July 2015 Favorites


My birthday month is over 😦 I love July because it’s the perfect middle of summer where you’re fully into summer but realize you have lots of time until school starts. The end of July is always that point in the summer where I start to worry about school. Time must go on so here are all the things I’ve enjoyed in July.


1. I Really Like You cover by Anthem lights

  • I really like the slower pace tone and it feels a lot more romantic than the original.

2. Work Song by Hozier

  • Hozier is such a unique artist. I love the melancholic tone and Hozier has such a rich voice. Love!


1. My ankle boots from Mudd!

  • I don’t even care that it’s summer; I still wore this pair and it was really comfy and just gives any outfit a sophisticated look.

TV Show

1. Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)-A cartoon about a young boy named Steven and his guardians, Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst as they protect Beach City from evil. Together, they make up a team called the Crystal Gems which is where there power comes from.

  • I’ve literally become obsessed with this show. It is heartwarming, funny, and fun.
  • The artwork for Beach City is awesome.
  • The worldbuilding is phenomenal. Each episode gives you a piece of a larger puzzle.
  • It is such a great feminist show! Steven looks up to these three women as role models and the women do not follow standard gender/binary constructions. They are just great, well-rounded characters.There are underlying homosexual themes and the show subverts standard ideas of what constitutes a family.


1. Tyler Oakley- Youtube personality

  • I know,  where have I been right? But I just subscribed to him recently and he’s just hilarious and puts a smile on my face everytime I watch his videos

2. Marinashutup- Feminist channel

  • I love Marina; she’s so eloquent and concise in her videos. She gets her point across in a very professional but passionate voice.
  • I also love that she provides all sides of an argument to a certain topic.
  • She talks about topics from a feminist lens. I really liked her videos on Steven Universe, cultural appropriation, and being a bad feminist.


The Babadook (2013)– An Australian horror film about a grieving mother and her son and a strange creature called the Babadook that haunts their house.

  • Before you watch this movie you should know that this is an “artsy” film meaning there is a lot of emphasis on cinematic techniques especially lighting and cinematography. The traditional horror watcher might not think this is scary at all if they are used to jump scares and loud noises in horror movies. This movie leans a lot more into the psychology of grief and how it affects a person.
  • The acting was amazing and I really liked the story and I personally thought it was eerie and frightening in a lot of places.

2. Magic Mike (2012)- Revolves around a man named Adam who enters into the world of male stripping. It follows a cast of other male strippers as well.

  • Channing Tatum is like the frat boy with a heart of gold. *_* He was my favorite character in the whole movie because I continually felt sympathy for him, plus that bod..
  • I really liked how it explored aspects of what it means to be a male stripper and how people perceive them.

Song of the Sea (2014)-An Academy Award nominated film about a girl learning about her heritage as a Selkie.

  • If anything, watch this movie for the animation. It is so unique (it has such a different hand drawn animation)


1. Chocolate Sundae Crunch Bar

  • A bundle of chocolaty deliciousness. Everytime I went out to buy ice cream this month, I got this.


2 thoughts on “July 2015 Favorites

  1. Your boots are the cutest Carolyn!!
    I loved the main characters’ acting in Babadook, it was phenomenal, I was scared for the little boy actor. But the ending was kinda anticlimactic.
    And now you’ve made me crave ice cream haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks Aentee! I thought the ending was kind of anticlimactic too; I think I was expecting to actually see the creature at some point lol.
      Hehe, ice cream is one of my favorite foods.


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