June 2015 Favorites


I think June for me was a mix between sadness and utter happiness so some of my favorites kind of show that. I can’t believe half of the year is gone already..2015 is going by way too fast..


  • BB Dakota Sale
    • I went to one of their sales in June and I ended up buying a really cute tank and dress all for $15 :3
  • TreeHut Body Butter in the scent Vanilla
    • So soothing and smells fabulous
    • From what I’ve used, it hydrates really well and my skin feels moisturized for the whole day


  • Talking Body by Tove Lo
    • Kind of the perfect summer beach song and it’s so catchy and fun to dance to
  • Trap Queen by Fetty Wap
    • Because this song is just really fun.
  • Every Teardrop is a Waterfall by Coldplay
    • I love the opening verse of this song and the line “Maybe I’m in the gap between the two trapeze”
  • Flashlight by Jessie J (Pitch Perfect soundtrack)
    • The uplifting song I need in times of despair and sadness


  • Hearthstone
    • Super fun online card game that’s very reminiscent of Yu-Gi-Oh but I personally think it has its own unique foundation
    • If you play, my favorite hero is the Hunter lol and currently trying to get more Mech cards

TV Shows

  • Louie on FX (the police officer on Parks and Rec) (Season 1)
    • A comedy about Louie’s life (exaggerated) and includes snippets of his stand-up comedy in every episode
    • One of the funniest comedy shows I’ve watched in a while (excluding B99 and Parks and Rec)
    • If you like harsh and situational humor, I would recommend this one.
  • Other Space on Yahoo! (8 episodes only!)
    • Created and directed by Paul Feig who is the director of Bridesmaids
    • It follows an ensemble of space explorers on a spaceship together as they travel the universe together
    • Wacky, sweet humor with funny characters
  • Tangled is going to be a TV show in 2017!!! I’m so excited, Tangled is one of my favorite recent Disney movies and they’re using most of the original voice actors!! Excuse me while I go hyperventilate.


  • Danisnotonfire
    • Dan is the king of the introverts and his humor is so in sync with mine, it’s uncanny
    • I’ve been following him for a long time but I introduced him to my roommate this month and he’s been a source of comfort and laughter during our hellish finals week
    • I instantly feel better when I watch his videos and for that, I’m eternally grateful
  • Circle of Life cover starring Alex Boye
    • Alex Boye is a person who does covers of popular songs and “africanizes” them
    • This cover gives me goosebumps in the best way


  • I don’t watch that many vines but this one is too hilarious to not put on my favorites.

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