8 struggles a booklover with no irl bookloving friends has

I don’t have a lot of bookish friends “in real life” and here are just some of my struggles..I really like the Buzzfeed format with gifs so I decided to borrow it for this post. Enjoy!

  1. When they ask, “how do you have time to read all these books?”

because I like to read..?

2. When you need to vent your feels about fictional characters but your friends are sick of your fangirling

Stop talking about Peter Kavinsky already!!!

3. When they ask you, “What’s the point of having so many books?”

I’m just a book collector ok?

4. Whenever you talk about books, the conversation ends within 5 minutes.


You just like Peeta? What about his character development? What about that cliffhanger?!

5. When a new book you’ve been waiting for is coming out and it’s basically Christmas but your friends could care less.

I guess I’ll go on Tumblr then..

6. When your friends/family restrain you from going into a bookstore because they know you will spend at least an hour in there.


7. When you recommend a book to them and they never read it.

Have you read it yet? Have you? Have you?!

8. So whenever they do read a book you like, you are all over them


^Guess which one is me

But I guess this is why this blog exists in the first place and I found all these wonderful book bloggers to talk books to.



18 thoughts on “8 struggles a booklover with no irl bookloving friends has

  1. NUMBER 6!! I’m always dragging my friends to a bookstore if I see one. And then it’s just me pointing out all these amazing books that they should read. And number 8 too. Oh wow, I relate with this so much.

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    1. Omg I know, a “short” visit to the bookstore is like half an hour to me but my friends can’t stay more than 10 minutes lol. I actually had the perfect gif for number 6 but I couldn’t find it!! It’s still bothering me lol. Yes, number 8! My friends get weirded out when I can talk forever about one book haha.


      1. OMG teach me your ways!! I’m so afraid of recommending the wrong book and turning them off reading because they already don’t really like reading lol. It also takes them forever to finish one book haha.

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      2. HAHA I know the feeling! Ask them what their favourite books/movies are, and then recommend a book that’s similar! I try refrain from hyping it up too much because I don’t want to raise their expectations to an IMPOSSIBLE standard.

        Oh gosh, I know. BUT MY PATIENCE, MY FRIEND! They shall come to the bookish side soon… hopefully. 😀

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    1. I have friends like that too! I remember last summer, my friend had finally read The Book Thief and I’m like giiiirrrlll I read that so long ago haha but that was probably only 1 of 2 books that she read that year which to me, is just unfathomable because there are soooo many books I want to get to, reading 2 books a year is like incomprehensible.

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  2. Ahaha I know those feels. Especially the variation of the first one, “How do you read so many books…? I just never have time for them!” Implying that I am a lazy bum who just sits around and read all day. While this is true, I think it’s no different to sitting down watching TV, playing videogames, or on FB all day! Why don’t the people in my life love reading *CRIES*

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  3. …well, I’m also a reader and still wonder how you read so fast (not necessarily how you find the time to read though). XD

    And omo, I relate to 4 and 7 ridiculously well. Like for Christmas and birthdays I always give my friends gift cards to places they love to shop but also a book. And they always remain unread. Sigh.

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    1. omg i admire your dedication to giving your friends books because I gave up trying to since I know they’ll probably never read it even if I hype it up a lot.
      Maybe cause it’s summer and I just have a lot of time to read lol.

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