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Trailer Reactions: Zombies, Aliens, Eddie Redmayne, and Cheese

Welcome to another trailer reaction post! It’s not a true reaction this time because I have seen these trailers before but I’ll still use the same format. I’ve seen a lot of movie trailers this month so I’m doing a reaction for the following: The 5th Wave, The Danish Girl and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

The Fifth Wave

  • Ummmm, the plane and that fire are so obviously fake. Can we do some better CGI?
  • Damn it I forgot that guy’s name! But he’s cute..Ben? I think..The person Cassie had a crush on..
  • Um can the water look any more fake…
  • Evan’s pretty cute too, not gonna lie
  • action
  • wow much action
  • such action
  • cheesy dialogue with extra cheese on top

This movie can honestly go both ways but at this point, I’m a more than a little skeptical. It just looks like a mish mash of every single action movie already out there and post-apocalyptic movie put together. But Chloe is a good actress so we shall see.

The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl is based on the book by David Ebershoff. It is a historical/historical fiction novel (based on a true story) set in Denmark during the 1920’s about Lili Elbe and her transformation as one of the pioneers of transgender history. She was also one of the first (recorded) to undergo sex reassignment surgery. One of the negatives about the book, for me, was that I think the author didn’t delve as deep into the relationship between Lili (formerly Einar) and her wife as much as I think would allow for more character development and I’m hoping the movie will provide more interactions between these two because I think their relationship is one of the most fascinating aspects of the book. There’s been criticism towards the casting directors for casting a cisgendered man to play a transgendered woman. Obviously, it’s important to give these roles to trans people but I think that the physical transformation is as equally important to the story and having that transformation be gradually seen in the actor that has not undergone transformation will be interesting. So I’m a little on the fence about the criticism but anyways, I love the lush setting and the acting seems really well done so can’t wait to see it. This movie couldn’t have come at a better time considering the ever growing strive for transgender rights but also the discrimination against trans people.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

  • I really liked Lily James in Cinderella but she’s an ok Elizabeth to me
  • i still don’t know who Darcy is
  • if it’s Sam Riley, he doesn’t seem like a Darcy to me
  • Matt Smith! Sorry but cannot unsee Doctor Who..
  • he looks like Chace Crawford..kind of..
  • omg so creepy, that zombie though..
  • finally a trailer doesn’t reveal every single plot twist of the movie..

The only thing I really want for this movie is that I hope it doesn’t take itself too seriously and that it keeps the essence of what Pride and Prejudice is about.

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

  • i can already tell this is gonna be bad
  • omg stop
  • pls
  • stop

The alternate title for this trailer should be “Sexy People With Runes and Weapons” or “Vampire Diaries but with Shadowhunters”..I can’t even..this is cheesier than cheese and that’s saying something because how can you be cheesier than cheese. *slaps forehead* But I’ll still watch it..if only for SImon and Isabelle :3

Are you excited for any of these movies/TV shows? Let me know what you thought of these trailers!



6 thoughts on “Trailer Reactions: Zombies, Aliens, Eddie Redmayne, and Cheese

  1. Okay, so now you have me greatly intrigued by The Danish Girl. I really want to read it despite the negatives you noticed. Also, I always enjoy Eddie Redmayne’s acting and I can totally understand the criticism the film’s been receiving. And from the trailer alone, I think the OST is going to be beautiful! 😀

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    1. I think it’s worth a read! I really liked the lush prose and I thought her story was really fascinating especially at a time when transgender wasn’t even a word. And omg, I totally forgot to mention that! I love the ost near the end *_*

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  2. OKAY. Like I totally agree with you on the Shadowhunters. It just gives such a strange, unsettling vibe in me. *shudders*. I thought the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies would be cheesy or whatever, but the trailer actually looks good hah. I didn’t really like the Fifth Wave trailer. I just think they’re making YA book to movie adaptation an even lower reputation than what it already has. I bet you’re excited for Eddie Redmayne.

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  3. SOOO MUCH STUFF I NEED TO WATCH OMG. I am especially excited for The Fifth Wave because I rather liked the book despite instalove! Eddie Redmayne is an actor I’ve been very impressed with ever since watching The Theory of Everything so I’m looking forward to his next project. Shadowhunters I am lowkey excited over, though to be honest I didn’t really love City of Bones, I just want to watch PRETTY PEOPLE STAB THINGS. And that cast is definitely pretty *nods*

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    1. I liked The Fifth Wave when I first read it but now I think I would lower my rating of it lol.
      I know, he seems really good judging from the trailer so I’m excited to see it!
      Omg yes, not one of the cast is not pretty/’s a little jarring lol. Hopefully, they have a lot of chemistry together as a cast because that was one of the things I liked about the books


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