Horror Recommendations: The Scary Edition

Yesterday was October 21, 2015 and I didn’t get a Perfect Pepsi or a Hoverboard for that matter ): Life is sad…and scary so I’m here to bring you my 2nd recommendations post: The Scary Edition. Horrible segueway I know LOL. This is kind of the in between post, if you want something creepy and dark and sometimes disturbing but nothing too crazy. Take this post with a grain of salt because I don’t get scared in books very easily. Movies are a different story but it takes a lot to scare me in a book.

Haunted House

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson- I wanted to so badly to put this one in my extreme scary edition because it had so much potential to be truly scary but the best it does is go into eerie and creepy territory. If you want the creeps with a healthy dose of well-crafted writing, I would totally check this out. Recommended if you like haunted houses of course.

Serial Killers

Nailbiter by Williamson-Henderson– A graphic novel about a serial killer who tears away his victim’s nails. The artwork has a
very dark palatte but I love the crisp colors and I liked learning about the different serial killers that have plagued this town. Definitely creepy.

Monster by Naoki Urasawa (manga)-Another serial killer story but this time about a patient that wasn’t suppose to be saved.. I think the author does a good job of building up to a lot of the events in the story and I think that’s as equally important as the scare itself. Oftentimes, the scene before the serial killer appears are the most scary and horrific. It makes the serial killer more scary and his actions even more unpredictable. And I think this take on a serial killer was really refreshing because a lot of authors think a scary serial killer is one that kills all these women as graphically as possible but Jonah is indiscriminate.

Iconic Characters

Carrie by Stephen King-I had the misconception that this book was true horror before starting it. It’s not. It’s more of a psychological thriller with a several touches of horror. It’s written through a series of documents and eyewitness accounts about a tragic girl and her equally horrific childhood. It’s disturbing and yet, in my opinion, it’s tame considering Stephen King’s other books.

Dracula by Bram Stoker– Dracula is one freaky vampire. Dracula is so creepy because he is written in such a mysterious way and his appearance appears to the reader as very unnatural and otherwordly. This is also a great place to start if you haven’t read a lot of classics but want to get into them.

Supernatural Creatures

Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu- Dracula was not the first vampire book. The first vampire book was Carmilla even though it’s
actually a short story but technicalities. It’s a very seductive story and lures you into its characters.

The Spook’s Apprentice by Joseph Delaney– Don’t underestimate the horror this book series can contain just because it’s a middle grade/YA series. There are some pretty..spooky..moments and freaky supernatural and grotesque creatures that roam this world. I think if you like RPG’s and games where you defeat dark creatures, this one’s for you.

I realize my horror reading is severely lacking when I think about horror recommendations for my next post which is the extreme scary one but hopefully I can remedy that by next Halloween. I hope you enjoyed these recommendations!



10 thoughts on “Horror Recommendations: The Scary Edition

  1. You should finish Monster. It’s amazing. I admit with guilt, that I kinda forgot about it for a while since I finished it like three months ago? But I still love it and IT’S GREAT
    Is NailBiter worth reading? It sounds creepy and I like the whole concept of this person trying to get rid of people who like to bite their nails, I think that could be a horror story for kids.
    Do you think Frankenstein by Mary Shelley be considered thriller or horror? I mean…its a guy reviving someone from the dead.


    1. I think Frankenstein is more like science fiction than horror. But it’s good for October because it’s so dark and creepy. I still haven’t finished Monster :/ even though I said I would in September. I think I’ll read it in November or December.
      Nailbiter is good if you like plot but there’s not a lot of character development.


  2. I have never read Dracula and I should really change this. I really enjoyed Carrie, but mostly felt sorry for the protagonist (and maybe rooting for her a little bit) rather than frightened. I’m going to have to skip Nailbiter, I have a thing with nails getting torn off, I can’t even stand the thought. Nice recs!

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    1. Yeah, I think the scariest part of Carrie was her mother and her general creepiness and also the impending sense that something’s going to go wrong. And yes! Dracula is one of my favorite classics 🙂

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  3. I would love to see more horror recommendations!! I’ve only seen Carrie movie forms but that was enough to scare me. And holy moly that cover of Nailbiter already has be shuddering and edging from the computer screen, I don’t think I could read it (I used to be a nail biter, though) XD

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  4. Honestly, I know this isn’t that scary but a lot of manga like Death Note, Claymore, and Phantom really give me the creeps. Phantom not as much since it’s more about assassins killing people than scary monsters, but yeah. 😛 Great list, Carolyn! 😀

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