Quick Saturday Recommendation: Liberty’s Kids

Happy Fourth of July my fellow Americans!

I decided to go a nostalgic route and recommend probably the most simultaneously entertaining and educational TV shows I’ve seen in my childhood in honor of America’s birthday. The 4th of July is about hotdogs, hamburgers, barbecue, and waving US flags but it’s also about the hard work and effort America has gone through to become independent.

Liberty’s Kids

Episodes: 40

Season(s): 1

If you didn’t know, Liberty’s Kids main purpose is to educate young children about the origins of the USA including the Boston Tea Party, the Constitution etc. Every episode follows our three main characters, James, Sarah, and Henri who are fictional but the backdrop is nonfiction. For example, during the course of the show, they get to meet George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and other important historical figures.

Even after all these years, I realize that this kids’ show manages to be fun, entertaining and educational without talking down to kids. I cannot stand sugarcoating and this show delivers none of that. I feel it is honest and real.

So if you have time after fireworks today I suggest watching a couple of episodes (most of them are uploaded on youtube lol), if only for nostalgia’s sake.

And if you have seen it, how can anyone forget that theme song?? Which probably sounded like the coolest thing to my fifth grade self.


13 thoughts on “Quick Saturday Recommendation: Liberty’s Kids

    1. It was almost too nostalgic for me to mention haha but I had to because I loved it that much and I was thinking about it the day before July 4th so I thought it was fitting lol.

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      1. I guess that’s just the result of being 90s babies. 😉 But I’m so glad you mentioned it. I’m getting to the point where I can’t remember early memories as clearly and I’m totally forgetful of the things I enjoyed growing up. I was describing this show to another 90s kid the other day but the name totally escaped me, and I was starting to sound like a lunatic (talking about how it’s a cartoon with Ben Franklin and the liberty bell, lol).

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      2. Haha!! If I wasn’t a 90s kid I wouldn’t have believed you either 😉 a cartoon with Benjamin? Booorrringgg or knowing me probably would have thought you were a huge nerd like me and be like I need to be bffs with this girl.

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      3. We are totally best friends on here! 😉 😀 But no, seriously, we would totally be buddies irl just because we like to read. I literally only have 3 friends that enjoy reading and they don’t even live near me anymore… And they’re not the fingerling type, haha.

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      4. dude I know exactly how you feel! All of my friends think I’m crazy for reading so much and my parents tell me I need to study instead of read. My sister is the only one irl that reads as much as I do but she’s a very, very slow reader so it takes forever for her to finish a book so we can talk about it. So yay for friends like you 😀

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