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Spoiler Discussion: Winter by Marissa Meyer

This post is just gonna be me ranting about this book. I finally read it and I ended up giving it a 3.5 stars. It would have gotten a 3 stars if it hadn’t been for the pure enjoyability of it. I’m sorry if this post makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

-Was it just me or did this book just scream The Hunger Games to me?? Like screamed, like in your face, screamed. Except the entire revolution was squeezed into one book. Just no. It was so generic and cliche.

Here are some of the similarities I found:

-rich, ignorant people wearing funky clothes check

-a tyrannical ruler who is so cruel check

-the ruler’s henchmen (aka the thurmaturges) who need to enact extreme violence and murder on the innocent people in order to make Levana seem more evil blah blah blah check

-Different sectors (aka districts) with the outer sectors being poor and the closer ones being rich..There’s even a lumber and agriculture sector (i mean come on really??)

-Cinder is like the face of the rebellion (aka the Mockingjay)

The thing I really liked about the Lunar Chronicles is for one the characters. I think the characters are endearing and fun without being too cliche and cheesy. It’s like the equivalent of Disney characters and despite knowing that, I found myself really annoyed with them in this book. Well, not annoyed, more like bored. Their actions just had an air of predictability to it. For example, when Thorne kissed that Lunar girl because she manipulated him and Cress got really angry and I just knew that the Lunar girl was glamoured to look like Cress. I mean, come on, it’s pretty obvious.

And then the whole conversation that happened after was annoying too like

Cress: I don’t want to be just one of your other girls.

Ugh, can I just roll my eyes. One of the most cliche lines of all time.

reaction nicki minaj ew disgust roll eyes

Also, when Wolf was modified with something I already forgot and it made him kind of forget Scarlet or made him think that Scarlet didn’t like him. He only forgot Scarlet for like a hot minute and then he was already fighting by her side. Why so much buildup for so little conflict?? Where is the tension?? Anyways I think Wolf and Scarlet are still tied with Cinder and Kai for my favorite couple of the series with Thorne and Cress being my least favorite. IDK WHY, everyone loves Thorne and Cress a lot and I just am kind of meh about them.

funny pitch perfect i dont care

I feel like the couples didn’t even spend that much time together and I would have liked more of the friendships to develop and play off each other like Scarlet and Winter. I really liked the interaction between Thorne and Kai but that was only one scene!!

I also couldn’t really get on board with Winter and Jacin as individual characters. I really don’t know why. There was no history to Jacin except his childhood with Winter. It was all fun and cute at the beginning but when I realized that was all Jacin was..I got bored. And I couldn’t really get a good grasp on Winter’s character.

I did really like the whole fight scene at the end though especially how Levana manipulated Thorne to hurt Cress and both of them hurting Cinder; that was pretty epic. And Marissa Meyer really stepped up the action in this book which made it really fun but I feel like she just went through the motions of having a revolution and didn’t really add any surprises..I mean there were surprises just not ones that really surprised me if that makes sense. It just got really boring near the end because they would get themselves into a situation and then escape. Repeat this 500 times. Boorrringg.

And can I just say that the scientific terminology got really annoying. Ok, it might have been me being the science major that I am but when that one doctor says to Winter when she’s on her deathbed: “all her biological systems will shut down.” no one says all your biological systems are going to shut down. That’s just a way of saying you’re dying in a “scientific” way even though it just sounds vague and not scientific at all. Obviously all your biological systems are going to shut down, no one says “biological systems” because your whole body is biological. I really don’t know why I’m ranting so much about this little thing kenan thompson snl saturday night live swipe left

Also, I can’t really count the number of times, Cinder or someone made a really “inspirational” speech about “omg, no more will you suffer under manipulation from the Lunars if you join me!!@#@#@#$12” like ok cool, let’s move on..

jon stewart the daily show idgaf i dont care who cares

-I really liked all the nods to the original fairytales like the poisoned candy, the kiss while Winter was asleep, how Winter is the fairest of them all and more beautiful than the queen, how Kai gave the cyborg foot back to Cinder near the end.

-And can I just say that I fucking shipped Iko and Kinney from the second they set eyes on each other. Ugh, they would be so cute.

A lot of people have said that they wish one of the main characters had died because the plot was too convenient. First off, did any of the main characters die in Star Wars? That was also an intergalactic war..uh no. Well, I mean does Yoda count? And yet I still got the emotional weight that I should have felt because there was an intergalactic war. This series has a very lighthearted tone to it and if someone had died, I think it would have ruined that tone and feel that the other books had.  What even counts as too convenient? This book was never meant to add to the conversation about war and revolution; it was just meant to be a fun story about good vs. evil. I think it felt convenient because all the character dynamics were really simple.

What did you think about Winter? Did you think some parts were unnecessary? What did you think of the plot and its logistics? The character dynamics? Favorite couple? 🙂




4 thoughts on “Spoiler Discussion: Winter by Marissa Meyer

    1. Awww I really wish I could discuss with you too :p I’m just glad you commented tbh 🙂 Well, you know, coughcough, just a heads up, I’m doing a spoiler discussion for The Winner’s Kiss in March (late, late March) coughcough
      coughs some more
      Sorry I have something in my throat..


  1. Man, I was so excited for this book because I love Scarlet and Wolf, but I don’t think I’m going to read this book after seeing your review. Especially how it’s so similar to the Hunger Games you said? which is such a bummer because I thought this series was very unique. D:

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