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Reading Update + SDCC 2016 Trailer Reactions

Another year has gone by and I still haven’t gone to SDCC :'(..I need a job stat..

Anyways, I apologize for the lack of bookish posts lately. This isn’t totally a book blog but I know I haven’t been posting a lot about books lately. Part of the reason is because I’m in the middle of reading two longass books that require a lot of time and attention. Those books are A History of Seven Killings by Marlon James which won the Man Booker Prize last year and Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray.

They are both more than 600 pages so it’s gonna take me some time to read.  I’m also almost finished reading Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose which is about exactly what the title says and just starting a romance called Nuts by Alice Clayton, both of which I’m enjoying a lot.

So that’s how  my reading is going so onto the trailers. As you may or may not know, San Diego Comic Con took place this week and it’s been trailer heaven in here. I thought I’d share my thoughts on some of the biggest trailers. I’m forewarning you though, I have seen most of these trailers before this post. I’m just reacting to them again because a lot of them were that good..so without further ado..

Sherlock Season 4 Teaser

  • For the record, I don’t like that they chose the plot twist of Moriarity not being dead.
  • WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR JAWN WATSON; you’re not part of the mafia
  • hmm, cars and guns; I didn’t know this was fast and furious 8
  • “Get out of my house, you reptile” DAMN MRS HUDSON LOL

It seems like Sherlock Season 4 is going to steer away from more of the mystery focus and move more into the thriller territory. Season 3 definitely was not as good as Seasons 1 and 2 so I guess I’ll tune in and see if season 4 can be better.

Star Trek Discovery TV Teaser

  • That’s impressive CGI for a TV show
  • I was hoping to get a look at some of the people but ok..
  • Wow coming out Jan 2017, that’s closer than I thought
  • I hate teasers; they don’t show anything

Bottom line: I love Star Trek so I’ll watch it.

The Defenders Teaser

  • ok some pieces of paper..
  • Ok where is Jessica Jones??? Luke Cage??
  • Why do I even bother watching teasers.

Honestly I’m going to watch this for Jessica Jones :3


Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer

  • So another white guy superhero movie; we definitely don’t have enough of that..
  • Damn, Benedict Cumberbatch looking good in a suit..
  • This looks a lot like inception
  • I like Rachel McAdams
  • LOL omg that ending!!! “What is this, my monitor?” “The WiFi password” “We’re not savages”

It looks interesting enough and more psychologically based than other superhero movies..I’ll probably watch it..

The Exorcist

  • creepy atmosphere
  • Creepy demon trying to take over her daughter, that’s from the book
  • wow the daughter is older than in the book..
  • wow a ladder randomly falling down, sooo scary

From what I’ve seen, they’re definitely going to change a loooottt of things from the book. Honestly, right now, it looks like a thriller with horror elements than straight up horror. I hope it doesn’t rely on the pervertedness (that’s not a word is it) of its premise to shock viewers (American Horror Story) and is more of a classic horror remake.

American Gods


  • I honestly don’t know what’s happening
  • the main char has special powers?
  • his wife just died apparently
  • Ok, he’s hitting a hammer on a cow..rude
  • someone just punched a guy and now there’s a lot of blood coming from his mouth

Ok so that just happened. You can probably tell I haven’t read the book. And to be honest, I don’t know if I am. I’m not sure if Neil Gaiman is an author for me. I liked his books, Neverwhere and Stardust, but I didn’t love them. It looks there’s going to be a bit of magical realism thrown in because it’s Neil Gaiman but I don’t know what to think of it.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Trailer 2

  • ooh the beginning music sounds like the Harry Potter theme song
  • oooh, new characters although they are mostly white guys, oh and one black lady
  • Man, Eddie Redmayne is such a cutie even with his hair like that
  • LOL “why do I have to wear this” “because your skull is susceptible to breakage under immense force ” HIS EXPRESSION AFTER..hilarious
  • ooh an enormous white bird; I feel like the creatures in here are going to be stunning
  • ooo, alternate version of HP theme song again
  • “I wanna be a wizard” Truer words were never spoken

I’m actually excited for this movie. I think the trailers do a good job with portraying what you’re gonna see when you watch it. An action-packed, fun movie that expands on the HP universe.

Wonder Woman

  • Um confession time: I’ve watch this trailer more than 5 times already and I’m not sorry
  • the beginning is so Little Mermaid-esque
  • “You’re a man” “Yeah, do I not look like one?” LOL
  • You probably crashed the Enterprise and landed here didn’t you Kirk?
  • Epic music
  • how do people not see the sword on the back of her dress???
  • “I was brought to life by Zeus” pause “Oh, that’s neat” LOL, his lines are gold
  • Badass Amazons, hey this movie might actually pass the Bechdel test???what??? Is this 2016???
  • Omigoodness, I think I’d die if Chris Pine looked at me like that; his eyes are so beautiful
  • omggg, her costume!!!!!!! HER SHIELD
  • damn, that throw. You go, girl
  • that whip
    • damn, Gal Gadot looks sooo good, like look at her muscles, that stance
  • what a badass
  • omggg, those fight scenes…There’s a lot of slow motion
  • I like her theme song
  • “I’m Etta Candy, I’m Steve Trevor’s secretary” “What is a secretary?” “I go where he tells me to go and do what he tells me to do.” “Well, where I’m from, that’s called slavery” “Oh, I like her, I really do” “Fantastic, after you, ladies” LOL

I admit my knowledge of Wonder Woman is sparse at best but I’m mostly so excited because this is the first female-led superhero blockbuster film of this caliber made. And it’s about time. Like this means a lot just as when Katniss made her debut on the big screen. We so rarely see girls as leads for blockbuster action movies (you know, the ones that everyone sees and the ones that makes lots of money). I’m just so excited and I know trailers don’t mean shit but this one looks good so I have hope. I also hope this will set a trend for more female-led superhero movies. So the movie seems to be romantic and epic like the historic epic films but have the grittiness of Batman: The Dark Knight. It also reminds me a little of Captain America because of the historical aspects(if I recall they both take place during WWII). It also has humor which is always appreciated, like all the lines from Steve Trevor are so funny. And I’m so interested to see a male love interest as the secondary character in a superhero movie and seeing the dynamics. He is going to be the Pepper Potts, the Peggy Carter, the Gwen Stacy, the Mary Jane, the Carol Ferris, the Jane and countless other female love interests that have graced our movie screens in the past decade. And as much as I love them, I was always very disappointed in their lack of a significant role in the movies; more often than not being reduced to just being a love interest. I’m not saying that I want Steve Trevor to be reduced to just a love interest but I’m really interested in seeing the dynamics between a woman superhero and an average male love interest instead of the man superhero and the average female love interest because we rarely ever, ever have that. I’m so excited.

What upcoming movies are you excited to see? Have you seen any of these trailers? I’ve also seen the trailers for Justice League, Suicide Squad, and Kong: Skull Island if you want to discuss those! Let me know what you think =)



13 thoughts on “Reading Update + SDCC 2016 Trailer Reactions

  1. I am so pumped up for Wonder Woman as well. I’ve been waiting for them to make female superhero movies for forever. I’m also excited for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Sherlock. You’re definitely right about Sherlock though. I’m hyped up for it, but their shifting the focus. 😦 The Exorcist looks hella creepy, but I love horror genre shows so I’m curious to see how it will turn out. I wish I went to SDCC too, it’s an amazing con!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think this trailer definitely made me more excited for Fantastic Beasts because before my excitement level was just average. And I’m curious to see how this Sherlock will turn out. Did you see the alternate episode of Sherlock? I think it was like if Sherlock took place during the original Sherlock stories?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. All the trailers! I’m most pumped for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Sherlock though. I love both Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch so much. ❤ And I can't wait to see what you think of A Brief History of Seven Killings once you're done. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rewatching the Wonder Woman Trailer in your post, I can finally hear Gal Gadot’s voice and all the lines the characters say. And also all those action scenes, wow, it’s so much better when I can actually see them, they’re really good. Getting pumped. Maybe it might be a superhero movie I’m willing to watch, cause you know I’m not a huge fan of superhero movies. Chris Pine doe. Crash landing U.S.S. Enterprise everywhere he goes. His crew no where to be found. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like superhero movies are best watched in theaters where you can appreciate all the action scenes and Chris Pine’s face :3
      LOL and then Karl Urban stranded on an island with Pete’s Dragon.


  4. I’m also excited for the Wonder Woman movie, Sherlock and Fantastic Beasts! As for American Gods, I think we might have similar taste when it comes to Neil Gaiman. I also liked Stardust and Neverwhere (and another book of his, The Graveyard Book) but I didn’t love them… I think I have trouble connecting with and caring about his characters as they often don’t display much emotion and make strange decisions. But when I attempted to read American Gods I actually disliked it so much I couldn’t finish it… I have a friend who loves it but I found it incredibly abstract and purposeless and I didn’t like any of the characters. Actually the first part of the book is just about as confusing as that trailer… haven’t read more so can’t vouch for the rest. So I think I’ll be giving the film a miss… but who knows, maybe it will be better than the book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss, everytime I think about Wonder Woman, I get excited haha. Have you read the comics? I think I have trouble with his books because it kind of straddles the line between literary fiction and genre fiction so I don’t know how to rate them LOL But yeah I totally agree with you about the caring about his characters esp the main guy from Neverwhere. I thought he was a little insufferable LOL. And ohh that’s interesting to hear, I think I’ll skip American Gods because I have no patience for that rn. The trailer didn’t even make me want to go out and read the book or watch it so I guess that’s saying something. But I do want to read Coraline because I’ve seen the movie and I want to see how it compares.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sadly I haven’t read the Wonder Woman comics – actually I have very little idea what Wonder Woman is all about (except from what I saw in the trailer) so I guess the movie will surprise me.

        And yes completely agree about the main character in Neverwhere, that was my least favourite of the three I mentioned for the exact same reason! The character in American Gods is even harder to care about (his wife dies the day he gets out of prison and he doesn’t really have any emotional reaction). I guess it’s just not my kind of thing.

        I’ve read Coraline but haven’t seen the movie – I liked it (creepy!) but it is more of a children’s book so doesn’t really stick out in my memory like the adult novels do. Maybe I should also see the movie now to compare.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think even if I did read Coraline now, I would like the movie more than the book. I’m having a hard time reading middle grade fantasy rn even though I’m totally in the mood for it ironically.

        Liked by 1 person

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