10 Thoughts a Goodreads user has

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  1. Why are there are no half-stars!

what annoyed bernie sanders are you kidding me reaction

Um just to be clear, this book was actually a 1.57897 star not a 1..

2. When the most popular review gave it a five stars but then then the review below it gave it a 1 star. Who do i trust???



3.When you hate a book but feel lonely amidst the sea of 5 star reviews.


Ok, guys, pretty sure it’s not THAT good..




Ok..I’m out

4. When you get to the “weird” part of Goodreads..


It’s at the top of my TBR..heh..heh…no

5. When you spend too much time on it because you were looking at people’s favorites shelves.

6. When you look at one page but that leads to 10 more books being added to your TBR.

I clicked “Want to Read” 10 times in the past 10 minutes.

7. Reading a one star review of your favorite book like

8. When you see how many shelves people make…


how about book-i-need-to-read-tomorrow or book-based-on-candles or books-i-haven’t-read-yet-but-are-on-my-shelf-and-also-recommended-by-my-grandma.

9. When fancasting gets out of hand..


I fail to see how Chris Hemsworth looks like the main character but he is hot?

10. Reading really harsh reviews like

If I were an author I would not read these reviews considering how sensitive I am..lol. I’m not suppose to take it personally but I can’t help it.

What are some thoughts you have as a fellow Goodreads user? Do you even use Goodreads? If not, what bookish site do you use to keep track of your books?



10 thoughts on “10 Thoughts a Goodreads user has

  1. This was hilarious. I enjoyed this trip through Goodreads so much. I’m definitely a Goodreads devotee but haven’t tried out all the features. I wish I had more time to even write reviews, and at some point it would be fun to set up special shelves. For sure, my favorite part of Goodreads is being able to add “want to reads” and to post updates about reading progress (though I have no idea what this is important to me, ha). My next favorite thing about Goodreads is the reviews. There are some cuh-razy readers out there and, yes, some of the reviews are very, very harsh. Like you, if I were an author I would hate to receive those reviews, but strangely, even though I’m a writer, I don’t know if I’m totally averse to them. I guess I just want a fair gage of what a book is really like. There are a lot of ringers out there, as in authors with tons of friends or die-hard fans who post 5-star reviews without even reading the book. Why not ridiculously mean reviews at the other end of the spectrum? Either way, it’s fun to look around at all the different reviews, both good and bad, and try to suss out whether I’ll really like a book or not. Yeah, that’s probably the most fun part for me.

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    1. Yes! I’m glad there are sooo many reviews out there that I can find one that remains objective or if not, I can balance out the positive and negative reviews and see which one seems to know my tastes better haha. Still it’s hard since what one person thinks is “good” writing I might think is really bad and vice versa. It’s a hit or miss. I totally forgot to add something about the “reading progress” update! Thanks for mentioning that. I love to hear people’s comments while they’re progressing through the book.

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  2. Lol, all of this is like so true! XD

    AND OH MY GOSH, you would not believe it… but I literally had a discussion post scheduled for this past Tuesday about my dependence on Goodreads. I didn’t publish it yet though, haha. Because I forgot I had to do a blog tour post for Thursday. And I have qualms about posting more than twice a week (I’ve done it before but don’t like it). I know I’m weird. XD


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