Book Merch Wishlist

As a book lover, I don’t just love books, I love anything to do with books. So this post is dedicated to all the merchandise that is book or fandom related 🙂

Book Lover’s Candle

Through the Wardrobe -- Book Lovers' Scented Soy Candle -- 8oz jarTrashy Romance Novel - Soy Candle - Book Lovers' Scented Soy Candle - 8oz jar

Gatsby's Mansion - Book Lovers' Scented Soy Candle - 8oz jarThe Shire - Soy Candle - Book Lovers' Scented Soy Candle - 8oz jar

Where to find them: Frostbeard Studio Etsy Shop

I like candles the way some people like coffee. It was definitely an acquired taste but I love the way they instantly make you feel at home and now, I’m obsessed with them so these book lover’s candles are so up my alley. I love the different scent ideas and I really want the Shire one!


Where to find them: Girl of All Work Office Accessories

I’m slowly starting a collection of page flags because I like to mark my favorite quotes/scenes/passages in my books but I don’t want to write in them. These are so adorable and did I mention that they have pride and prejudice inspired ones??

Magnetic Bookmark

Milk and Cookie Magnetic Bookmarks (Mini 2 Pack)

Where to buy them: Crafted Van Etsy Shop

I actually own some of Crafted Van’s cute bookmarks. I bought their boba one (lol, surprise) and the Baymax one! I don’t think they’re allowed to make bookmarks based on copyright characters anymore but their other ones are still just as cute. I can also confirm that they are durable (if a little flimsy), great quality and will last me through many more books

Art Prints

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Alice Falls to Wonderland poster art print - PostertextEnder's Game poster

Where to find them: Postertext

The dark parts are made entirely from the text of the book which is super cool. I would love a small one for my room :3

Pride and Prejudice Art Print

Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice print. Marathon with all the characters from the book

Where to buy it: Pemberley Pond Etsy Shop

I’m also obsessed with art prints and I’m working towards a print gallery in my room (which I haven’t started yet lol) but this one is super cute (how many times can I say cute?) and it has all the characters from Pride and Prejudice. The shop also does other Jane Austen merchandise too so a plus for any Austen fan.

Hunger Games Bracelet

Where to buy it: AliExpress

I think a lot of merch falls into the category of “it’s aesthetically pleasing but I would never wear it out” but this hunger games bracelet is so aesthetically pleasing but I could also see myself wearing it on a daily basis.

Deathly Hallows Bracelet

Deathly Hallows Bracelet, Hand Bracelet,Slave Bracelet, Harry Potter Jewellery, Fandom Jewellery, Geekery Jewellery

Where to buy it: CazsKeepsakes Etsy Shop

I’ve always really liked this style of bracelet and I think the Deathly Hallows symbol really works well in this bracelet style. Unless some who hasn’t read Harry Potter (how) thinks it’s a cult or gangster symbol lol..

Is there any book-related merchandise you own? Which ones do you want? I really want all of them for my room because I’m all about the room decor but alas no money.



5 thoughts on “Book Merch Wishlist

  1. I remember you buying the Alice in Wonderland rabbit Crafted Van bookmark too. You didn’t just buy the Baymax and Boba one. That Hunger Games bracelet is actually really nice and not that ghetto haha. I really want a collage of all my favorite fandoms. I kind of really want an iPad case for book fandoms too like maybe the Hunger Games. (Here’s an example: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-iMlPW4ThjtE/UM9r4g4SRsI/AAAAAAAAJhA/ozGzAIjbv0g/s1600/hunger%2Bgames.jpg).
    Nice list.

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