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The Last Bookstore and LA!

I meant to write this in November when I actually went but here we are in January and I’m just now writing it. Wonderful timing, Carolyn.

Anyways, The Last Bookstore! And LA! I’ve only been to LA once before this about 4 years ago and even then I only went on the UCLA campus and didn’t get to really explore the city.

I don’t know if the Last Bookstore is just famous here in SoCal or if everyone else knows about it but it’s a pretty big deal here.

Inside, the lighting is fairly dim and the first thing you see, obviously, is just rows of tall bookshelves and stands with books on them. It’s interesting that they sell both used and new books. So far, a fairly typical bookstore. But it gets really interesting as you go up to the second and third floors. It just has a more vintage looking feel to it as you go up. The bookshelves seem dustier, the lighting is a little dimmer. The cool part is that the bookshelves are not perfectly straight and they’re oriented in a way that makes you feel like you’re walking though a maze of bookshelves.

But I guess the Last Bookstore has a lot more to offer than just books, they also have a section rare or special collector books that can be up to $500 and there’s also a lot of coffee table books. They also have a section for vinyl CDs and an art gallery section that showcases a lot of original paintings and art.


And of course, I had to take the iconic book circle picture..


There are so many things to do here (if you can get through all that traffic..heh). There’s parks like Echo and Grand Park.

Echo Park
Echo Park
IMG_7302 (1)
The water was really cold but you do what you have to for the picture 😉

Grand Park is really cool because there’s little shelves meant to trade books with other people. The types of books in there were another story -_- (ain’t nobody got time for all them history textbooks)


There’s some awesome food places like:

Guisados (tacos)-Really generous with the spice but really good nonetheless.


A Ramen/udon place that I forgot the name of..It was really good though


Coco’s bc boba (do i need to explain myself no i don’t); Korean food at a stand near the Fat Sali’s (also forgot the name of)

Another ramen place where your noodles don’t come with the broth and you have to dip your ramen into the soup and eat it like that (hence the name dipping ramen). I would go here less for the taste than the novelty of it.


Donut place in Little Tokyo (Bacon doughnuts people) I’ll let you think of that what you will..but the combination actually tasted pretty good..



IMG_7279 (1)
From left to right: Me, my friend, my other friend


Well that was my day in LA! I actually ended up spending the weekend there but I didn’t get that many pictures (fail) and my friend and I took the bus to Santa Monica and we just went to the beach and the outlet mall. For this trip, I really wanted to go to the Broad Museum and the bench that was featured in 500 Days of Summer but I didn’t end having the chance to..Let me know if you’ve been to LA and what you did there so I have ideas for my next trip 😉



26 thoughts on “The Last Bookstore and LA!

  1. Thanks for the photos. That bookstore is a marvel. I wish there was one in my neighborhood. Did you purchase any books? If I were there I would not be able to choose only a few. I would be broke buying every book I wanted and saw. I would be like a kid in a candy store. Glad you had a nice weekend with your friends.

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    1. Hi Marilyn! I wish there was one here too! But I think I’m too used to the modern feel of Barnes and Nobles so I like modern looks more. And surprisingly I didn’t! But I think I should have just as a souvenir. Oh well, next time! Thank you!


    1. O: I didn’t know you lived in SoCal! Do you live in the LA area haha? They had a $1 dollar floor?? O: I guess I didn’t explore it as deeply as I would have liked..:// I think I remember the second floor being a lot of fantasy/scifi books.

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      1. LOL I understand..it’s embarassing when my friends that aren’t from my area ask me what are the good places to go here to eat or whatever..and I’m like…uh the mall…I should explore my own city more..


    1. I’ve actually never heard of City Lights O: #shame. Is it a modern bookstore or more used bookstore? Maybe next time, you can go to the bookstore and the ramen place 😉 Thank you! 🙂


      1. Ohhh I see what you mean about the old school feel. The thing I don’t like is that the books look cluttered to me but I think it’s part of the charm lol. Yes, you should go to all the indie bookstores in Cali!

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  2. Ah, I adore these pictures! Especially the one where you sacrificed your health with the cold water (the fountain one). 😉 My best friend went there last year and enjoyed it so much, haha. She took a picture at the iconic hall surrounded by books. XD

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  3. Yay, you were in my part of the world. That makes me happy. 😀 I had so much fun looking at your wonderful pics and reading about your trip. L.A. is about 40 miles away from me, and I don’t go up there very often (even though my husband works in Hollywood), but now I want to take a Carolyn @ A Hundred Thousand Stories trip and stop all the places you did. How fun!

    By the way, Carolyn, I wanted to tell you that I finally got a chance to read The Diviners. Thanks for the recommendation!

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    1. Thank you! Ahhh, I didn’t know some of the book bloggers following me lived so close to where I am! Oh wow, that’s quite a commute for your husband no? I personally live about an hour away from LA. And yes, do! And try out more places to recommend me 😉
      Ahh, I’m so glad! Did you enjoy it? I still haven’t gotten around to the sequel yet but I’m hoping to soon!

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