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Blog and Life Update!

I’ve probably mentioned this multiple times over the past few weeks but just to say it again, I’m going back to school!! My fourth and last year of university!! yayyyyyy! ha. ha. ha. no. In all honesty though, part of me is glad to be back at school because even though I’m stressed a lot; I feel like I’m actually living my life if that makes sense. But anyways, I just wanted to post this to let you guys know I’ll not be posting as much until winter break. Even as I write this, I’m already swamped with looking for jobs and work and having fun with friends. I’ll still be blogging but instead of 3 times a week, I’ll probably be posting twice or even once a week. Sometimes, I’ll go on short and surprised hiatuses for midterms and finals or I’m just too busy drinking my problems away (Jk..sort of). The point is, I won’t be as consistent. I’ll still definitely respond to comments and comment on other people’s posts.

This summer was when my blog really hit its stride and I wanted to thank each and every one of my followers for somehow deciding to follow my blog and reading my rants on reading. If you’ve left a comment on any of my posts, I appreciate your comments so, so much. They mean a lot to me because it’s the reason I made this blog in the first place so I could discuss anything and everything books! And I hope I can continue to do that!

If you’re interested in following me elsewhere, I do have goodreads which I post what I’m reading even if I don’t write a review of it here.

For personal use, I do use Twitter frequently. If you want to see random ass gifs of TV shows I’m obsessed with and things I find funny, you can follow me on Tumblr. And I recently started using Pinterest. I usually pin things like clothes and beauty and DIY’s, stuff like that.

So basically this message is to tell you that I won’t be blogging as consistently (but still blogging) and that I love my awesome followers! =) To end this, I’m recommending a song I’ve been loving lately:

On that note, have a happy rest of the week!!



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