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In Which I fangirl over The Winner’s Kiss Excerpt

You know shit’s going down when you start to tear up over a freaking excerpt of a book. I don’t even think it was a full chapter. Shhh, don’t judge me..

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you know I love the Winner’s trilogy by Marie Rutkoski. I read the sequel, The Winner’s Crime back in March this year and it remains one of my favorite books of 2015. The Winner’s Kiss comes out on March 29, 2016 and FierceReads just released an excerpt of TWK this morning. You can sign up to read it here.

If you haven’t read The Winner’s Curse yet which you should have by now because it’s amazing. I have all my reviews and discussions link in this post if you’re interested.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the excerpt so spoilers from here on out.


Ugh. Poor Arin, he’s still sooo conflicted. And then he finds out Kestrel is supposedly dead?? Wtf..did not expect that

jennifer lawrence wtf reactions surprised jlaw

wtf kanye west kobe system

So what kind of message did Kestrel send?? Did she say what she sent the messenger for in the second book? I don’t remember! I need to reread it.

And omg, when Sarsine said

“I saw how you two were with each other. Why would you think you didn’t know her?”

and he responded..

“Because she’s a liar. She has her games, her clever tricks. Everyone falls into her trap. I did, too . . .” He trailed off, listening to his own words. He began to brush Javelin’s brown coat, leaning in hard. “She’s not dead.”

You know her so well Arin, it’s not even funny, kill me now..

tv reality tv abc bachelorette kill me

And then here come the circle of being so close to finding answers and then getting more questions. Hopefully, Arin can actually get answers this time or there will be murder. Also, Rutkoski promised us lots of kisses and there better be full on make out sessions as far as I’m concerned

Just please give me this book now. I can’t wait any longer.

On a side note, does anyone know how new cover changes work? I’m planning on preordering the book soon but I am filled with disgust at the new covers. I will accept nothing but the old covers. I can’t even begin to describe to you how much I hate this cover.


Anyways, if you’ve read the excerpt let me know what you thought of it!



12 thoughts on “In Which I fangirl over The Winner’s Kiss Excerpt

  1. I refuse to read sneak peaks and excerpts anymore, not after that red queen 7 chapter sneak peak that ended in a cliffhanger. Do you think that it’s still possible to get the old covers? Because they’re a lot better looking, why on earth would they change them?!

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    1. I knew I was going to be left wanting more but I couldn’t help myself haha. That’s what I want to know too! Because those covers are soooo bad. Ugh..I really want the old covers and I don’t own the first two yet either :/

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      1. So apparently they’re going to use the new covers for the last book and release the new covers in paperback too D’: now I don’t feel like buying it but i have to read it! ugh…why..

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  2. So I looked up The Winner’s Kiss excerpt and somehow I saw this on my google search. LOL. But I just read it. AND OH MY GOODNESS. Carolyn, I’m having really bad Arin and Kestrel withdrawal here. I know I shouldn’t complain since people have been waiting for a year or so… But I need this book NOW. 😥 Please tell me everything is going to be okay for the couple…

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      1. SURPRISE?! But, seriously, though. I am like so sad I never read this series sooner. But then again I don’t want to have to wait for TWK any longer than I have to. 😉 So conflicted. 😛


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