November 2015 Favorites



Touch by Pia Mia– I really wanted to get into R & B and this song was in one of the R & B playlists and I really liked it!

Same Old Love by Selena Gomez– Her music fits more into indie pop which is one of my
favorite genres plus this song is so catchy.

AM by One Direction– Reminds me of all my deep talks with friends that late into the night. Love it.


10 Things I Hate About You-I don’t how I’ve survived 21 years without watching this movie. It’s now one of my top favorite rom-coms (and I watch a lot of rom-coms). I’ve also seen a lot of movies set in high school and this managed to surprise me in a lot of good ways. I love it so much and 1999 Joseph Gordon Levitt is my aesthetic heh.


Master of None on Netflix-Some people find Aziz Ansari annoying but I think he’s hilarious. MON was actually co-created by Ansari himself along with Parks and Rec producer Alan Yang. I love Parks and Rec and Ansari so I was pretty sure I was going to like this show. And I really did. This show is based on Dev (played by Aziz) who navigates being an actor in New York. The show deals with racism and sexism in the Hollywood scene. It’s also just really, really funny. The dialogue is really stilted sometimes but the flashbacks and the digressive scenes where you see what’s going on in Dev’s mind were done really well. I binge watched the whole season and I hope there’s a second!

Gran Hotel on Netflix– This show, everyone, is the reason I only read three books this month. I kind of became obsessed with this Spanish drama and Tumblr did not satisfy my obsession because there’s not much of a fandom for it. So thankful all three seasons with English subtitles were available on Netflix gran_hotel_tv_series-432106970-largefor me to binge watch lol. This show takes place in the early 1900’s and it centers around a young man whose sister disappears while working at the luxurious Gran Hotel. He takes a job as a waiter and spends time figuring out what really happened to his sister. Mystery and intrigue and murders ensue. It’s pretty dramatic as you can imagine telenovelas are but I don’t think any of it is contrived or too over the top. I’m in love with the main couple, Julio and Alicia. They’re beyond-social-class lovers :3 and all their interactions are so cute.


Gandhi Indian Cuisine– I thought I didn’t like Indian food until I


Me and some friends at Gandhi

came here. And then I wondered why I ever disliked it. The sauces were so flavorful; the chicken was so soft and juicy. I’m just describing food porn now.

Chicken Parmesan Baked Penne– I made this with some of my friends. The recipe was actually from Buzzfeed so thanks Buzzfeed. But it was so easy to make and it was fucking delicious :3


What I’ve Been Doing:

Weekend in LA– I’m planning on doing a whole post about my adventures in The Last Bookstore and in LA so look out for that! But needless to say, I haven’t been to LA in like 4 years and never to really explore it so I’m glad I got a chance to.

Looking at PA programs– I’ve been thinking about where to apply for PA programs. This month, I went to Western University to tour their campus and I really like their program so fingers crossed I get to apply within a few years.

Potlucks and Friendsgiving-I love potlucks and friendsgiving because it’s a chance to eat tons of good food and spend time with your friends. Especially now when everyone is so busy that it’s hard to find a time for everyone to get together. It’s the best of both worlds. I’ve been to two so far this month and I have another one today lol.


Potluck Food!

So that was my November, let me know how your November went!


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