Book Review: Night Film by Marisha Pessl

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Author: Marisha Pessl

Genre: Mystery, Literary, Thriller

Pages: 640

Synopsis: Goodreads




*The following transcript is of an exclusive interview with Scott McGrath.

*It is an interview made up by Carolyn and is not real.

Hello everyone, today I am here with my assistant interviewer, Bob and of course the infamous reporter himself Scott McGrath. That’s right, THE reporter, the reporter that figured out the murder (suicide?) of Ashley Cordova, daughter of the very famous, but very elusive horror film director, Stanislas Cordova. His impressive investigative reporting is chronicled in Pessl’s Night Film. I’m here with him today to discuss the case in detail like never seen before.

Interviewer 1: So, let’s start off this interview with why you wanted to pursue this case when Cordova had already shot down your reporting career previously after you slandered him on TV for having allegedly done horrific things to children. That’s a big statement.

McGrath: Well, obviously, the book starts out a few years after that incident and I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right with Ashley’s death. Call me reckless but there must have been a reason why she supposedly commited suicide and why is her father, this horror film director hiding out in his mansion? Why is he so elusive? The last known interview he had done was way back in 1977 and as a reporter of some of the biggest mysteries, I just couldn’t let it go.

Bob: That’s very interesting [taps his pen on the paper], so how did you escape from that mental institution? Can you teach me how to do that, you know, for future reference?

McGrath: The most I’ll say is just read the book. That’s all the info I’m offering.

Interviewer 1: ANYWAYS, let’s talk about the book in general. How did you feel Pessl portrayed your investigation? Accurate?

McGrath: I think she did an amazing job for the most part. She was very attentive to the eerie atmosphere that pervaded this investigation and I think she really kept you guessing until the very end. I’m glad that she didn’t sacrifice delving into my own personality and the people that helped me with this case just for the sake of the plot. And in that sense, I think the book reminds me a lot of Stephen King’s books with a splash of Gillian Flynn.

Bob: So did you really kiss-

Interviewer 1 [glares at Bob]: Did you think you would ever end up working with the supernatural of all things. I know your investigation took a very cult-ish route complete with exorcisms and the like.

McGrath: Well, I was definitely scared of bringing my daughter into this but I think it allowed me to expand my thinking, that there could be other explanations. My thinking is very grounded in reality.

Me: Does this investigation cause you to believe in other types of reality?

McGrath: I think it opens me up the possibility. But you know maybe the supernatural is just a way of masking reality.

Bob: So you’re saying you didn’t really do the investigation so you masked reality?

McGrath: ..I never said that.

Interviewer 1: Please excuse Bob, he’s new to this. [Proceeds to subtly stomp on Bob’s foot] I gotta say I love the blog articles and interesting factoids in the book. It really lets me see into the investigation.

McGrath: Right and I think it just added a level of mystery and creepiness to the story

Interviewer 1: I have personally read the book and I am still very intrigued by that ending. I know you wanted to leave it ambiguous on purpose but can you shed more light on it. Perhaps, a hint or two?

Bob: Yeah I read it too and I didn’t really like it. You’re just talking to people and they just spill their guts out. If Cordova is so elusive, how come so many people are willing to spill the beans about him??

McGrath: Well for the first time, you bring up a good point Bob, and honestly I don’t know. [To interviewer 1] And I think  everyone’s been asking me that and I’m still not going to tell. All I gotta say for readers is that nothing is as it seems and to keep an open mind.

Interviewer 1: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us. It’s much appreciated.

Bob: Wait, I have one more question!! I wanted to ask if he could get me a tour of the weird mansion he broke into??? And what about the blood he found on the–???

Interviewer 1: CUT THE INTERVIEW NOW [murmurs] I’m going to fire Bob.








7 thoughts on “Book Review: Night Film by Marisha Pessl

  1. I love your review – what an awesome/creative idea! Night Film is one of my favourite books. I love the scenes where Scott breaks into Cordova’s studio/house. I kind of like the ambiguous ending but at the same time am irritated by it. But in a way, I think it would have been disappointing if the truth had been decided for us one way or the other.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t sure if anyone would like it and I really hoped it wasn’t confusing to people who haven’t read it lol.
      I know! Those were so creepy but so fascinating. I liked the greenhouse one o.o
      I thought one of the confessions was the truth but there was another truth after that and then another one after that and I was like what is happening..?! lol but I still would’ve liked to know just cause I don’t do well with ambiguous endings lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh don’t worry, I think it would still make sense to people who haven’t read the book 🙂 The greenhouse scene was amazing. But the part that creeped me out the most was when he was walking through the tunnel – I was so tense through the whole scene! I know what you mean – I do kinda want closure haha! The whole ending was so surreal… I had no idea what to make of it. I loved it though!


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