September 2015 Favorites


I get really impatient in September. It’s like the end of the summer but you just want October to come and every store ever has already put up their Halloween decorations. I made a banner for monthly favorites and the gorgeous picture I used in the background comes from Ursula Uriarte‘s book instagram; it’s one of the best book instagram accounts I follow so you should check her out!


Revlon Eyeliner- I love liquid eyeliner and I’ll use it over pencil and this one has been really good to me. The brush is delicate but sturdy.


Gravity Falls -Gravity Falls is absolutely amazing. Do not judge it because it’s on Disney channel!! I can not recommend it enough, no matter what age you are. It is hilarious, the animation is gorgeous and the plot is so fun. I became really invested in overarcing mystery of Gravity Falls and it really started hitting its stride in season 2. Right now, I’m almost finished with season 2 and I think I like season 2 more!

You’re the Worst Season 2-I’m so glad season 2 is still just as good as season 1 so far. I love the main couple so much!


Jurassic World-Let’s be honest, we (me included) all either watched this movie for the dinosaurs and/or Chris Pratt. And if you were only watching to see some dinosaurs fight, some scenes where the dinosaur pops out at our unsuspecting characters and Chris Pratt being a badass, then you will probably like this movie. Too bad the other main characters were kind of underdeveloped and it reverses feminism by about 50 years, but hey dinosaurs amirite? (I’ll let you figure out how much sarcasm I meant to put in that sentence). Also, that ending was a little anticlimactic. But hey, there’s a sequel coming out in 2018 and I’ll watch it.


Gasoline by Halsey-This is a favorite of the year actually. If I didn’t believe in love at first sound before, now I do.

Red Nose by Sage the Gemini-Because I saw him live this past week and this one is probably favorite if only in beat.

Somebody Natalie Rose ft. Jeremih-Because I also saw him live this past week and this song is better to dance to than to listen to in the car

What I’ve been doing:

Eating ice cream at scoops n scoops

Heads Up Charades! (App)-If you don’t have cards or cups and you need a drinking game, play heads up; it’s so fun. I forced my friends to play the literature one and I felt like I was actually good at something for also, only when I’m a little tipsy will I feel inclined to sing for the Song category.

Oh and of course, school..

My school quarter so far:

about 20 coupons for free boba 😉

7 rush events for my fraternity

4 roommates

3 classes (Developmental biology, Evolution and Ecology and Bioinformatics)

2 professors with accents (British and Scottish)

..and 1 existential/job/career/personal crisis..


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