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Favorite Drinks I ordered in 2015

In 2015, when I needed to stay up late, I drank a Starbucks caramel
, iced and blended.

When I wanted comfort while studying for midterms and finals in the dead of night, I walked over to the my local boba shop and opted for iced oolong milk tea (with boba obviously). It has the perfect amount of sweetness and made my night a little brighter.

When I wanted something really sweet, a Thai tea was always in order.

In the winter, while I was cold, I loved to curl up with a TV episode with a cup of hot chocolate made with hot milk and extra Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

When life was hard and I wanted some familiar, when I was in in unfamiliar places and wanted something familiar I always ordered a honey green milk tea. Perfect drink is perfect.

The book is Shades of Milk and Honey.

I’m always up for something new so I tried the sea cream jasmine tea and loved it.


And of course, when I was celebrating the end of a stressful week my roommates and I would go to Costco (land of the cheap wine)with my roommates and friends and buy a little wine (preferably a Stella Rosa and come back and share it amongst ourselves and just talk. You have no idea how many wine bottles we bought and came back to our apartment only to realize that we didn’t have a wine bottle opener..





6 thoughts on “Favorite Drinks I ordered in 2015

  1. Thai tea is something I get on a regular basis. I love that stuff and finish it way too quickly. And 7Leaves! I actually visited one when I was in LA last year. I think I got a green tea boba. And I love caramel coffee drinks, but I haven’t tried a macchiato before. It reminds me of Viet ice coffee though. XD

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    1. I think 7Leaves’s most famous drinks are their sea cream ones and the mung bean one, so you should get those next time 🙂 And yes Thai tea is like the real bae. I love it so much.
      I think you’d like the caramel macchiato! I don’t even like caramel that much and I liked it and of course, it’s def not as bitter as Viet iced coffee LOL
      I freaking love Viet iced coffee but I can’t even have it anymore because it upsets my stomach #lame


      1. I’m not a big fan of straight up coffee, even if it’s the iced Viet kind. I either have to drink it in frappuccino form or something, haha. And sea cream? I haven’t tried that yet. And ooh, I love mung bean anything! 😀

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