August 2015 Favorites


August marks my last full month of summer. This summer has been enlightening to be as vague as possible. I learned a lot about myself and what I want in life which is good timing I suppose considering this is my last year of undergraduate college…here’s hoping to a good rest of the summer!


Drag Me Down by One Direction– For some reason, I really like One Direction’s more melancholic songs and this is one of their few upbeat songs that I really like. It may or may not have been on repeat this entire month..

What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber- The lyric video sounds really autotuned but it’s so catchy I don’t really care.

Pacific Rim soundtrack– Unpopular opinion time, I
thought the movie was just ok..but the soundtrack was amazing. It’s so epic but modern at the same time.

WILDEST DREAMS MUSIC VIDEO-I know it just came out like 3 days ago but man those outfits *_* and I can
smell another Taylor Swift song coming on the radio not that I’m complaining because I love this song.

TV Shows

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix– It kind of reminds me of Legally Blonde because the main heroine is an optimistic-no-matter-what type of girl. It’s really feel good type of comedy but it does have some issues with racism.

Blackish on ABC– So. funny. It’s a typical family sitcom with familiar character archetypes: the teenage girl who can’t get off her phone, the nerdy one of the family etc. but I think it’s still original


Sweet Tea (Gold Peak Sweetened Tea) 

I’ve been obsessed with this particular sweet tea. I could finish the entire Gold Peak Sweetened Tea container in three days if I didn’t control myself. But it’s the perfect summer drink, cool and sweet.

What I’ve Been Doing

Kayaking– I went kayaking for the first time! It was so hard when I was going back and going against the current. I should have gotten ripped arms after that workout…


Beach– I wish I could have gone more to the beach this summer because it’s one of my favorite places ever but I’m still glad I was able to go.

Reading in Drink Shops– There’s something so relaxing about reading a book with a drink beside you. I like that it’s the perfect type of quiet with white noise and just the right lighting..The picture below was taken at Tutti Frutti which is a yogurt/boba place.



25 thoughts on “August 2015 Favorites

      1. I don’t know whether I should be thankful for being blessed by the beautiful boba (my gosh, “being blessed by the beautiful boba” would be uber hard to say in real life, lol…) or resentful since I don’t have a bubble tea place in town. 😉

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      2. O: we should open a boba place together and make the slogan “blessed by the beautiful boba” O: I cannot fathom that.. I would totally send you some boba if I one should have to suffer through having no boba tea place :p

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t even know there was such thing as an iced tea maker xD but I definitely need it..I’m officially an addict lol. You should definitely try it, it’s really fun and relaxing even though you’re doing work. Thank you!

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  1. I literally can’t eat or drink while I read haha, I am always too scared to damage my Kindle. It already has two giant scratches on it, oops.
    I freaking loved Pacific Rim’s soundtrack, it was our go to shower song for an entire month XD
    And waa kayaking? YOU GO GIRL. I have not the upper body strength for this stuff. I mainly make my partner do all the hard yards and just splash the paddle around a little *horrible*

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    1. I usually don’t eat while I’m reading either! I just hate having dirty hands while I’m reading a pristine copy lol. And awwww, if I had a kindle that would happen to me too, I always drop my phone everywhere -_-What kind of Kindle do you have?
      And omg yes, I’ll be writing blog posts while listening to the soundtrack and I feel like I’m writing the next Declaration of Independence or something. So epic!
      And haha nooo my friend had to keep pushing to paddle harder XD my upper body strength sucks so much


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