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DIY Bookish Prints

I was roaming the internet when I stumbled upon a DIY vintage print instructions using book pages and in a flash of inspiration I decided to do it. Many pages and a lot of ink later, I was finally happy with my product. Most of the instructions are on the link but I just decided to post it all here for your convenience. Enjoy!


  • An old book page(s)
  • Working Printer
  • Image
  • Microsoft Word
  • Tape

Step 1: Find an old book preferably one you don’t need anymore and tear out a couple of pages. It doesn’t have to be an old book but I wanted to go for that vintage looking feel.


This is actually a book I read for summer reading for APUSH. Needless to say, I definitely did not mind ripping through the pages..



Step 2: Find an image you want on your page. I recommend a black and white one with a lot of white spaces just because the words will fill in the white spaces and it makes it look better.


This is actually an illustration from one of the editions of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Perfect picture is perfect.

Step 3: Save it and open it up on Microsoft Word.


Step 4: Edit and put it where you want it on the page. I just chose to center it. Align the page to your screen so that you can make sure that the image will end up where you want it to.



Step 6: Tape the page on a piece of printer paper. Tape it where your image has been placed on the screen.


Step 7: Print it out!


Step 8: Take off page from the paper.


Do you recognize a certain cover of a certain book?? Yup, that’s the picture from Winter by Marissa Meyer. That one was harder to do because I couldn’t find an image of it by itself. It involved a lot of paint erasing.. Funny story, my roommate thought Marissa Meyer was Stephanie Meyer’s sister because they both had hands holding apples on their covers HAHA. Is there some kind of conspiracy going on??

Step 9: Trim the edges as desired and enjoy!

I think this one looks really good in a frame.


I did one of the maps in Six of Crows although I don’t think it turned very well lol.

I think this DIY would be so cute to frame or you can make multiples and align them together to frame so it makes a bigger picture. Or take a piece of twine and some clothespins and print out a lot of them and tie them together. The possibilities are endless.

I hope you enjoyed!





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