Welcome to my Book Blog

Hi! Welcome to my book blog! I’m Carolyn and I, obviously, love, love, love books and reading. I use to do all my blogging on my tumblr (ahundredthousandstories.tumblr.com) but I wanted more of a community involvement and I found that I love blogging so why not make an official blog? I hope you find something you like here. I do book reviews as well as book to movie reviews and weekly recommendations. I’m a busy college student so I can’t promise a lot of posts but I hope I’ll be able to post up consistently. Thanks for taking this bookish journey with me! If you ever want to talk books or anything, just send me a message through my tumblr! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Welcome to my Book Blog

  1. I saw this post was 4 days old. Welcome! I’m new too 😉 also I just wanted to say I saw that quote from inkheart and that’s one of my many favorites! Do you like the books? I feel like not many people have read them


    1. I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment until now! I absolutely adore the books especially when I was younger. I was so jealous of Elinor and her library. But I’ve read the whole trilogy and the third book was kind of a letdown ): I haven’t heard many people talk about them either! Have you read all of them? Have you read Cornelia Funke’s other novels?

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