Script Discussion: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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Title: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Author: John Tiffany and Jack Thorn

Based on: Harry Potter series by JK Rowling

Genre: Play, Fantasy

Pages: 352

Synopsis: Goodreads


Note: Nonspoiler review first. When you see a spoilers break, everything after is a spoiler until “End of Spoilers”.


While I reading this play, I had two, and only two emotions:


I’m sorry but I actually cannot take this script seriously, much less take it as the CANON 8th story of the Harry Potter saga. First of all, this is fanfiction. Put it any way you like, that JK Rowling approved of it or that JK Rowling had a hand in it or whatever but bottom line is she did. not. write this script which by definition makes it fanfiction. But the worst part is that it felt like reading a fanfiction. It didn’t feel like Harry Potter. Let me break this down.

Mistake #1

Not using the play format to its fullest potential.

I’ve read a lot of positive reviews stating that you won’t get a lot of worldbuilding and character development because it’s a play and I should forgive that because it’s a play. No. I’ve read plenty of plays that manage to build a believable world while also developing really nuanced characters. But here, gone are the magical and inviting descriptions of Hogwarts and Diagon Alley. Gone the adventure and fun and curiosity of the wizarding world. Instead I get some really awkward stage direction like:

“He meets her look. There’s real emotion in this room.”


“Relief floods out of him.”

and even more awkward dialogue which includes one-liners that are meant to be meaningful but just fall flat.

No. I won’t let you do this . . .

If anything, why couldn’t JK Rowling have just written an 8th book and adapted it into a play?

Mistake #2

The ridiculous plot

I can’t really go into it without giving spoilers but it’s ridiculous because it brings so much plot from the previous Harry Potter books and tries to make it relevant like 20 years after it actually happened. You know what I would have done if I was craving previous Harry Potter books? Oh that’s right, I would just reread them. It was completely and utterly pointless. This is where it feels most like fanfiction because fanfiction writers love to think about the possibility of different alternate situations that a book could have played out. Like what if Hermione didn’t marry Ron?and blah blah. This play felt like that. Instead of being a cohesive plot, it just randomly tried to incorporate some events for shock points and nostalgia. Like hey, remember when this sad/happy scene that happened in Goblet of Fire? Here it is again, but in play format! Feel sad! 

Mistake #3

Who are Harry, Ron, and Hermione again?

Harry, Ron, Hermione in Cursed Child felt like mere shells of themselves. Ron is reduced to being the comedic relief, stopping by some scenes to say some meant-to-be funny jokes. I did not see any of Hermione’s know-it-all intelligence and need to always fill in with an answer. Ginny was just there to be Harry’s wife. Rose Granger-Weasley was there to idk, remind us that Ron and Hermione had a kid? and then disappeared for the rest of the play. Where is Teddy Lupin? Dead, for all I know. Snape (yes he appears) says some uncharacteristically nice things. Harry is..not Harry..And I get it, people grow up and they change but really? to the point where I don’t even recognize them?

Mistake #4

Inconsistencies and Inaccuracies

This play deals a lot with Time-Turners and they were so inaccurate and inconsistent plotholes that didn’t make any sense. Transfiguration inaccuracies. Character inconsistencies. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

I gave it a 2 stars because the themes had such potential! The play explores Albus’s relationship with his dad, Harry Potter and what it is like being the son of a celebrity. I liked the continued exploration of Albus and his fear of being sorted into Slytherin and his friendship with Scorpius. Imagine Harry Potter and Draco, archnemeses have sons who are best friends. But none of it had really any depth for me to feel really invested. 

I understand that I have not seen this play yet and a play is meant to be performed but half of the play is the script and a bad script really hinders a performance no matter how good the actors or set designs are.

At this point, the continuation of the Harry Potter series needs to stop. I understand the need for more, I really do. But there’s just too much.. It just doesn’t feel magical anymore. They feel like blatant cash grabs. I’m happy where HP left off and I hope that my imagination can fill in the rest.



Really?? Voldemort had a daughter?? That’s literally the topic of like half of HP fanfics. I hate the I-am-your-father or familial tie trope soooo much. Because it is such a cheap way to create drama and shock. And it wasn’t even done well like in Star Wars. And Voldemort and Bellatrix?? So you’re telling me that somewhere between taking over the world, Voldemort and Bellatrix somehow had sex?? And how convenient since Bellatrix was literally one of the only female Death Eaters we really meet. Honestly that is just an insult to Bellatrix.

Also, am I really suppose to believe that CEDRIC DIGGORY out of all people becomes a Death Eater??? That’s even more unbelievable than Voldemort and Bellatrix. And the reasoning is so stupid too. He gets humiliated and suddenly he wants to be a Death Eater. Really?

Also, Severus actually says

Tell Albus Severus–I’m proud he carries my name.

??????!!! That’s hilarious. Did you literally forget who Snape is?? He hated Harry. Why would he be proud his son carries his name??

I do not believe that Harry would ever say to Albus to not be friends with Scorpius. Harry Potter should be, out of all people, the one to understand how important friendship is and the importance of being able to choose who your friends are.

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the queerbaiting in this book and how there were so many hints as to Albus and Severus liking each other more but they turned out to just be friends? Idk how I feel about that because Scorpius liked Rose from the beginning I feel but I can see how some people would feel that way because there were some “you’re the only one who understands me” type thing.

I didn’t notice it the first time but people were also saying how it’s bs how Hermione becomes a bitter old spinster if she didn’t marry Ron. Idk how I feel about that because on the one hand it feeds into this stereotype that women who do not marry and become children become pitiful spinsters who are mean but then it wasn’t like Ron turned out great either. He’s kind of a mess at this point. But the reasoning for why he married Padma was so flimsy. So just because he didn’t ask Hermione to the Yule Ball, he ended up marrying Padma..ok..But then now that I think about it is so out of Hermione’s character to just give up on life if she didn’t have Ron..ugh.

I thought you couldn’t let anyone see you if you were using a Time-Turner but Cedric saw Scorpius? Hermione also saw Albus and Severus when they were using the Time Turner for the first time during the Triwizard Tournament.


Let me know what you thought of HP and the Cursed Child! Did it live up to your expectations? Did you love it? Hate it? What do you think of the continuation of the Harry Potter canon? If you want to talk spoilers, just put spoilers in your comments and let’s talk =)




19 thoughts on “Script Discussion: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

  1. I actually liked it. While I do agree that it’s extremely unlikely and weird that Voldemort had a child I feel like it would only happen with Bellatrix because she’s so creepily obsessed with him. It even says in one of the books that she looks at him the way someone would look at there lover. Cedric becoming a Death Eater was farfetched. But the Snape isn’t I don’t think. He hated that Harry was so much like James because he hated him but at the end of the day I don’t think that Snape actually hated Harry. He couldn’t because he loved Lily too much and he is still her son

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    1. Hmm you have a point. I think I interpreted Bellatrix’s adoration for Voldemort as more of a worshipping a god type of deal and a hunger for power. But it could be your reasoning too. I personally think Snape still hated Harry because even from the getgo he was so unnecessarily mean to Harry. I mean Snape was never in this for Harry, it was only really to avenge Lily’s death that he was spying for Dumbledore. Idk it’s hard to explain. I think he just felt obligated to save Harry because of his connection to Lily but he still hated him as a person which is why he went out of his way to torture him lol. But yeah it could be just that he hated the James side of him because he was constantly referencing James in front of Harry. I just think that even if he didn’t hate Harry, I don’t think Snape is the type of person to show anything resembling gratitude or pride in other people (at least in words). Even when we knew he totally favored Slytherin, he would just award them a bunch of points but he wouldn’t say anything. So I think that’s why I thought it was uncharacteristic.

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      1. Yeah Bellatrix did also worship him but for some reason that one line stuck with me. You’re right Snape was definitely only in it for Lily. I guess it makes sense if he hated Harry but still felt obligation to protect him. That makes sense. I think I just want to believe that Snape cared about Harry himself just a little lol


  2. Excellent, thorough review! Fans are so divided on this book. I had not interest in reading it in the first place. Now I’m extra glad I didn’t waste my time. I’m curious to know what a “transfiguration inconsistency” is, please.

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    1. Don’t waste your money or time lol. Definitely not recommended.
      Well there was this one part where Harry transfigures into Voldemort and Idk I don’t ever remember transfiguration being that easy, like if so, couldn’t anyone transfigure into Dark Lord..which is a scary thought

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  3. Ugh, I feel you. I did not like this at all either! There were just so many plot holes and weird stuff and yeah, those transfiguration things? How did that even work? ughughugh. Lovely review for a not-so-lovely book!

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  4. I AGREE WITH ALL OF THIS! Just ask my family, but I was literally yelling at the book. The first-half made me so ragey. ALsO wHat thE FudGe… would Harry really threaten McGonagall like that… and he would never say he wished Albus-Severus wasn’t his son. Where is the Harry we know and love, and what did you do to him….

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    1. omg I forgot about Harry threatening McGonagall! But yeah so true!! I know he has a temper but I don’t think he would ever stoop to that level. Plus he really respects McGonagall? Idk Harry just did not feel like Harry. Plus I remember him being a lot sassier (but like funny sassy) not like really mean and hurtful.


  5. I’m actually pretty relieved that you felt this way. When I first learned this was coming out I didn’t have any plans on reading it-mainly because it’s not even written by Rowling and it’s slated as the eighth book. Besides, I was too satisfied with where Deathly Hallows ends. However, I almost caved after seeing all the beautiful pictures on Instagram. Now, I probably won’t just because I trust your opinion and it seems like many others didn’t enjoy it, lol. XD

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    1. I definitely think the fact that it’s defined as the canon 8th book made it worse for me because it has to live up to all the expectations of the original 7 but it wasn’t even written by her ? It makes no sense. Who would know the world and characters better than the person who created them? Haha, well I definitely don’t think it’s worth the time or money. I was initially too excited to read it either but I just had to see what all the hype is about lol.


  6. I feel like overall readers are really disappointed with this one. I haven’t read it yet (I was apprehensive about it, so decide to wait for a library copy), but I’ve seen a couple of “spoilers” here and there. I’ve lowered my expectations greatly, but we’ll see…

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  7. You didn’t like it :O everyone seems to have really mixed reactions to this one! You either love it or hate it. I saw the book in Waterstones (at such a good price!) when it was released but I felt very hesitant to buy it because book 7 gave me closure and I don’t want to know what happens afterwards. The story has already ended, so when they just released an 8th book, it just seems like they’re trying to make more money out of it because they know it’ll sell well. I caught a snippet of the spoiler part of your review and yes, it sounds like fanfiction! Voldermort had a daughter and Cedric became a death eater? Just NO. Anyway, great in-depth review! I don’t think I plan to read this one anytime soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Idk, it has a 4+ rating on Goodreads so even though I’ve heard mixed reviews too, it seems like most people like it which boggles my mind a little lol..To each their own I guess. So true! I feel like if you just stick Harry Potter to something, people are bound to be curious esp if they’ve had a close relationship with it. Yeah! I couldn’t believe it either haha.

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