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Does booktube have a bigger audience than book blogging?

I watch a lot of booktube and I started thinking of how it’s only starting to become really big in the past few years. Will it overtake book blogging? I realize that there will always be an audience for both but I feel as though booktube has a bigger audience.


I’m not sure how many followers some popular bloggers have because I don’t have access to those stats but in terms of booktubers, I feel like they have way more followers. Even when comparing the average blogger with the average booktuber.

Popular Booktubers by the Stats

Abookutopia (started 2 years ago)-228,521 subscribers

Polandbananabooks (started 5 years ago)- 252,035 subscribers 

Katytastic (2011)-193,386 subscribers

Jessethereader (2012)-131,506 subscribers

Peruseproject (201?)-123,556 subscribers

ArielBissett (2012)-85,383 subscribers

PadfootandProngs07 (2011)-71,914 subscribers

CassJayTuck (2011)- 63,789 subscribers

I believe these people are the ones with the most followers and are still pretty active on their channels. Because of these higher numbers, it would seem that booktubers just get more followers more quickly or in a lesser space of time. Of course, that results in a kind of snowball effect of consequences.

With the most popular Booktubers, they’re something akin to celebrities.  They’re invited to do panels at book conventions. Just look at YALLWest and BEA and even Vidcon 2015.

They receive a lot of ARCS (moreso than bloggers I daresay) and sponsored videos. They receive free Owlcrate subscription boxes for review and recently BookOutlet did a permanent feature on their website that features “vlogger friends” where a lot of booktubers and what books they buy from the site are featured. So it’s hard to deny their influence as booktubers. I also feel like more people want to learn about their personal lives as several of them have a separate vlog channel as well to document their daily lives. In some ways, I get it, especially book hauls and unboxings, they’re way more fun to see as a video than in a post just because they feel more personal and exciting because the box is being unwrapped right in front of you.

Another reason why I think Booktube has a bigger audience is simply the medium. It’s just easier to watch a video than to read a post. If I’m feeling lazy or something, I’ll more likely reach for a video. Also, most, if not all, booktubers are on Youtube and Youtube is a big site whereas with blogging you can get many different blogging platforms with not as much traffic. Random watchers are more likely to be on Youtube.

I think with videos especially, the personality of the Booktuber matters a lot to attracting people. And I think if you have that charismatic personality, it’s easier to portray that in videos because in videos you have your face, your mannerisms, your clothes but in blog posts you can only rely on your words. If you watch videos from the most popular booktubers, they are all very humorous and energetic and most of them like reading YA the most. It makes reading YA seem hip and trendy (it actually is) so I think it’s caused this explosive effect on reading YA. I digress but it’s interesting that booktubers who read predominantly adult or literary fiction don’t have as many subscribers as one’s who read YA.

With booktube, there’s also more of an arena for collaborations with other booktubers. Usually they will do tags together and it’s obviously going to attract a lot of people because it feels like you’re watching two friends do fun book games together. It’s different than a collaboration in a blog post because you don’t really get to see the dynamics and interaction between the two collaborators as intimately as you would in a video.

Of course there is no denying that there are pros and cons with both booktubing and book blogging. I’m just trying to figure out if booktubing has a bigger audience and what effect that has had on readers.








15 thoughts on “Does booktube have a bigger audience than book blogging?

  1. This is a very interesting post. I’m a lover of booktube, I tried it and really enjoyed it however I stopped doing it. Now I’m trying with book blogging. I really enjoy both and I hope one day I can go back to booktube. As I’m a lover of both it was interesting how you wrote many points that might say why booktube seems more popular. As you said, I think it feels more personal to watch a video than read a post. Also, youtube is a big social media for young people and even older ones, and more people spend their time there than reading blogs. But I hope that book blogging will be, stay and reach in popularity to booktube because both are worth time.

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    1. I honestly would love to try booktubing sometime soon because I really like it. But I think book blogging will always have a place in my heart because I think writing is just the creative outlet I gravitate towards, me not being that eloquent with words and all lol..
      Why did you stop booktubing if I may ask?

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      1. You should! Its a great experience! I stopped because my channel didn’t grow and maybe it wasn’t the right time in my life to do it. Also, editing videos takes time and I need a better program to do it. But, as I said before, I know I’ll go back to booktube, I don’t know when, but I’m sure I will return 😀

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      2. Awww 😦 that’s kind of how I feel about my blog right now to be honest, that it’s not growing. It’s probably because I’m in school and don’t have time to blog consistently but I’m so envious of blogs with lots of comments because that was my intention for this blog when I first started. And also the reason I moved my blog from Tumblr was because I wanted more people to discuss things with but it’s been stagnant.
        And yeah I know what you mean, I gravitate more towards youtubers with better video quality. I think I’m just shallow but they’re easier to watch lolol

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      3. I think the growing thing is like a ‘common’ problem. I mean, when I started booktube I watched video with tips and what all they said is ‘don’t expect to be popular at the beginning,it takes time’ but then it didn’t happen to me. Later, I started book blogging, and I also read the kind of tips post and they said the same ‘don’t expect to be popular at the beginning, be patient’ But I’m honest, as much as I blog for the love of it, for the love of books and to show my thoughts and feelings, I do want someone to read it, to comment it. So, I think, at least for me, it’s a little fight everyday, to remember that takes time, that I won’t be popular from one day to other. But it’s hard, because you sometime just feel like you are writing and no one reads, and yep, I don’t know if I’ll ever be popular, I hope so, but I don’t really know. About youtube, I think we all are shallow, it’s hard to get into a newbie booktuber who don’t have the same experience that the ones you watch. It’s hard but I understand 😀

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      4. That’s exactly how I feel! But I always thought by this point in my blogging (I’ve been blogging on WordPress for around 9 months now) that I thought I would have established at least a few comments per post lol. But with other people who have been blogging for way less have way more followers and comments. I probably sound really salty and bitter lol but that’s just how I feel. Idk sometimes I feel like I should do memes or something that regular bloggers do but I just can’t do memes lol. Idk why.

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  2. I know Jessethereader, Katytastic, and Polandbananabooks were at Yallfest this year but I wasn’t able to see them (too busy in signing lines, lol) but I know they had fanmeets because they were that popular. I don’t watch enough booktube. I only watch TheReading Rhodes and Rose Mannering because I like their quiet personalities, lol. Though, I enjoy Christine (and her shiny hair omg) and the others’ videos, they’re just too charismatic (and maybe a little to fangirl/fanboy-ish or enthusiastic) for me? But anyway, I so agree about the medium its publicized in being the biggest thing. So much easier to watch something than to read it. Plus, it’s hard to find a voice to standout in the blogosphere in my opinion. Sometimes words and reviews are very similar; plus, what makes someone follow a blog and receive email notifications has to be super worthy for them to get spammed (though I know you can adjust your notifications) than subscribing to videos that you can ignore, I think. You know what, I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore, LOL. I think I’m going to sleep since it’s late over here. But awesome, thought provoking post, Carolyn!

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    1. By the way, I can never imagine myself as a book tuber. Back when my best friend and I wanted to find a platform where we could share our love for books (our ultimate goal at the time was someday to get ARCs) she chose the booktube path (but never really did it, LOL) because they seem to get more ARCs and faster? But I’m glad I chose this medium because I like the community more (though I know I’m biased). 😉 I mean like I barely have time to blog hop, ain’t nobody got the time to watch your fellow booktubers’ videos and then comment on them all the time (but they do which is crazy awesome; props to them). Okay, now I need to go to sleep, haha.

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      1. I mean I guess commenting on booktuber’s videos is probably similar to commenting on other people’s blogs but it’s so much harder to get a comment back unless you’re the booktuber’s friend and they get so many comments. I really want to try booktube one day but I think writing will always be my creative outlet.

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      2. That’s true, I guess. It’s just that I feel like I can read a post faster than watch a 10 minute video, you know? I don’t think I’ve run across a lot of posts where it took me ten minutes to read, lol. So in that way I feel like commenting is easier in the blogosphere than booktube. But you have a point! And LOL. Please tell me when you do! 😉 😀

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    2. Oh I know Reading Rhodes and Rose Mannering! I use to subscribe to them but then I thought they were too serious for me lol. I use to subscribe to Christine too but she was too enthusiastic (like you said) and it was kind of irritating tbh LOL. I felt like I was just watching her screaming and jumping up and down. I also think I wanted less reactions more review.
      Omg that’s a really good point! Every person’s voice and style of talking is different but in writing it can seem similar to a lot of other reviews. You also have to rely on pictures and gifs to keep people’s interest because no one wants to read just text lol.
      Thanks Summer!

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  3. Interesting post! I know I’m several years late on this but I wanted to weigh in. I do both book blogging and booktubing. I admit that building followers on booktube happens faster than with blogging but on my blog, I retain my followers much longer.

    I feel followers are are just as quick to unfollow on booktube than they are when it comes to my book blog. I haven’t had too much trouble getting ARCS for my blog but have for my booktube. So it’s kind of reversed for me.

    The majority of booktubers (outside of the big ones) struggle to gain followers. There’s talk about it all over booktube at the moment and a decent number have already left because of this “competition”, I guess.

    So it is an interesting point to raise.

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