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My Year in Favorites

You might have noticed I changed the name of this event but it’s the same thing just the name changed.

If you don’t know, “My Year in Favorites” is an event I created where it’s basically a weeklong celebration of the things I loved in 2015. Alicia gave me the idea to extend this event to all the bloggers who would like to join!

So… I’m inviting any bloggers who want to join to do this event with me! (Did you see that coming? Plot twist: I copyrighted this event and no other blogger can participate jk). So for each day, I’m giving two options so you can pick whichever one you’d rather talk about. It just gives you one more option. Feel free to also do your least favorite out of any of these categories if you so wish. Also, you don’t have to do all the days, you can just hop in and out whenever you want. Also, feel free to sing “A Few of My Favorite Things” while doing this. Keep in mind that this is not just a general favorites week, it’s a favorites week of 2015. Without further ado, here are the topics!


Monday 12/21: Favorite Drinks or Favorite Foods/Restaurants

Tuesday 12/22: Favorite book covers or Favorite songs

Wednesday 12/23: Favorite OTPs or Favorite Friendships (from book, movie or TV show)

Thursday 12/24: Favorite Characters (from book, movie or TV show) or Favorite Accomplishments

Saturday 12/26 (Don’t want to blog on Christmas): Favorite TV shows or Favorite Movies

I’m using this banner to host this event so use this banner in all your posts. It would be great if you could link my blog in your posts as well. Thank you, and I hope you have fun doing this!




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