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Book Review: Cleopatra in Space (Book One: Target Practice)

Author: Mike Maihack

Synopsis: Goodreads

Genre: Middle Grade SciFi (Graphic Novel)

Rating: ★★★★ (4.5)

Read the title again and tell me that’s not intriguing. An Egyptian queen in space? What? And surprisingly, it worked really well. This book is a charming and hilarious scifi romp where the cats are the ruling council and a flying sphinx is the main character’s mode of transportation.

First of all, I love the artwork. It’s crisp, clean, and vibrant even though there’s so much going on in each panel. I love the art of the world because it is creative and familiar at the same time using Egyptian mythology as its foundation.

I adored all the characters and there’s a particularly adorable cat that serves as Cleopatra’s mentor. There’s an awesome friendship between Cleopatra and her new roommate, Akila. Despite the far fetched nature of the story arc, the story is grounded by the characters who have problems that any middle grade child would have.

This is the first book in a so-far 2 book series. I can’t wait to read the next installment in Cleopatra’s adventure. Highly recommended for anyone of all ages but especially fans of middle-grade fiction.

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