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Holiday Book Gift Guide

Do you want to give the Christmas gift of reading but the person you’re shopping for doesn’t like to read? What do you do now? Well, I have a few suggestions and hopefully they won’t let the book gather to dust on their coffee table. I’m not going to suggest books for people who already read because chances are you already know what kind of books they like or they have a specific book in mind that they want. So in the next few days, when you go Christmas gift shopping, why not take a look at these?

For the reluctant young readers:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid*/The Invention of Hugo Cabret/Crossover by Kwame Alexander/The Familiars by Jay Epstein

I’ve read the whole series of Diary of a Wimpy Kid except the last one. No regrets. Amazing sense of sarcastic and dumb humor that kids are sure to love. The pictures are a hilarious bonus too.

The rest of the book also have stunning pictures to go along with the text. Selznick has also written a new book called Marvels but I haven’t read it yet.

For the movie buff:

Marvel encyclopedia/Lord of the Rings movie book/Star Wars comics

The Marvels one is exactly as you’d expect it to be, just descriptions of all the superheroes with gorgeous illustrations. The Hobbit one is like the making of the movie. This one comes with those cool flap covers. I think any Star Wars fan would love to read the comics so get them the latest one. Get them a BB8 while you’re at it or maybe just a BB8 cup

For The Visual Learner:

The Art of Ratatouille (They also have ones for most of the Disney movies)/Humans of New York

*The Art of “” Books come with all the Disney movies so you can get the Art of Tangled or Big Hero 6 or whichever one. I picked these because the full page photos are amazing but the text makes the experience so much more informative.

For the baker:

Nerdy Nummies cookbook by Rosanna Pansino

Extra bonus if your recipient is a geek like me because all the recipes are “geek-based” like textbook smores etc.

For the Youtube watcher:

A lot of people watch Youtube personalities and a lot of them write like they speak so these books are quick to read and just plain entertaining.

The Amazing Book is not on Fire by Dan and Phil/Binge by Tyler Oakley/A Work in Progress by Connor Franta

You’re Never Weird on the Internet by Felicia Day/Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grownup by Grace Helbig

For the TV/pop culture lover:

A Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes/Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari/Yes, Please by Amy Poehler

Game Lover:

Ready Player One by Ernest CLine, The Legend of Zeld/Minecraft: The Ultimate Survival Guide

*While you’re at it, maybe get them a League giftcard? (if they play League obviously)

For the Beauty Guru:

*I recommend the Michelle Phan one for high school aged people because any older and the advice will seem obvious.

*The Fluer De Force Glam Guide is also a book about tips on beauty and style.

Nonfiction lover:

A lot of people in my life who don’t read that often tend to lean toward nonfiction to read. I picked these because these are accessible to any reader but are also extremely fascinating.

Quiet by Susan Cain/Moonwalking with Einstein/What if? by Randall Munroe

*Quiet is one of my favorite nonfiction books of all time. It explores the power of introverts.

That was longer than I expected but I hope you found something that you might like to give 🙂

And just a reminder that “My Week in Favorites” poll is still open if you’d still like to comment. I closed it on the 14th but I extended it to today.








10 thoughts on “Holiday Book Gift Guide

  1. This is a great list Carolyn! I’m the absolute worst when it comes to buying presents (I tend to ask people what they want because I’m sooo scared I’ll buy them something they don’t like…). I’m going to take your advice for the reluctant YA reader (my cousins!) and that BB8 cup. BB8!! ♥ I saw Star Wars yesterday and I’m in love with BB8.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you CW! I totally understand your struggle. When someone’s opening my gift, I like monitor their instantaneous reaction and I get really stressed. They’re probably wondering why I stare so hard..
      Ooooh yay! I hope your cousins enjoy! Are they middle grade age?
      I still haven’t seen all of the original Star Wars trilogy yet LOL but I need to remedy that because I feel so left out of this star wars craze.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ME TOO. I feel nervous when people watch me open presents because apparently I am difficult to buy for (ERMMM BOOKS, BOOK VOUCHERS?). Once a friend of mine bought me a faulty clock (and in my culture, it’s bad luck to buy someone a clock…) so I was like… “yay… a clock…” :’)

        I hope so too! Thinking about it, they’re about to start high school! Sigh, I’ve just watched them grow up; to me, they’ll forever be like, 8 and 5. 😥

        GURL, they’re great! The old ones are REALLY old but so incredible and imaginative for its time. My parents were Star Wars fans ever since the first one – my mum watched the first Star Wars when she was in high school! But if you watch it, I hope you enjoy it! It’s seriously awesome. ❤


      2. Omg hahaha do they even know you?? When in doubt, just get a barnes and nobles gift card for you 😉
        Last year, I made up a list of what I wanted for Secret Santa and a watch was nowhere on the list but she ended up giving me a what..
        Awwww, it’s sweet that you knew them at that age. My cousins are pretty close to my age so sometimes it’s hard to remember what they were like as a kid haha.
        Dude, I’m watching The Empire Strikes Back as I’m writing this. It’s really good so far…I’m wondering if I should watch the prequel trilogy since I don’t usually care for prequels..

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well, I guess they didn’t know me very well! Right?? I don’t know what’s so hard!

        Oh dear, lol. We’re the same – if I have a wish list, it’s because I actually need those things; it’s not a smokescreen or hint that I want something else. Dx

        Aw, I know what you mean! I have some that are muchhhh older, and there’s clearly a rift there because of the age gap. :c I wish I had cousins my age though – most of my extended family are overseas!

        AHHH HOORAY. It’s good right?
        A lot of people didn’t like the prequel trilogies… but I liked them? I’m kind of a sucker for its themes and romance, soooo. XD A lot of people will tell me I am wrong though. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Well to be honest a lot of my cousins my age are on my dad’s side of the family and I never really get to see them just because my family is not as close to them even they’re physically closer..
        Do you travel a lot to visit your extended family?
        Ha im planning on watching the third one today. I finally get all the references!! Like i had no clue who tf yoda was until now. Also jedi lol. I think i like the empire strikes back better than the first one. And idk what to do! Maybe I’ll watch the first one and see if I like it

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Unfortunately no! They live over the Pacific so it’s really expensive to visit. And because of my work and my sister’s studying, it’s super hard to find a time. 😦

        HAHAHA did you enjoy it? (Assuming you watched VI!) The first one is the worst tbh. I liked the third one the best of the prequel trilogy!

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Awwww 😦
        Omg I’m so ready for the Force Awakens now. I really, really liked Episode VI, except for the slave Leia part. And Yoda dying was really rushed but whatever.. I heard that too! My friend told me the 2nd prequel was the worst one. I think I might just watch the third one.


  2. From this post, we can all really tell you’re a Youtube fangirl, Carolyn! 😉

    Personally, from your recommendations I really want Modern Romance (there was actually a signed copy of this at my local bookstores; I wanted to get it so bad, haha), Ready Player Run, and Quiet (I haven’t heard of that one but I think it’d be something I like)!

    Liked by 1 person

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