Fables Vol. 1/The Wolf Among Us

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Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile                                          The Wolf Among Us

Author: Bill Willingham                                                         Developer: Telltale Games

Genre: Urban Fantasy,                                                            Based on: Fables

Graphic Novel, Mystery                                                          Platform: Microsoft Windows,

Pages: 127                                                                                    Playstation 3, 4, Vita, iOS, Android,

Synopsis: Goodreads                                                                OS X, X Box 360, X Box One


This story is basically ABC’s Once Upon a Time meets..grittiness?? steroids? It’s OUAT because it follows a cast of fairytale characters who are sent to our world and run their own town away from the normal humans (in this case, New York) and they have to hide their fairytale ego through glamours and things like that. But there’s a more gruesome and dark grittiness to this than the family friendly OUAT and a lot less memory loss..(seriously, how many times is memory loss used in OUAT??). The most interesting thing about the story arc is the backstory of how the Fables came to be in this town and how they want to get back to the world they are originally from which will be the overarcing plot of the later volumes. Fables Vol. 1 is however mostly a murder mystery. It follows the story of Bigby who happens to be the wolf in The Three Little Pigs. He’s the no-nonsense , get-shit-done, mysterious-past sheriff of this town of Fables and he’s trying to find the person who murdered Snow White’s little sister Rose. I also really enjoyed all the fairytale characters that were introduced; they made really fun Easter eggs.


The gameplay itself is basically like a “choose your own adventure” type of game where you’re given different choices and each choice leads you to a different outcome.You play as Bigby and you get to control his dialogue, the evidence he investigates, and how he fights. The gameplay comes in different episodes and each episode has a different story arc (although I do think there’s an orverarcing plot through all episodes) and you get to play the first episode free but the consequent episodes are 4.99 each :/


I would not recommend this game if you’re looking for a strategy based game when it comes to fighting because in the game, all you do is click on the spot where it indicates for you to hit the enemy. So there’s really no thinking involved here, it just makes you feel more involved in the story which is still appreciated. Sometimes, the game also gave you the choice of which person to help first, like say, this person is running away but this person just called for urgent help and you have to choose which one to go to and the outcome is affected by that choice.

I did really enjoy the game. It definitely felt like I was playing a game version of a crime TV show with decision and then cut scene etc.. They did change things from the comic so even though a lot of the things, like the characters’ jobs and relationships stayed relatively the same, the plot did change a lot so it was always surprising me. And I did like seeing these characters come to life.I did wish they changed the touch-screen sensitivity. I felt like I was always trying to click something 5 million times before Bigby would do what I wanted and it also does take up a lot of data so it did crash my phone a few times which was annoying af.


As far as artwork goes in the actual comic, I kind of..hate it..It’s one of those ultrarealistic, scratchy types of art reminiscent of V for Vendetta and Watchmen by Alan Moore and comics of the ’50’s.

But the artwork translated to the actual game is a lot more aesthetically pleasing to me. The art is still super realistic but there’s a crispness to the colors that I enjoyed a lot.I also think the physical attributes (boobs and buff arms) are a lot less exaggerated.

Fables Page


I’m actually surprised how much the setting in the comics is used in the game. It was pretty cool seeing the settings the characters are in in the comic and seeing that being used in the game like the Mayor’s office and Bigby’s apartment.

I also think it was interesting how they changed some of the personalities of the characters which to be honest, I kind of liked. The characters in the comics all felt like rough-around-the-edges characters who all fell kind of flat. But in the game, they alter some of the character personalities. They kind of mellow out Bigby and Snow White and other characters like one of the pig characters who by the way actually smokes??




like what..?

I thought this comic really did translate well into a game. I really enjoyed it and I would highly recommend if you really like role playing games or more story-centric gameplays. Also, Telltale Games has developed a similar gameplay for The Walking Dead so if you enjoyed that story, that game is also an option to play 🙂







4 thoughts on “Fables Vol. 1/The Wolf Among Us

  1. Nice review. I played a little bit of this game and it was pretty entertaining. I like the animation and the art of the game. I’m not really into comics so I’m not sure if I’ll ever read that graphic novel.

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