2016 Resolutions Tag

Happy New Year everyone! 2015 was actually not too great of a year for me, so hopefully things are better in 2016. I was actually already going to do this post but then there was a tag and I didn’t know that. Perfect timing for a tag. Thanks to Summer, as always, for tagging me.

Bookish Resolutions

  • Read 70 books.
  • Read classic books (I did this in 2015 where instead of saying I need to read 5 classics during the year, I specified which classic author I could read and it worked out so much better):
    • 1 EM Forster
    • 1 Virginia Woolf
    • Crime and Punishment
    • The Idiot
    • 1 George Eliot
    • 1 Dickens
  • Read diversely; this was one of my goals for 2015 and I accomplished it to some degree but I was really lacking on the mental illness front
  • Read 10 sequels; I tried doing this in 2015..did not work out very well lol…
  • Read works of drama and poetry; totally failed this in 2015
  • I’m still debating whether to do the Book Riot Read Harder challenge because of the categories I was going to do anyway but maybe it help remind me..What do you think?

Blogging Resolutions

  • Write when inspiration hits
  • Write more discussion posts and book reviews

Academic/Career Resolutions

  • Comparing myself to others has always been a problem for me and I think will always be a problem especially when it comes to academics but I hope this year I can try and focus on what I’m doing and less so how how I’m doing compared to my peers.
  • Find a job after I graduate! I graduate in June and enter the “real” world, whaaaattt?? I really want to work as a scribe in a hospital to get experience for when I apply to PA programs.
  • Be productive in my gap year. I want to take an Anatomy class and possibly Spanish.

Personal Resolutions

  • Since 2015 was not that great of a year for me, what with family being in the hospital which made drastic changes in my life, meh grades, a depressing and frustrating summer, overall depression about my future..I think I grew really bitter in 2015 and constantly was wallowing in self-pity. In 2016, I need to realize that the world does not owe me anything and that I just need to try and face my difficulties head on. Doing the best I can is all I can do. 
  • I hope I can try and keep an open mind in 2016 realizing that sometimes the options I completely dismiss might actually be valid choices.
  • Take every opportunity offered to me. This has been my resolution for the past two years and it’s been working pretty well so far. Basically whenever an opportunity presents itself to me, whether it be something big like taking an internship or something small like trying something new, I want to be able to live fully and try every new experience given to me. I try to saw “yes” to everything.
  • Exercise at least once a week; exercise just makes me feel really good about my body and keeps me fit. I tried doing it in the later half of 2015 and it worked out pretty well so I’m continuing it in 2015.
  • Eat less junk food whenever I’m hungry and have nothing to eat. I always reach for chocolates or chips whenever I need a snack but hopefully I can remedy that with healthier snacks.

Forgive me for being so lazy whenever it comes to tagging people but I tag any blogger who wants to make 2016 resolutions 😉

Here’s to a great 2016!





12 thoughts on “2016 Resolutions Tag

  1. My best friend (I think I’ve talked about her with you before; she’s the one that goes to UCLA) has always been a person that compared herself to others. And it just really sucked being on the sidelines and seeing how sometimes she’d get so depressed and broken down. Even today she’s never really made an attempt to change the way she feels. So I’m really glad you’re going to try overcoming that. You must be a perfectionist (most seem to compare themselves to others, I think). Anyway, hope you had a fantastic New Year’s day, Carolyn! Only wishing you future happiness (hehe) and that all your academic endeavors go smoothly. 😀


  2. I need to get back to the classics this year. I really wanted to read a few last year and failed miserably. I really want to pick up something by Virginia Woolf and Dickens is another author I’ve never read. Best of luck with all your goals and I hope 2016 turns out to be a great year for you, Carolyn!

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