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April 2016 Favorites

I wish I could stay in April forever like another 2 months. It was just so relatively stress-free. If my life were a book, the chapter on April would be like the calm before the storm, the kiss before the big battle scene, the comic-relief scene before one unfortunate side character dies off.

I wish I could tell you that besides getting a letter of recommendation from my professor

Not my picture. It’s from the Keyclack blog

(finally), signing up for Anatomy summer classes, and sleeving cables (I sleeve USB cables for extra money), I was actually productive but I wasn’t. I basically skipped the majority of my classes. Probably used that time to watch TV and movies (which I’ll talk about in my What I’ve Been Watching post) or playing Stardew Valley. I was seriously addicted to Stardew Valley which is essentially like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing from what I hear. It’s a farming game where you can meet people of the town and marry and grow crops and mine and even fight monsters. It sounds basic but you seriously never run out of things to do and it’s such a relaxing game.

Hey look it’s me and my farm. Only on a virtual farm will my plants actually grow -_- (my irl plants are all dead..)

I also took up Zumba which is actually so fun and such a good cardio workout but also such a good stress-reliever even if I don’t actually know any of the moves.. lol.. I also played badminton for the first time in what 4 years? I’d forgotten how much I loved it and how much energy it actually takes. Never underestimate how much sweat you accumulate just from waving a stick and hitting a birdie. And I even squeezed in two hikes. The first one was to the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center where my friends and I went on a trail with a bunch of dinosaur statues.


We weren’t suppose to go up the mountain by ourselves but we did it anyways because we wanted the pictures. Eventually we got caught by the tourist guide because we suck at hiding but I felt like a little kid again going to see dinosaurs lol. The other one was to Heartrock where your destination is actually a rock shaped like a..heart..

do you see it?


Obviously after hikes, you gotta eat. I’ve been obsessed with acai bowls. How can something be so healthy and so good but look easy to make and is also really expensive at

Top: Juice It Up; Bottom: I forgot where I got this one but it was delicious


the same time?? I guess I can also say that about these chocolate bananas I love at Trader Joe’s. I thought I could make them myself but it turned out aesthetically not pleasing.


I tried Chinese dandan noodles for the first time which were essentially these noodles wrapped in peanut sauce and green onion. Also who can forget sushi?

Dragon Roll at Sushi OK; just the right blend of crispy and soft


And speaking of obsession, can I just say I still have feelings from watching Descendants of the Sun (review here). You know the obsession is real when it’s on your phone 13184552_10208260037355063_1069772270_owallpaper and you get emotional just listening to the soundtrack. And in between listening to that, I really liked My House by Flo Rida, Inside Out by Chainsmokers and finally getting on the Porter Robinson bandwagon. I also really liked Close by Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo.

So all in all, a pretty good month even though it wasn’t super crazy. I think after my March, it was time to start appreciating the little things more. How was your April?? Were there any little things that might not seem big but made you excited? I hope it went really well and that there were little things that made you happy =)

6 thoughts on “April 2016 Favorites

  1. April is a terrible month when APs are right around the corner.
    I’m glad you added My House by Flo Rida because that song, is legit, so amazing. And I really want an acai bowl, but they’re really expensive. There are acai recipes online, but I don’t have acai powder? like whut even is that and where do u even buy?
    And how come you said April was such a good month? Aren’t you still studying and all that? Way to end the post with DotS, I see u.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True lol..
      I’m sure you can buy acai powder at the store. Idk cause April was really fun and stress-free probably. Yes, hopefully you’ll actually watch it now LOL


  2. Well look at you being super ultra healthy this month with fitting all that cardio in this month! I tried Zumba once because my high school invited an instructor for our HOSA club and, oh my gosh, that program is intense! And ooh, I love badminton!! AND WAIT YOU WATCHED A K-DRAMA RECENTLY?? AND DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN?? (I will go check out your review after this.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL YES I wasn’t just sitting down watching TV. It can be really intense and I feel like once the instructor does a move and I’m just beginning to get it, she’ll switch to another move and it starts over again -_- but whatever it’s fun haha

      Liked by 1 person

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