Saturday Recommendations (Serial): Community


Seasons: 5

Genre: Comedy

Status: Season 6 currently airing on Yahoo (currently on episode 9)

Favorite Episodes: Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Digital Estate Planning, A Fistful of Paintballs,

Favorite Character (s): Abed, Troy, Annie, Chang, Dean

Do not be surprised if this recommendation post is mainly just gushing. Community is, and probably will always be, one of my favorite TV shows of all time. It’s a very niche TV show that doesn’t appeal to very many people but it definitely has a strong cult following. To be blunt, it is very weird, nerdy, and irrelevant most of the time but it’s so amazing.

Community is essentially about the lives of a group of community college students who form a “study” group at Greendale Community College and basically form a friendship as they navigate life together.

Community is truly a show for nerds and geeks and I’m saying that as an outed geek. You thought the Big Bang Theory was the show for nerds? Think again. Now I like TBBT’s sarcasm but I was basing my evaluation on what I think is a more quality show, it’s Community. This show understands what it’s like to be a nerd. To like something obsessively and unashamedly. To deconstruct what we like and analyze them. For example, one of my favorite episodes, Dungeons and Dragons is entirely revolved around the characters playing D&D but Community doesn’t care if you don’t understand the references or even if this episode is not entirely placed in reality. It parodies the game but embraces the fact that these characters get so “into it”. The show is smart in its flexibility and its comedy and references things endlessly–even itself.

Community is not a perfect show. Season 4 was a mess. Actors leave because of disputes and personal issues, the network even fires the show’s original creator, Dan Harmon, at one point. The characters feel stagnant sometimes and never come out of their stereotypes (unique stereotypes that they are). But what I love about Community is its weirdness and the way it truly embraces and celebrates the weird and the outcasts of society. At its core is a show about these friends who come together and trying to navigate the ridiculousness that is life.

If you decide to give Community a shot, watch an episode and suspend all disbelief of reality, you might find you start to enjoy it.


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