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My Week in Favorites: I need your opinion!

I hate it when your blogging creativity finally starts working during finals..thanks brain..

I love the holiday season and I wanted to try something new with my blog so I’m deciding to try out “My Week in Favorites”. It’s almost the end of the year and I wanted to do some reflecting/celebrating. I’ve already done a lot of reflecting this year (lol) I thought why not celebrate the things I’ve loved this year, that have brought me so much joy.

So what I’m going to be doing the week of December 20th  to December 27th is blog about my favorites of the year 2015. But I’m leaving the choice of categories up to you! So if you want, comment below and let me know which categories you’d want me to blog about and I’ll pick the most popular ones or ones I just want to do.

Some things:

  • It doesn’t have to be bookish (but I will pick 4 bookish and 3 nonbookish)
  • It can be least favorite things too!
  • Examples of non-bookish: favorite TV shows, movies, restaurants, clothes, stores, moments, TV couples, apps, Youtubers, couches (don’t pick this one; I don’t know anything about couches)
  • Examples of bookish: Favorite male/female characters, covers, authors, favorite [insert genre] books of 2015, favorite eye colors of my favorite characters of my favorite books (don’t do this one), favorite book bloggers
  • I will not be doing favorite books of the year until December 31st so don’t comment that one!

I’ll choose 7 categories a week from today on December 14th so last call is on December 13th! I’m so excited for this because you probably all know how much I like talking about my favorite things and I hope I can learn some of your favorites along the way.




16 thoughts on “My Week in Favorites: I need your opinion!

  1. Maybe you can do “favorite hot drinks/things I order at Starbucks”? This sounds like a really fun activity! Would you consider posting the categories early and inviting other authors to participate with you in a blog event of favorite things? I would totally join you!

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    1. I actually don’t go to Starbucks that often! But if I do that one, I’ll comebine with just my list of my favorite drinks of 2015 including the Starbucks ones 🙂
      I was definitely going to invite other bloggers to participate as like a blogger thing but I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to participate lol. But I’ll definitely post them up once I pick them! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate it!

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  2. Can you do any of these:
    1) Least favorite or favorite Youtubers
    2) Favorite OTP in movies or tv show doesn’t matter
    3) Characters that annoy you a lot in movies or tv show doesn’t matter
    4) Favorite things to look for in a “Good” character
    5) Favorite movies
    6) Favorite couches
    7) Least favorite or favorite Booktubers (like TheAmazingBookshelf LOL I think he’s bomb.com)
    8) Favorite TV shows

    Okay that’s it. Thanks

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