Book Discussion: P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

Book Discussion


(Um..P.S.: I have that exact same biology book on the cover..say what.)

So I just finished this addicting book yesterday. I really didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. I loved it so much I decided to write a discussion on it. This book discussion will be mainly for people who have already read it. This is the second book to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. So, obviously, there’ll be spoilers. But if you have read it, discuss with me!

So a lot of people liked the first book more than the second and overall I did too, but I actually enjoyed some parts of the second book more than the first. I liked all the Peter/Lara Jean moments in the first book more but in the sister and father relationship I liked more in the second.

I can’t really express how much I loved the sister bond in this book. As someone who has a younger sister and brother but I am not particularly close to my brother, it’s endearing to see such closeness between sisters, how they would tell each other everything from boys to dresses to friendships. And as someone who didn’t grow up with such family closeness, I really liked seeing the dynamics between Lara Jean and her dad. Their plans to go to Korea over the summer. Her dad’s reaction to her and Peter’s video just made me happy. *heart eyes*

I guess I’m just living vicariously through fictional characters. What else is new?

What I really appreciate about Jenny Han’s writing and storytelling is the way she gives such magnitude to everyday normal scenes that aren’t given a lot of weight in other books but serve to give an extra “oomph” to Lara Jean’s relationships. For example, Lara Jean celebrates Valentine’s Day by giving her dad heart shaped pancakes and she asks Kitty what beads she should put on Peter’s valentine. Just the little things that people gloss over in books gives such weight to their relationship. When Lara Jean asks Kitty what she should wear to her movie date with Peter and then immediately asks Margot if she could borrow her sweater just gives such a familiarity both to the story. We can see how close and normal these sisters are.


Nothing truly dramatic happens in this book but it’s so addicting because Jenny Han just inserts such realism to her everyday scenes that you feel as though these people were your next door neighbors. Well, if your neighbors you are an upper middle class resident lol.

A lot of readers had problems with Lara Jean’s immaturity in these books and I never did. I found it really refreshing from the other rather mature characters of YA. And ya know, not all high schoolers were as mature. People grow at different rates and who’s to say how a 16-year-old should act. However, it’s nice to see her grow up throughout the story.

I initially was scared to read this book because I had heard there was a love triangle and I abhor reading about love triangles. It’s a personal preference. But I really liked how the love triangle was handled in this book because it dealt a lot with Lara Jean’s character development. You have John Ambrose who kind of represents this ideal love that she has had in her mind. It becomes clear because she romanticizes him in his soldier uniform. Peter represents the reality and he’s not just a romantic ideal because she’s in a relationship and they’ve experienced their ups and downs. She’s always been yearned for boys that were not within her reach and now that she and Peter had broken up, she wonders whether she should go back to yearning instead trying for a real relationship.

I really liked how these two books revolved around chance and being lucky. It makes me wonder if Kitty hadn’t actually sent those letters would Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky every have gotten together. They hang out in different social circles and John seems more “in her league” so to speak so on paper and in real life they seem like the more obvious pairing. And at the end, John says maybe one day it’ll be his chance to be with Lara Jean which really made me think of them as a couple and the potential for him to be with Lara Jean was so strong especially when Lara said Peter got there first. So if John was there first, would he have been with Lara instead of Peter? I still adore Peter and Lara but it makes me wonder..

My favorite quote: “People come in and out of your life. For a time they are your world; they are everything. And then one day they’re not. There’s no telling how long you will have them near.”

Such truth has never been spoken..especially at that age (at least for me) because you go through so much change both inside and outside of you that sometimes people are only right for you at some points in your life and the ones that last are something special.

Discuss this book with me in the comments! =) I still have so many feels..

2 thoughts on “Book Discussion: P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

  1. I agree with your thoughts of them and their dad, but I don’t really agree with the love triangle idea with John Ambrose. (Cause I’m Kavinsky all the way) I just thought how sudden she started to like him when she broke up with Peter Kavinsky and it was kind of too abrupt for me. I see where you’re going at though. I really like Kitty and Peter Kavinsky a lot. Nice review.


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