. It gets me even more pumped up to vote this November.

I know I literally say this on every favorites post but I swear I’m going to write that “What I’ve Been Watching” post this month. I don’t know why I keep putting it off because that post is going to be so long. But whatever. I know it’s late but how was your July? Any favorites? Also, if you have any recommendations that you think I would like based on the things I’ve mentioned, feel free to tell me. I love getting new recommendations 🙂


10 thoughts on “July 2016 Favorites: I turned 22!!

  1. Omg, happy belated birthday, Carolyn!! 😀 Can you believe we’ve known each other (virtually via the blogosphere) for over a year now?? Because I totally remember wishing you a nice birthday last year and you did this drink post, haha. XD

    THAT OUTFIT IS SO ADORABLE. I’m more of a jeans and blouse type of gal, but rompers are so adorable and perfect for the summer (too bad about the chilly weather that day, lol). ^.^

    Omo, I really like listening to Jessica’s album as well. I was pretty obsessed with Love Me the Same back in May, haha. But lately, I’ve been listening to Black Pink’s Whistle the most in regards to K-pop stuff.

    Speaking of anatomy this was something I discovered this month and laughed so hard. Gosh, Exo-Ls are delusional. I don’t even know why I categorize myself with this fandom anymore. XD


      1. No I only know Chen LOL and he’s pretty good looking plus that bod haha. I like the photoset has all these good pics of them from like concert and stuff but then the third pic is a blurry one where he’s (idk his name) probably just in some parking lot LOL


    1. Thank you Summer!! hehe, I know, it’s so crazy how time passes by. It doesn’t feel like I’ve known you for a year lol. omigosh your memory LOL how do you even remember that
      I know, socal is so bipolar, it’s so hot in the day and it’s cold at night -_-
      Ooooh, I just listened to Whistle and I really like the beat..I’ll probably be listening to this on repeat lol
      AND OMGG, that’s hilarious!! When I was scrolling through, I was like omg I’m so proud of myself for recognizing these muscles. But this is such a good study tool 😉 Have Exo-Ls run out of gifing and photoset material 😉 jk


  2. GIRLLLLL HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 22 is better than 21, I can tell you that as a fact! X’D

    YOUR HANDBAG IS SO CUTE. I have a black one that looks pretty similar and I’ve worn it so much it’s already fraying. 😐 But I am a small handbag person – that, or a backpack. I can’t wear big handbags anymore, they hurt my old-fart-shoulders.

    I recently watched Star Trek Beyond and I was REALLY pleasantly surprised by it! I loved 2009, but I wasn’t very fond of Into Darkness. When I watched the Star Trek Beyond trailer, I thought this looked like Fast and the Furious Star Trek lol. But IT WASN’T. The trailer lied. I liked the small narratives about mortality and uncertainty. They were so poignant. (The only thing I didn’t like was Jaylah though, she was so pointless.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YEESS, that makes me hopeful, thank you hehe 🙂
      ahhh thank you!! I love it a lot too!! I feel like mine’s going to be same way because it just works so well in the summer so I’m using it all the time. I need a really long lasting handbag but I don’t have the money to splurge LOL
      omigosh, I’m on the opposite spectrum haha. I actually rewatched the whole trilogy again this month and the second one is still my favorite (except for that one gratuitous, sexist scene which was disgusting) because I love that Kirk and Spock dynamic and then I think I like Star Trek Beyond the least and I think Star Trek is second. I liked Star Trek 2009 more in terms of character development. And I actually really liked Jaylah haha, she added some much needed female presence but near the middle and end, she did grow to be pointless because her story arc was kind over so I think the writers were like oh, we don’t know what to do with her anymore so she’s just there..which was annoying cause she had so much potential.
      And I haven’t seen Fast and Furious so I can’t tell if it’s similar. Idk I guess it still seemed like it to me because there were so many action scenes. I also didn’t really like the ending where they played loud music to defeat the “bad guys”, idk I thought it was anticlimactic lol. But I did like Bone’s and Spock’s little side quest. The whole “tracking device” joke was funny haha

      Liked by 1 person

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