October 2015 Favorites!


I’m back with my favorites post! October was probably the most stressful month of the year I’m not even kidding. But I watched and did a lot of cool stuff so that’s exciting?


Stay the Night by Zedd– “Don’t dull the sparkle in your eyes”

A perfect song for a night car ride. I’ve never really liked EDM music that much but I like this one.

Roses by The Chainsmokers– Another EDM song I surprisingly like. It kind of perfectly describes my mood this month.

Hello by Adele– I dare you to not feel any kind of emotion when you listen to this song. Her voice is awe-inspiring. Also perfect shower song just saying.


Dr. Ken on ABC– A new show featuring one of my favorite comedic actors, Ken Jeong. I think he’s such an inspiration partly because he was originally a doctor but then quit because he wanted to pursue comedy which I think is a pretty gutsy move considering how stable a career as a doctor is. The former pre-med in me was really inspired. I like the show a lot more than I expected because Ken Jeong really carries the show. I wish it had a little more originality though. It has the same stereotypical characters present in so many other family sitcoms.

Jane the virgin season 2 on the CW– Ahhh, the angst. This show is ridiculously dramatic and far-fetched but it’s so well-crafted and heartwarming and makes me smile. I even teared up a little at the latest episode. It’s good to see that the quality of the show has not deteriorated since season 1.


spiced pumpkin

From TJ Max

Pumpkin spice scented candle I don’t even like pumpkin that much (I just tried pumpkin pie from Costco this month; it’s pretty good but I don’t like the texture). But the pumpkin spice scent is so cozy and perfect for October. Plus I’m all about that fall décor.


Comfy, Casual Shorts– Since Southern California basically has no fall and it’s still hot af, I opt for these comfy shorts that are really pretty but also casual and can be worn for everyday activities. You can dress it up or down. I have a plain purple pair so it works so well with a crop top or anything casual really.


Kopan Ramen– Noodles are quite literally one of my favorite foods. I’m obsessed with them. But ramen? Perfection. This one was pretty good although I do wish the noodles were a little thicker but that just might be my personal preference. They give a free topping depending on what day you go on. I got a free side of spinach because I went on Friday.

Oosmanthus Oolong Milk Tea from Ten Ren’s– I’m sure a lot of other boba places have osmanthus oolong milk tea but I either a) never see them on the menu or b) I only like it from Ten Ren’s. It helps me study because it keeps me awake and tastes great, just the right amount of sweetness though definitely more on the tea side.


Yardhouse Happy Hour drinks!

Asahi Sushi– By far, the best sushi place I’ve been to, not that I’ve been to that many but I should since I freaking love sushi so much.

Yardhouse Happy hour– Half off regular dishes at around 10-2am. Perfect for late night snacking :3

What I’ve Been Doing:

try guys

Sorry for the atrocious quality lol. I was sitting in the middle.

I saw the Try Guys!! If you don’t know what the Try Guys are, they make videos for Buzzfeed where they try different things. There’s some videos where they “try” Korea where they reenacted scenes from K-dramas and made Korean food. They have trained for American Ninja Warrior and been drag queens. They’re consistently hilarious and I love watching them but in person, they were really funny as well.

Going to the Gym– I’ve went to the gym more times this quarter than the whole year last year…yeah. I have a lot more time during the day than at night now so I’ve been going to the gym plus this is my last year I can use my fancy school gym. You can watch TV and movies while running on the elliptical and there’s rock climbing and free towels and state of the art equipment and that just motivates me to go even more.

And that was my October! Let me know what your October favorites were and if you’ve tried out any of my favorites! Here’s to an awesome and adventurous November!


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