2015 Bookish Statistics + Recap


I actually can’t really believe 2015 is coming to a close. I feel like just yesterday I was celebrating the start of 2015. And now I’m over it ha. 2015 was an interesting reading year for me.

According to Goodreads:

My goal was: 60 books

I read: 126 books & 23 short stories

That’s approximately: 40,181 pages

Here’s my other reading stats of 2015 according to Goodreads if you’re curious.

I actually had a reading log/template on google excel that I used to keep track of my reading. I included stats like gender of author, genre, age category etc. As if I hadn’t already proven I wasn’t a nerd, here’s the confirmation.

Here’s what I found:



My thoughts: This is probably the least interesting statistic because I usually read equal amounts of male and female authors. I don’t actively seek out either gender to read. But it’s pretty interesting that I did read a combination of both. That 4.7% is mostly from graphic novels where the author is one gender and the illustrator is another.


My thoughts: This is where my chart is fucked up because there’s two slices for science fiction. I have no idea why it decided to do that. I had the most trouble compiling genre in the sense that there are a lot of books that cross different genres. I also put paranormal as science fiction even though it can be fantasy and superhero comics as fantasy even though it could be science fiction. Yeah, it even confuses me and it’s my own chart lol. I wish I could have read more historical fiction and nonfiction. It’s ok that I didn’t read that many mysteries because I realize I don’t really like the genre all that much. My top 3 genres were fantasy, contemporary, and science fiction which is surprising because I actually read a lot of contemporary this year. The green slice before nonfiction is romance (4.7) and the two slices after historical fiction are horror (4.7) and mystery (1.4).


My thoughts: A lot of the middle grade and children’s books have crossover appeal. I’m actually really surprised more than half my reading this year was from adult books because I feel like I review so much YA. And since last year, I read about an even amount of YA and adult.The rest was kind of expected.


My thoughts: This was basically the year I started reading a lot more short stories and novellas which is awesome if I want to sample a new author but don’t want to commit to an entire book just yet. I do want to branch out and read more comics (specifically superhero comics) in 2016. I also failed at reading any poetry this year which was one of my goals for 2015. Hopefully I can remedy that in 2016. The lone transcript I read this year was Adiche’s We Should All Be Feminists.


My thoughts: I’m actually slightly disappointed in this because I feel like my average rating is somewhere around a 3.5. I think a lot of books I read this year were just average although I am a really harsh critic. To put into perspective, I only gave one book 5 stars, 11 4.5 stars, and probably around 15 4 stars. In an ideal world, all the books I read would be 4 stars or above but of course, that’s not gonna happen and I wouldn’t necessarily want that either. I think for a lot of books I would want to rerate as these ratings are made right after I read the book. For example, I initially gave A Court of Thorns and Roses a 3.9 but now after thinking about it, I would rate it a 3.5 or even a 3.

Recap (Some things I’ve learned about my reading)

  1. I really delved into literary fiction this year and really liked it.
  2. With the things going on in my life, I reached more towards contemporary and realistic fiction than I normally do
  3. I really hate mystery fiction.
  4. I basically have no patience since I DNF so many books.
  5. I think my biggest problem with my reading this year was that I was too impatient to read all the books that I wanted to that I forgot to enjoy the book that I was reading. I would start a book and become interested in another book really quickly. Hopefully I can find a way to fix that next year.

And that’s my year in books! Let me know if you reached your 2015 reading goals, what you think of my stats or how your stats match up!




9 thoughts on “2015 Bookish Statistics + Recap

  1. I must be a nerd, too, because it was pretty heavenly to read your book stats. That’s an awesome mix of genres you’re reading, or maybe I say that because YA fantasy, YA contemporary, and lit fiction are my favorites also, with a little sci-fi thrown in. That’s a bummer, by the way, about the two different science fiction categories. I definitely get how difficult it is to classify some books into specific genres. I have a hard time doing that with my own writing, let alone with books I read. I prefer suspense/thrillers over whodunnit mysteries, but I’ve read both and prefer those written in a literary style and/or from a humorous POV, like Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta books or Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone Alphabet series.

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    1. I just find that I’m happiest reading a bunch of different genres. I’m a really big mood reader and I’m never in the mood for just one or two genres all the time. I totally get you! I love psychological thrillers but hate just straight up mysteries. Maybe I should take some of your recommendations and give the genre another shot though! They sound really interesting and I love humorous POVs 🙂

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  2. Not that it really matters to me, but I want to read a lot more adult fiction in 2016. So your age group distribution is an ideal chart for me. And LOL, you literally read 4x as many pages as I did. Did you do My Year in Books on Goodreads this year? I really enjoyed that feature; it’s so cool!!

    P.S. You’re so Asian. 😛 Look at you making those fancy stats! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I did! I thought it was pretty cool. I liked that they showed like the most popular book you read and your longest and shortest book.
      I know! And the weird thing is I hated math and statistics class @.@

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