Percy Jackson 10th anniversary! (Top 10 Percy Jackson moments)


Let me take you on a journey through one of my memories using my imaginary Pensieve..

You might see something like this:

A young, nerdy high school girl (aka me) picking up her younger sister from elementary  school.

She sees a green book with a boy on the cover walking in the water.

Me: What book is that?

My sister: Idk, my friend said it was really good.

Me looking at the cover: Percy Jackson? What kind of name is that?

Me being bored later that day:

*decides to pick up the book and read*

Some years later

*Has all the PJO books plus Heroes of Olympus and a signed copy of Son of Neptune*

And that is my Percy Jackson journey.

My top 10 moments of Percy Jackson! *Spoilers Ahead* (Inspiration for this post from Cassjaytuck’s top 10 PJO moments video)

10. Battle of the Labyrinth

This battle was just so epic but also really depressing because shit just got too real and you realize that these demigods are fighting for their lives. In the first three books, it was building up to something big and this was it. I like how you got to see all the demigods working together. 

9. When Percy gets turned into a hamster

A simultaneously hilarious and endearing scene. Rick RIordan just seamelessly weaves humor and character development in such a creative way.

8. First meeting with Nico

I like that Nico got to be a little kid before everything bad seemed to descend upon him..and then got worse…Nico has had to grow so much even though he’s so young and looking at how far he’s come since the little kid who liked Mythomagic just gives me all the feels.

Geez, how original. I really hate the empty space and the way he turned out on some of these but oh well I tried.__.

Nico! Art by Viria.

7. Fight with Polyphemus

I just thought this scene was so clever and I always love the scenes that Percy and Annabeth come up with elaborate plans to defeat the bad guy.

6. Dam Snack Bar

The one moment of light through all the fights and frustrating gods. I think any PJO fan loves this part. It’s just a reference that anyone can find funny and that’s one of the best parts of this series: the humor.

5. Annabeth going to the sirens

Annabeth is one of my favorite characters of this entire series and I think this was one of the defining moments of her character. I really got to see that behind her confident exterior, she is insecure about breaking apart her family and how much Luke meant to her as a person who took care of her in her darkest days. How much she wants her family back together. It’s at once heartbreaking and beautiful.

4. Annabeth getting her own quest to lead

I remember feeling really excited when Annabeth finally got a quest of her own after kind of being in Percy’s shadow in that respect. I loved her mixed reaction to it, excited yet scared and nervous all at the same time and you see that Annabeth is one of the bravest characters in this series.

Art Credit to Viria!

3. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover and the Medusa Incident

I believe this was the first encounter they had with a monster and their reactions are just so hilarious. Percy and Annabeth just start bickering with each other while Grover is the mediator between them. I love the inclusion of all the Greek facts paralleled with the fictional aspects and it’s one of the many great things

2. Percy’s mom deciding to leave Gabe

Percy’s mom is probably my favorite fictional parent of all time. But my favorite moment of hers has to be when she decides when she has to live out her own life. She knows she’ll always worry about Percy but that doesn’t mean she has to stop having her own dreams. Her sacrifice and courage will inspire me.

1. Percy’s and Annabeth’s underwater kiss

What a perfect ending to a near perfect series. And yeah, I’m a huge Percabeth shipper. I shipped them as friends and every since Aphrodite had the talk with Percy about love in The Titan’s Curse, I’ve shipped them. They totally deserved this
moment and I just thought it was one of the most unique first kiss scenarios ever. Ugh, they’re so adorable..

The image featured at the top of this post of Percy and Annabeth in formal attire is fanart (by Viria again; her PJO art is just awesome ok), the fanart is based on a fanfic of Percy and Annabeth. I just thought it was so cute. What are your favorite moments of PJO?


11 thoughts on “Percy Jackson 10th anniversary! (Top 10 Percy Jackson moments)

  1. I still cannot believe it’s been a decade! But, hurrah! I’ve actually been meaning to reread PJ before continuing where I left off with the Heroes of Olympus. Actually I probably should reread the books that I have read in that series too since it’s been years since I’ve last looked at them. But I loved the scenes you shared. I think what makes Rick Riordan such a great author is the world building. It’s simple and, yes, he’s just retelling Greek/Roman myths but he makes them his. And it’s done well. Oh and the humor is often on point and appropriate for younger audiences as well. I’ve always thought his books rivaled with J.K. Rowling in regards of getting kids to read (but I know HP will remain more popular, it’s been out for a long time now).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely get where you’re coming from! Rick Riordan’s writing just has this easy acessibility that I think kids love. HP is great but it’s really long lol. PJO is like a fun romp. His worldbuilding is awesome. I never thought for once that he was just rehashing Greek myths or that I was reading a WIki article lol.
      PJO is really rereadable too! So I think you should 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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