June 2016 Favorites

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Mmmm, I’m thinking back on June right now and to be honest, nothing of consequence really happened besides you know, graduation which I’ve already talked about in my graduation post here. It’s been a pretty mellow month getting used to living back home and going to summer school (I graduated and now I have more school..awks).

One thing I have loved though is just sitting outside at the community college I’m attending and just relaxing which sounds boring af but it’s actually really freaking therapeutic especially when it’s not too hot and there’s a slight wind. It’s like my thinking spot similar to Pooh’s thotful spot (except I don’t have a dedicated spot marked by a wooden sign and my spelling is slightly better)


For the regular pop-song lover in me, I’ve loved Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande should sing more songs like this because I did not know she could sing like this until this song. I had a lot of k-pop favorites in my May wrap up and I only have two this month but the first one is Moon by Jonghyun. Omigosh I love this song. It’s such a catchy song with a slight electronic twist (idk if I’m describing that correctly). I’ve been listening to it nonstop and it’s something I would totally dance to.

On a slightly different note, I’ve been loving KNK’s I Remember from their new album Awake. It was not a song I liked immediately but I kept coming back to it and I loved it a little more each time I listened to it. It’s a medium-tempo R&B song that actually sounded like pop to me (but what do I know). I think their live dancing actually made me like the song even more LOL.

PS: In Seong is so goddamn cute.

In addition to listening to those, I’ve actually been listening to a podcast (surprise!! I rarely listen to podcasts) but the podcast is called WritingExcuses and the speakers are Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn!), Marie Robinette Kowal (Shades of Milk and Honey), Dan Wells (Partials series), and Howard Taylor (Schlock Mercenary).

I’m completely enthralled by this podcast because even though it’s meant for writers of genre fiction, I love how they approach writing different aspects of fiction from protagonists to villains to subgenres like thriller or adventure, how to raise stakes in your novel etc. etc. Highly recommended for both readers and writers. I think the authors are also really engaging and occasionally funny.

And last but not least, a beauty favorite. I have the Abbie nail polish from Julep. It’s currently chipped on my fingers now so I’ll insert a prettier picture from the internet.


I completely adore this nail polish and wore literally every single day of June because a) the light pink color is absolutely stunning; it’s the perfect spring and summer color that literally works well with whatever color you’re wearing. And I mean whatever color. And b) it lasts such a long time and you only need one coat for the color to be solid on your nails.

And that’s a wrap for June! Let me know how your June went! Any favorites?




12 thoughts on “June 2016 Favorites

  1. I wouldn’t typically call myself an Ariana Grande fan but Dangerous Woman is such a good song. I was surprised when I found out that she was the voice behind the song. So good,
    Congratulations on graduating. I think you need to get working on your wooden sign haha. We all need a good relaxing spot. 😀

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    1. It really is! I think it’s her new songs that have really shined haha. Thank you! =) I really do haha, I envy people who have botanical gardens near their home. Those make such good relaxing spots.

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  2. My favorite nail polish colors all happen to be light (and I like French). Right now I’ve been trying bolder stuff since I know when I return to school it won’t be really appropriate to wear certain colors. And omg, so much K-pop love. I haven’t heard of KNK, and I love Jonghyun! (SHINee was one of the groups that got me into K-pop in 2011.) Moon sort of reminds me of Ga In’s Paradise Lost-idk they aren’t really the same but at first listen that’s what I thought. 🙂 And I have one of those (relaxing spots), too, at school. I love sitting outside our library, because there’s so many great places to hang out. People hang hammocks from these really strong, old trees all time. And sometimes there’s a great surprise and they’ll be nests of baby squirrels. They’re so adorable. 😀

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    1. Awkward moment when I didn’t know Jonghyun was a part of SHINee until you said that lol. I can see where you’re coming from, it has that certain beat at the beginning. Paradise Lost is very Halloweenish LOL but I like it. I’m surprised at how sexual it is compared to a lot of kpop mvs o: she looks so flexible lol
      And omg that sounds so soothing. Hammocks and baby squirrels have never been know to cause stress hehe

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      1. Lol, I love how you mentioned that she’s flexible. The first time my friend showed me the MV and she does the unusual hip roll move, I totally told my friend that I’d pull something if I tried that. Plus it wouldn’t look right; I don’t have any dance genes. 😂😂

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      2. I know seriously! I could probably learn to be graceful but if I performed, it definitely would not be as magnetic as hers, I’d probably look really awkward or uncomfortable or I’m trying to look seductive but end up looking derpy af

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  3. ConGRADulations!! I totally relate–college campuses and libraries are my favorite places to sit and relax. I don’t know the names of the K-Pop boys from the video you posted, but the singer on the far right has an adorable smile.

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    1. Thanks Eve! =) and yes they really are. My local library is basically my second home haha. I think that boy is Jihun haha. In Seong is the one in the very middle. It actually took me a really long time to figure out who was who embarassingly

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