My Favorite Book Instagrams

I love to read books obviously but I also love to look at books. It’s the best thing in the world to go into a bookstore and just look around at all the pretty covers and see all the shapes, sizes, and textures of books. And because I love book porn, I’m recommending my favorite book instagrams to fulfill your bookish eye candy 😉

1. blueeyedbiblio 

Emily was the first book instagram I followed and she mostly reads YA. I love the simplicity of her photos against the simple background of her bed covers.

2. usrula_uriate

Probably my favorite of favorites. There is so much going on in each of her photos but there’s an order to them that’s very pleasing to the eye. She reads mainly young adult and new adult but occasionally takes pictures of Game of Thrones and Alice in Wonderland. I adore the way she arranges the things she takes pictures of and her backgrounds give off a hipster coffee shop vibe that I like,

3. thelittlebookshelf

I love the diversity of books shown in this instagram. It’s Adult and YA. Literary and genre. This instagram has a very modern feel to it with splashes of fashion and makeup thrown in, which I’m all for.

4. graceslibrary

Another one for YA lovers, although she does give the occasional homage to the classics.

5. bookbaristas

One of my new favorites. What I love about her photos is that they’re taken in a multitude of places with a variety of pictures outside. I also adore how each picture includes a book and a drink. I love having a drink while I’m reading so that’s always a plus for me.

Do you follow any book instagrams or any media that takes book pictures? What are some of your favorites? What makes a good book photo to you?


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