Star Wars + Comic Book Day Mashup Workshop

So today is May 4th and my school held a Star Wars and Comic Book workshop. Nothing big but it made me happy. I rarely get to attend geeky/bookish events (aka Comic-con, YALL-west) so anything worked for me.

There were a lot of displays of different books about the superhero universe and of course, all the books set in and about the Star Wars Universe. I think the Darth Vader’s princess one is especially cute. Also, I still haven’t seen the 2nd Star Wars movie. I don’t know what’s wrong with me because I loved the first one (even though I watched it like a few months ago for the first time).

IMG_20150504_115439 (1)IMG_20150504_115457 (1)

eI also got a chance to listen to the Star Wars soundtrack on vinyl which made me feel really old but was nevertheless cool and the sound is surprisingly clear (The vinyl was attached to a set of headphones). I don’t know what I thought the sound would sound like but..

There were also some free comic books!! And I picked out these two which I’m super excited about because I’ve been wanting to read something in the Spiderman universe for a while now.


I think the best part was the blind date with a scifi book because I’ve always wanted to try those out. I knew the books would be old but whatever.




It turns out to be a book called Turnabout which I’d never heard of before. But that cover is just cringeworthy lol. Why are they staring so intently at each other I ask you?!

All in all, a fun event, I even got to learn more about our school’s 3-D printers because 3-D printers always remind me of Big Hero 6 for some unknown reason.

Have you heard of this book before? What do you think of this event? May the fourth be with you!


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