February/March 2016 Favorites

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Warning: Extreme Ranting Ahead..

Omigosh was February and March hectic. The beginning of March was especially stressful since my phone and wallet actually got stolen while I was taking a midterm at a theater near my school (yeah I actually have class in the movie theater). And yeah, some student decided it would be fun to steal my stuff WHILE I WAS TRYING TO PASS COLLEGE. Can you be any more cruel? But the police found them so it’s all good but then the next day I lose my apartment keys and then I found out I couldn’t call anyone so I had to buy a new SIM card and I was out all last week because my fraternity had rush and also my  new credit card isn’t working and I didn’t get the job I wanted..and because I had to cancel my credit card, my order for The Winner’s Kiss COULDN’T COME IN. Ok I’m done. Be calm, Carolyn.

It’s like the bucket of problems got dumped on me this month. And I’m telling you it’s not even the big problems that really frustrate me, it’s the addition of the little things. But on a side note, I’m so thankful to my friends and my sister for being so emotionally supportive during this time. I’ve honestly never felt so loved and I feel like everyone deserves a chance to feel this way at least once in their life.

In other more pleasant news, I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time and I did not know eyebrow shaping could make such a difference but it does! I also went shopping a lot because shopping is actually really therapeutic. I had my spring break where I honestly spent it all trying to find PAs to shadow (Why is this so hard?) and hanging out with my friends. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that I went to the Carlsbad Flower Fields. It was so pretty!! I’m not a big flower person but one look at these flowers and I was converted.


Ah, so serene..unlike my life


I think getting my eyebrows threaded got me really into more of the possibilities of makeup and I’ve been loving it.

I would highly recommend the Nyx eyebrow pencil. It just gets so much coverage with so little ink and the color is perfect for my brows. I’ve also been loving my Nyx liquid eyeliner as well.


This post was not sponsored by Nyx, fyi



White crop top from forever 21- so pretty and summery; I can’t wait to wear it in the upcoming weeks because it is so hot here in Socal.


This post was not sponsored by Forever21 but that tag is all kinds of cute. 


Google Opinion Rewards-Basically you do free surveys for free money to buy things on the Google Play Store. You can’t really go wrong with that. I buy games and ebooks with it. Surprise, surprise.



Hymn for the Weekend-Coldplay’s new album is so awesome and I think this one’s my favorite out of all of them.

One Call Away by Charlie Puth– A random surprise

I Won’t Let You Walk Away-more EDM

Youth by Troye Sivan-My youth is yours.. This song has been playing nonstop for me. I even internally fangirled when I heard it playing at Starbucks

Wild by Troye Sivan– I love the melancholy in this song.

Lost Boy by Troye Sivan-I normally would not like the beat of htis song but something about it is just so charming and yeah this has been a Troye Sivan month. No shame.

Recommendations from Summer and Joey 

Your Lie in April OST– AHH so beautiful, it makes me want to cry. Thanks for the rec Summer!

Smoke-filled room remix– I actually usually don’t like remixes but I really liked this one. Thanks Joey, I’ve been looking at all your retrospective posts for music recs 🙂


This whole month I haven’t watched basically anything but FRIENDS and this is actually the first time I’ve seen Friends. I know, I know, how can a lover of comedy not  have watched Friends by now. Well, funny story, I didn’t like Friends at first. I thought it wasn’t funny..but I’m officially converted! I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. It’s hilarious and charming and Joey and Chandler are probably my favorites haha 🙂


Well that’s it! Hopefully, hopefully, April brings better luck. Fingers crossed.





14 thoughts on “February/March 2016 Favorites

  1. Wow thanks I guess.
    Friends? Are you serious? How many seasons are in Friends? Like 10?
    I’m not really into comedy, but I was expecting you to watch a lot more Tv shows in March. And that crop top looks nice.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hope life improves for you Carolyn, but glad to hear that you have such a great support network ready to help you through difficult times.
    Omg, once you get your eyebrows threaded you seriously can’t go back. Brows are so important – I basically ignore most other makeup routine but the brow shaping haha. I am lucky that I am born with quite dark brow hairs so I don’t have to fill them in too much. But it makes it hard for me to change the shape as well due to this reason. /brow rant

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Aentee! =)
      So true!! They’re already started to grow back a lot and I’m like I need to go back to the threading salon now!!! Do you pluck them after or do you go to the salon? I’m kind of afraid to pluck them myself because I’m pretty sure I’ll mess up lol but other people have told me it’s fine so idk. And ahh I’m so jealous of your dark brows haha; you don’t have to buy brow pencils as often!


  3. It sounds like a pretty rough past couple of months for you but I’m glad you were able to get back the stolen things! You def deserve to rant! LOL. I hope better things are coming your way this month 🙂

    Also you should take me to a threading salon!! My eyebrows need some serious help but I’m scared to get them threaded haha. Do you tell the person what brow shape you want? Or do they just do their thing?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Thao!!! April is definitely shaping up to be better lol
      I had no idea how to shape my brows so I just let her do it and it turned reaaaallly good haha although my friend couldn’t say the same :/


  4. So I saw this when you first published but I couldn’t find the time to write a proper response (plus, I sort of hate typing comments using my phone). But OH NO, I am so sorry to hear you’ve had a rough time, Carolyn. Coupled with exams that really sounds so awful! ): But I’m glad you had some people that were able to support you in such a hard time. Hopefully everything has gotten a little better and less hectic since then!

    And ooh, I’ve gotten my eyebrows waxed once but I kind of hated how they were shaped and never let anyone touch them again.Now I keep them natural but I pluck a few strays every now and then. But I’m so into makeup even though I don’t use it… Like I have all these eyeshadow palettes and colorful lippies… I blame Youtube and the beauty gurus’ marketing skills. XD However, when I do wear makeup sometimes I usually put mascara and some lip product on. (I’m hopeless with eyeliner.)

    And love the crop top! I haven’t bought any clothing items as of late because I’v had to spend it on my newfound obsession of magnetic bookmarks… XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Summer, you’re always the sweetest 🙂
      and LOL that sounds like a traumatic event; maybe threading will produce better results!
      Dude mascara and lips are like the essentials so you’re good haha. I’m the opposite I can’t do mascara but I love eyeliner. I think eyeliner makes a big difference for me. Maybe it’s cause my eyelashes are already so short llol. Thanks! and yeah I know. Literally every other instagram picture of yours is a magnetic bookmark LOL you should take a picture of your collection :p


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