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Shadowhunters Ep 1 & 2 Thoughts

This is gonna be brutal..

Here are some pieces of dialogue that ACTUALLY EXISTED IN THIS EPISODE:

“The legends are true”

When Clary was given a stele: “What is this, a paperweight?”

Isabelle to Clary: “Remember, you were born to do this”

Isabelle to Clary: “This is who you are!”

Jace: “You don’t know me!”

Isabelle: It’s more important to break the rules than to follow them!

Alec: “We need to leave now. It’s not safe.”

Simon to Isabelle: Soo hott..

eye roll chelsea peretti brooklyn 99 brooklyn nine nine

Oh. my. god. Kill. me. now. It’s not even the type of cheesy that’s bad but funny. It’s cheesy that’s just bad..

What happened to the characters?? Jace suddenly got 100x nicer and why does he walk like a gorilla. Magnus Bane is a cardboard cutout of the movie Magnus Bane (and that Magnus Bane was already really bad). Who is Isabelle?? What Isabelle?? Who dat?? Oh you mean that character that the writers completely shredded and basically the only thing you know about her is that she’s sexy and comfortable with her body?? Ok.. Simon is pretty spot on though but then again, it’s really not hard to get Simon right.

Acting? *looks into the distance* oh you know what, nowhere to be seen except maybe Simon and Alec.

There were some plot points that changed quite a bit from the book. Luke is now a police detective. Dorothea is a lot younger. Clary applies to the Brooklyn Academy of Art. I actually didn’t mind these changes but what I did mind was the fact that they changed the Institute to have computers and look like a highly technologically advanced building instead of an ancient building with history. I don’t know if it just bothered me though because I can kind of see why they would do that but it just made it more generic for me. They tried to make every character young and hot even Hodge and Dot

swag cool kid shades point

..It also seems like they’re trying to make this into the next Vampire Diaries or something but it’s not working…

All in all, I’m sorry to say that I liked the movie way better and I didn’t even like the movie that much..so there you go..

What did you think of the first two episodes?






13 thoughts on “Shadowhunters Ep 1 & 2 Thoughts

  1. After all the disappointment from readers of the series and people that are interested in the show but never read them… I’m set on passing with watching this. I hardly watch American shows to begin with (no time and no cable anyway). It took me 6 years before I watched The Vampire Diaries, lol. But yeah, I saw the trailers months ago and thought the acting was pretty poor. :/ Sigh, this is too bad though.

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  2. I’ve heard such consistently negative thing about this adaptation that I am happy to give it a wide berth. Sounds like it might even be worse than the movie adaptation? What a pity, it had such a physically stunning cast.

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    1. I definitely thought it was worse :/ At least they got some of the character traits right in the movie adaptation. Ikr! I think Alec and Simon are so hot haha also Isabelle


  3. Wow, I didn’t think it was THAT bad, I thought that German shepherd made the show. I truly think that was a phenomenon on their part. Beautiful casting.
    Nice review.

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